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Part 3

The Origins Saga part 51: Escape from the Maze

"Okay, troops!" said Strong Bad, after everyone was gathered. "Our mission is to take back Strong Badia, and drive that brat from this land FOREVER!" Everyone let out a gigantic shout of approval.

"We will have two groups. Group 1 will be led by the world's greatest guy: me! The second will consist of Coach Z and the Cheat. Group 1 will go and join Strong Mad and moron- I mean, Strong Sad, who are currently fighting the invaders by themselves. The second will infiltrate the enemy commander's base and destroy his ability to produce reinforcements. Now, LET'S KICK SOME BUTT!"


"Geez," said Strong Sad, after beating up the sevenhundredth guy in a row, "this is taking forever!"

"FIGHT!" shouted Strong Mad. "DESTROY!" He then punched a row of tanks away with one finger.


Weiila thought it over for a half-hour, then responded. "34! Three sons and four daughters!" The statue did not respond, but a nearby wall slid open, revealing another passageway. She quickly ran through, stopping only to pick up a small red seed and mirror that were lying on a bench nearby. Since this smelled like an adventure game, everything had to be used in some bizzare and unwordly way.

She reached another hallway. This one, however, was filled with strange silk cocoons and threads from wall to wall. Then she saw a gigantic worm crawl towards her. She raised her sword, but tripped backwards on a thread and dropped it. The whistle landed neatly in her lips, and she blew it.

It didn't make a sound, but the worm began to squirm and scream in pain. It shot up, ramming right into the mist. Electricity flowed through the worm. Eventually, the mist completely dissapeared, and the top of the worm rested itself upon a metal catwalk. Weiila quickly climbed up the worm's body.


"DAMN IT!" shouted Chibi Galloway. "The generator must have broken down! I've gotta deal with her myself!"


Weiila made it to the cage, only to find it completley lowered into the flames. "Damn it!" she shouted, collapsing on her knees and pounding the ground. "I was too late!"

"Uh, mom," said a familiar voice, "we're okay." Weiila got up, and saw everyone behind her.

"" asked Weiila. "The cage was-"

"Your son's an effective lockpick," said Shalcar.

"Yeah, well, Mr. Glenton taught me a few things," said Kerr. "He even taught me how to use one of my claws to pick a lock!"

Weiila was dumbfounded. "You mean...PC Glenton taught you."

"Yeah, well," said Kerr, "Master Galloway had me learn from everyone else, so I could diversify. That, and I blackmailed PC."

Weiila: *drinks some tea*

The Origins Saga part 52: The Battle of Strong Badia (part 1)

After sneaking around a base for about ten minutes, Coach Z and the Cheat reached the power control room of Chibi Galloway's army manufacturing unit. The Cheat walked under the computer and cut a few wires, while Coach Z let out a REALLY bad rap number that caused the machine to break down in pain. The entire base lost power.


Weiila and co. crawled through an air duct, until they reached the exit of the base. They breathed in the fresh air, looked at the blue sky, and then dodged a shell from the nearby battle.

They looked down, and saw a desperate struggle going on between two guys and an army of tanks. Another shell landed right behind them, sending them flying right into the middle of the battle. They got back to their feet...and were nearly hit by another shell.

"CHARGE!" shouted a familiar voice. They looked up, and saw Strong Bad and an army of people standing behind them. They ran into the battle, and a massive scene of metal, punches, and general all-around bloodshed erupted from everywhere.

Three hours later, the battle was STILL a stalemate. Finally, Strong Bad reached into his pocket and pulled out a small dart. "All I have to do is stick this caffeine-dipped dart into dumbface," he said, "and the battle will be over!" He then threw the dart, but Strong Sad moved out of the way, and the dart hit Weiila instead.

"Mom!" shouted Kerr, after slicing a tank in half. "Are you all right?"

Weiila's eyes suddenly grew to enormous size, her body began to twitch, and she began to drool slightly. "IfeelgreatIfeelgreatIfeelbad!" she shouted.

"...okay, this is bad," said Sapphire.

"Weiila's lost it!" shouted Shalcar, after bashing an enemy tank into bite-sized pieces. "She's gone mad!"

"Oh no..." said Kerr. "Mom's been caffinated again, hasn't she?" He then sliced two tanks in half with one swipe.

"What do you mean, again?" asked Poke, after summoning a Pikachu and Mew to do his bidding.

"I once slipped some cocoa into her tea," said Kerr. "She went nuts, bounced around like an idiot, and nearly beat dad to death! She loses it when she gets a caffine-high!"


Weiila: *kills everyone*

The Origins Saga part 53: The Battle of Strong Badia (part 2)

Weiila bounced around like a maniac, jumping off of tanks and killer robots left and right. She then flipped one over after slapping it about seventy times. The tank fell onto another tank, causing an explosion that blew up yet another tank, and another, and another. Finally, all the tanks were gone.

"Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah!" shouted Weiila. "Tanksgoboom! Tanksgoboom!"

"Uh, mom," said Kerr, "please stop."

"Shutupkidshutupkid!" shouted Weiila, as she slapped Kerr about ten times, then bent him over her knee and spanked him before throwing him through a killer robot.

"That's it!" shouted Shalcar. "Weiila has gone too-" He then found himself flying through a killer robot. Sapphire was then kicked through another robot, and Poke's pokemon retreated to their pokeballs as Poke was being kicked into a robot (Weiila didn't hit him hard enough to knock him all the way through).

Finally, the entire army was defeated. Strong Bad shouted, "I won! I'm the baddest of the bad!" Nobody bothered to point out how he hadn't done anything; they just stood there as one more tank pulled up. The top opened, and Chibi Galloway stood up.

"My army is gone," he said, "but I have a hostage!" A side of the tank opened, and a cage shot out, the guy in red still trapped inside.

"Homestar?" shouted Strong Bad. "Some hostage! Why not get Strong Sad while you're at it?!"

"Hey!" shouted Strong Sad. "I take offense to that!"

"Yeah, whatever dumbface," said Strong Bad.

"If you move one step closer," said Chibi, "I'll kill the guy!" He then turned around, and saw that Homestar had already escaped.

"I...think he forgot to lock the cage," said Shalcar.

"DAMN IT!" shouted Chibi. He tried to fire, but the tank suddenly exploded. Weiila jumped around behind it, screaming and shouting all the time.

Chibi looked around in panic. "Please...don't kill me!"

Kerr picked Chibi up by the collar and sneered at him. "All right. We'll let you go if you don't come back again. Now, be a good boy from now on!"

"I will!" shouted Chibi. "Just please let me go!"

"Fine," said Kerr. He dropped Chibi on his face. The evil Galloway turned and began to run off, then fell backwards. Shalcar ran up to him, and saw a knife embedded in his chest. One word was on it: Kaiser.

"F-father..." said Chibi, "how...could you?" He then died, and dissapeared in a flash of light.

Kerr: Mom! You promised the psychologist you wouldn't beat me anymore!

The Origins Saga part 53: The Sixth World

"Now, let's tear down that guy's castle!" shouted Strong Bad. Everyone shouted in response, then ran to the castle, carrying various pitchforks and burning torches. They tore it down, piece by piece.

"WAIT!" shouted the King of Town. "That was MY castle!" Everyone looked back at the ruins, and saw the King of Town's purple castle in pieces. They then charged the OTHER castle, and tore it apart.

Finally, Weiila went to the castle ruins and tore through the rubble. After nearly an hour of exhaustive searching, she pulled out a five-star Dragonball. She then used her codec.

(Begin codec conversasion)
Weiila: Okay, Galloway, send us back.
Galloway: Boy, that was quick.
Weiila: Don't make me kick your ass.
Galloway: Oh, really? Well, I could kick your ass!
Weiila: It's settled, then. We'll kick each other's asses when we get back.
Galloway: Fine by me!
(End codec conversasion)

A portal opened up. Weiila and the others quickly jumped through. Strong Bad, meanwhile, sighed. "They were not cool at all!"


"Okay," said Galloway, after everyone got back, "the next world's been entered. I'll lead this group."

"I'm going, too," said Yellow Tiger. Brown Cougar nodded. Sonic joined them, as well. They then jumped through the next portal.


They landed on a small cliff, overlooking a violent ocean. "Now where are we?" asked Yellow Tiger.

"No idea," said Galloway. "Let's get to figuring it out." He then saw a fat man walk by, wearing some faded clothing and a stupid hat.

"Excuse me," asked Galloway, "but where are we?" The man, however, answered with an insanely thick accent; Galloway was barely able to recognize it as english at all. The man then walked off.

"Judging from the attitude, appearance, and complete absence of anything remotely understandable in his answer," said Galloway, "I'd say we're in Ireland."

Galloway: Meanwhile, in Twinkly-Winkly Pixie-Wixie Land...
Wil:...what the hell'd you just say?

The Origins Saga part 54: The Trisanti

"Okay," said Galloway, "we need to find the other Galloway and kill him as quickly as possible. I don't want to stay in the only country that can drink Val under the table very long."

"Let's just carefully plan out our every move, taking hours before we take a single step," said Tiger.

"What?" said Sonic. "Screw that! I'm see ya later!" He then ran off in a blue blur.

"Damn hedgehog," said Galloway. He then grabbed Tiger and Cougar and held two of his fingers to his forehead. They then teleported away.


Sonic continued to run for about five minutes, covering about the entire country. Finally, he stopped when he reached a beach. A lone island could be made out in the distance, with a large mansion barely visible behind the mist.

Galloway and the others teleported in behind him. "You really are the dumbest thing alive," said Galloway. "Now, let's just find any place suspicious..."

They then saw a small rowboat head towards the shore. As it broke through the mist, they made out about five figures approaching them. They were dressed in arabian-like clothing, with long scimitars on their backs and six-shot revolvers in their left hands.

"Excuse me," said Galloway as they landed, "but where are we?"

The men didn't even bother to respond; they just jumped up, said something in a wierd language, and raised their guns.

"I guess you want to play rough," said Galloway. Sonic then ran past each of them, grabbing their guns in the process, and threw them in the ocean. The men cursed, then drew their swords.

Tiger pulled out her SMG and aimed at the men. One of them jumped at her, only to get blown back into the ocean via a rain of bullets. Cougar then tripped another one and stabbed his throat with a knife. Sonic rolled into a ball and jumped into a third, then jumped on his head a few times before slamming him about fourty feet into the distance. Galloway drew his sword and slashed the fourth along the stomach three times.

The fifth waivered briefly, then ran back to his boat. He quickly pushed it out and tried to row off, but he apparantly didn't know how to use two oars at once, and kept going in circles. Finally, Galloway just jumped onto the boat and grabbed the panicing man's head.

After a few minutes of the poor guy twitching around like a maniac, Galloway threw him into the ocean. He then pulled the boat back to the shore.

"They're called the Trisanti," said Galloway. "Apprantly, they're operating out of some cove on the island. It's probably as good a start as any, so let's go."

They boarded the boat and began to row off towards the mist.

Val: Bah! What makes you think the Irish can outdrink me?
Galloway: Once upon a time, the vikings challenged a lost Irishman to a drinking match. If they won, they would go and ransack his village. If they lost, they would have to give the Irishman every valuable in their village. The Irishman outdrank every single man, woman and child, and emerged victorious. He then took their gold and returned to Ireland, but was attacked by pirates and murdered along the way. THE END

The Origins Saga part 55: The Pirate's Cove

"Where the hell are we?" asked Tiger.

Galloway looked around in the fog for a while. "To be quite honest," he said, "we're probably lost." Everyone waited for about five seconds, then jumped onto Galloway and began to strangle him.

"Wait a second!" shouted Sonic. "Over there!" He pointed towards a small cove, barely visible in the heavy fog. Everyone got off of Galloway's near-lifeless body and began to row like crazy.

As they made their way inside, though, they immediately sensed that something was wrong. The general feeling was one of malevolence, the interior was sparesly lit by moonlight and a few torches, and about ten of those guys from before were standing inside, their pistols aimed.

"Damn it," said Tiger. "Well, who gets dibs this time?" Galloway, however, had already jumped over and taken out all ten of the Trisanti. Everyone sighed, then anchored the boat to a small metal ring before disembarking. They then opened a large wooden door and continued inside.

The rest of the cove was just as dreary as the small dock. Strangely, it seemed that someone had already torn through here; dead bodies were littered everywhere, along with used bullets and shotgun shells. "It looks like a bladed tornado went through here," said Cougar.

"Actually," said Galloway, "this is almost certainly from a gunfight, so it'd be more like a tornado that passed through a Texas gun store. Anyway, we should be going."

They continued through the cove, until they reached a small cliff outcropping. Below them was an enormous room filled with gold, jewels, and various other treasures. They were about to turn back, but the cliff broke, sending them plummeting downwards.

Tiger and Cougar landed with a thud on the hard ground, Galloway fell head-first onto a treasure chest, and Sonic landed perfectly, as if out of practice. Everyone got back up, pocketed some of the gold, then made their way through a blown-out wall.

"Wait a second," said Cougar. He leaned towards the wall, and examined the debris much more closely. "The burn marks are recent. Whatever blew this wall down was done recently."

"This makes things interesting," said Galloway, "but that's not important right now. Let's just follow this to wherever it leads." They made their way through a long passage, until they were finally out of the cove.


Mox examined his small booklet carefully. "All right," he mumbled to himself, "I'll trap Galloway in a headlock and tear his head off, then go after that bitch and cut here breasts off, then..."

"Brother," said Lani, "we need to talk." Mox looked at her, snarled, then closed the book and followed her outside.

Galloway: Free plot! Get it while it's free! Now with 50% less fat!

The Origins Saga part 56: Brother-Sister Chats from Hell

"Man," said Tiger, as they walked along the cliffside shoreline, "Ireland is boring!"

"Quiet, you!" said Galloway. "Ireland is a beautiful land, filled with tranquility and love and-"

A newspaper then blew by. Galloway read the headline, which read, "Catholic scum blow up building!" He sighed, then tore the newspaper apart.


"Okay, bitch," said Mox, "what the hell do you want?"

"My dear brother," said Lani, "what's wrong with you? You've been even eviller than usual since this began!"

"If you knew what Galloway and Weiila did," said Mox, "if you knew the seven circles of hell I went through because of those meddling kids, you wouldn't ask any stupid questions like this!"

"Brother," said Lani, quickly beginning to lose control, "I tolerated you all through my life because you're my only brother, but you've lost any sense of reality. Have you figured it out yet?"

Mox looked at his sister dejectedly. "I know what happened. I know why you did it. It doesn't have anything to do with this, though!"

"I thought you would change," said Lani. "It seems you're beyond help now. I hope you die a slow, painful death."

"Whatever," said Mox. "I doubt I'd care if you died, anyway."

"You're the worst brother in existance," said Lani. "I wish Galloway hadn't found me in that cave. Then I'd never have to see you again."

"Shut up!" said Mox. "I'm getting REALLY annoyed! I'm this close to blowing you away!"

"Then go ahead," said Lani. "Do your worst."

Mox stared at her for a few seconds, then went back inside. Lani sighed, then looked back at the water. Then she felt something hit her in the back of the head.


A single man stepped into the gardens, surveying the death and destruction. He raised his gun, and took down three monsters. He then twirled it, holstered it, and walked off.


The Origins Saga part 57: Another Good Galloway

"There's a big mansion just ahead," said Galloway. Indeed, a big mansion was just ahead. It stood out against the heavy fog like a light in complete darkness.

"So what?" asked Cougar. "It's probably just some abandoned house."

"It's a start, at least," said Galloway.

"But-" began Cougar.

"PRIVATE!" shouted Galloway. "You will fall into order RIGHT NOW!" Cougar saluted, grumbled, then stopped complaining.

"I agree with Dragon," said Tiger. "We can't keep walking around in circles. The mansion's the only place on the island worth checking out." Sonic was strangely silent throughout the entire conversasion.

Galloway looked down, and soon realized why: Sonic wasn't there. Cursing the stupid hedgehog, he grabbed Tiger and Cougar and teleported away.


Sonic continued to run towards the mansion, until he finally smashed through the front gates. He then examined them, and found that they were unlocked to begin with. Also, there were many other opened doors and such all over.

"What's the point of having doors if you don't lock anything?" he asked.

Galloway, Tiger and Cougar then teleported in. "Tell me something," said Galloway. "Are you a complete moron, or just stupid?"

"Well, if you would move a little FASTER," said Sonic, "I wouldn't have to run, now would I?"

"Look, kid," said Galloway, "I am within an inch of just dumping you back in your own world and making you grow back up normally, so don't push me!"

Suddenly, a bullet wizzed by Sonic, rebounded off the stone wall, and barely missed Galloway's head. A tall man walked towards them, holding a six-shot revolver in front of his face. He had rather long brown hair, was rather unshaven, and dressed like a poor man's Brendon Fraiser. He wore a belt with several ammo pouches, and a glowing green stone hanged by a rope around his neck.

"All right, now," he said, "who are you?"

"Sir," said Galloway, "we don't mean to intrude. We're just asking about a man named Galloway."

The man's eyes narrowed. "Who wants to know about him?"

"Well..." said Cougar, "there's an evil guy named Galloway running around, and we want to know where he is."

"I don't know any evil Galloway," said the man, "so you'd best be leaving."

"Wait!" said Sonic. "We can expl-"

"Would you keep your little demon quiet?" said the man.

"Look," said Galloway, silently motioning his fingers, "we don't want any- FETCH!" Galloway pulled the gun out of the man's hands and held it out.

"You know magic?" asked the man, bewildered.

"Yeah," said Galloway, "I suppose you could say that."

"Well, I know a little meself," said the man. "Maybe this is meant to happen."

"Maybe," said Galloway. "If I give the gun back, will you promise not to rain bullet-filled death upon us?"

"Of course," said the man. He took the gun from Galloway and pocketed it.

"What's your name?" asked Tiger.

The man looked around nervously. "The name's Galloway," he said. "Patrick Galloway."

Tiger leaned over to Galloway. "Do you think he's the evil one?" she asked.

"No," whispered Galloway. "There really was a Patrick Galloway. We didn't go to another world, we just went back in time. That's my great-great uncle!"

Galloway: And they did another chapter filled with adventure...and nobody cared.

The Origins Saga part 58: House of Horrors

The inside of the large manor was even uglier than the outside. The walls were crumbling, and the few solid spaces left were covered with dust and cobwebs. The floor was stained with fresh blood, claw marcks, and bullet holes. The entire place felt like it was being swallowed by some kind of monsterous evil.

"What the hell happened here?" asked Tiger.

"This is the home of my friend, Jeremiah Covenant," said Patrick. "He let nearly all of his staff go a few months ago, after hearing rumors of strange happenings. The few that remained are nearly all dead. There are strange creatures running around here..." He drew his pistol, aimed it behind him, and fired three rounds into a bizzare creature that was jumping down from the ceiling. It looked like a cross between Gollum and a mutated dog. " that one."

"Damn, he's good!" said Cougar.


"Hmmm," said Kaizer, dragging Lani's unconcious body onto the rooftop, "I've got the mage. Now I need to find those two brats and get out of here..."


The house didn't improve at all as they made their way through. Knives flew up and attacked them in the kitchen, snake-like mutants tore at them in the hallways, medusa heads flew threw the windows, more of the Gollum look-alikes made their way out of nowhere, and some wierd jawless ghost hounded them like no tomorrow.

Finally, they reached a large set of doors, where Patrick stopped them. "I need to speak to Jeremiah," he said. "Wait here." He quickly stepped through and closed the doors behind him.

"So, how'd a guy like you get related to someone like that?" asked Tiger.

"He's not THAT bad," said Galloway.

"No, I mean how'd you get so lucky?" asked Tiger. "I mean, he's tall, handsome, strong, smart, everything you want in a guy. You, on the other hand, are short, ugly, weak, stupid, and everything somebody DOESN'T want in a guy."

Galloway started at Tiger for a few seconds, then began to power up. "I'm sorry!" shouted Tiger. "Calm down, okay?" Galloway slowly powered back down, and returned to leaning against the wall.

Suddenly, a loud struggle blared from the other room. Galloway tried to open the door, but it was jammed. "What the hell's up with the doors in this place?" he shouted.

Tiger and Cougar both took turns shooting at it, but that didn't work. Sonic tried to slam it down, but THAT didn't work. Galloway then tried to blast it down, but even THAT didn't work. Finally, the struggle stopped, only to be replaced by a low growling.

After a few minutes, everything was silent. The door magically opened, and several butlers ran into the room. There were three bodies in the room. One was a decapitated guy dresed in torn black clothing and a red bandana, one looked rather noble and elegant, with a trimmed beard and cloth robe...

And the third was Patrick Galloway.


"Got any threes?" asked T.K.

"Go fish," said Kari.

"How long before Galloway gets done?" asked T.K., looking up from his cards. "It's been nearly a month."

"His entire research was destroyed," said Kari, "so it might be a while. Then again, he hasn't been around for a long time, so..."

Suddenly, two darts hit the kids in the neck, knocking them unconcious. Kaizer climbed through the window, grabbed their bodies, and climbed back out.

Galloway: I've got myself a suggestion box recently. Unfortunately, I've only gotten one suggestion. *reaches into the box and pulls a suggestion out* "Gallo, stop writing stories about people being turned into kids, you bloody pedophile." *puts the suggestion down* Weiila! Get in here!

The Origins Saga part 59: The Beast from Hell  

"Anyone have any ideas?" asked Tiger.

"I'll stay with Patrick," said Galloway. "You three go out that smashed window and follow the suspicious footprints into the dark woods of death and decay."

"...sounds good," said Sonic.

"I...don't know," said Cougar. "Do you think we can handle-"

"Let's just go," said Tiger. "Beats having to hang around here all night. We might find out about that evil Galloway, too." She grabbed Cougar and threw him through the broken window, then jumped through herself. Sonic sped off after her.


The woods were dark and filled with decay. A couple human bodies were lying around, stripped of flesh and torn apart. The trees were torn and slashed, with blood spread around in random intervals. Strange animal tracks led from the manor to the forest path, but at the outskirts of the woods, they were joined by more humanoid footprints.

"What a mess," said Tiger. "What kind of creature could do this?"

The trees began to rustle in response. A monsterous growl echoed from the shadows, followed by a snarl. Suddenly, a giant, dog-like demon charged at them, its mouth covered with saliva and blood.

"That's it," said Cougar, "I officially want to go home now."

The monster continued to snarl and growl, but suddenly stopped when something else jumped out from behind the trees. It stayed hidden the the shadows, but its eyes glowed with an incredible insanity.

"Let them go," said a snarling voice. "The one we want isn't here. We'll eat them later." The monster growled, but jumped back into the shadows. The other figure did the same.


"What a day," said Kaizer, after tossing his three prisoners into storage. "I nearly gave myself away getting Morgan's sister, and had to recapture those two brats, all in broad daylight."

He returned to his control room, where a panel was flashing a bizzare warning message. "Oh, shit!" he shouted. "Demo's already left! I knew I shouldn't have fed him those seventy Big Macs! Oh well, guess I'll have to go after him, too."

Weiila: Gallo, you're the main character...
Galloway: Yeah.
Weiila: And yet you always send OTHERS into danger, and just sit on your fat ass all day! What's wrong with you?
Galloway:...*coughs* Hi, I'm Mel Gibson. Did a dingo-dog walk by here wearing my t-shirt?
Weiila: Kiss me, you wicked savage!

The Origins Saga part 60: Cave Entrance  

Galloway continued to watch Patrick, who was still unconcious. Sighing, he reached down and picked up some leather-bound, celtic book, but couldn't read a single word of it.

"Oh, that was a good rest."

Galloway quickly turned, and saw Patrick standing back up. The Irishman dusted himself off, reloaded his gun, and calmy took a seat by the fireplace.

"What the hell's wrong with you?" asked Galloway. "We're in an old manor, surrounded by dead bodies and monsters, and you were nearly killed by something that's most likely unimaginably horrific, AND YOU'RE WALKING IT OFF?"

"I've dealt with worse," said Patrick. "What happened to everyone else?"

"They ran off after the hellfiend that came here," said Galloway. "They should be back soon."

Patrick suddenly jumped up and dashed to the window. "The idiots! They can't handle something like that!"

"What exactly IS that?" asked Galloway, taking a spot right next to Patrick.

"A hell hound," said Patrick, motioning to the green stone around his neck. "It comes whenever the stone is used too much. That's why I prefer not to use it."

"...okay," said Galloway. "Let's just track them down. They'll probably be near-death by now."


"Nothing here," said Tiger, checking under a rock.

"Nothing here, either," said Sonic, checking a tree top.

"And nothing here," said Cougar, checking a suspicious-looking cave.

"You aren't even IN the cave!" shouted Tiger. "How the hell are you able to check it like that?" Sonic quickly sped down the tree and into the cave, only to fly right back out, trapped in a net carried by a large spear.

The spear imbedded itself into a tree, while Sonic quickly tore his way out. "This is the right cave," said Tiger. "Nobody would bother to booby-trap a fake cave."


Kaizer landed right on top of the cave. He carefully snuck to the edge, and saw Tiger, Cougar and Sonic enter. "This is the spot, all right," he said. "Demo hasn't changed at all." He then dropped down and entered behind the group.

Val: Okay, d! I'll prove the Vikings are better drinkers than the Irish!
Galloway: Bring it on, bitch!
*five hundred casks of AA later*
Val: *collapses*
Weiila: Congratulations, Gallo! You win!
Galloway: Thanks, and now, it's time for the liquir to take effect. *collapses*

The Origins Saga part 61: Demo Galloway  

The cave was large and spacious inside, with various natural pillars and stalagtites (or is it stalagmites) hanging everywhere. However, various torture devices were placed inside as well, covered with blood, gore and tattered bodies.

"Is it just me," asked Tiger, "or do some of these things have bite marks on them?"

"We ran into a demonic monstrosity outside," said Sonic. "Maybe it lives here."

"No, it doesn't!" growled a distant voice. "This is my home!"

"Well, whatever you are," said Cougar, "we're looking for an evil Galloway. Ever heard of one?"

"Of course I have!" growled the voice. "In fact...I AM THE EVIL GALLOWAY!"

A twisted, mutated monster stepped out of the shadows. Its eyes were glazed over, its hands were long, bloodied claws, its back was spiked, and its teeth were blood-soaked fangs. It barely looked like Galloway at all, but it had a few identifiable traits, although those have to remain unsaid for fear of censors.

"Ooookay," said Tiger, "this could be bad!"

"It is...for you," growled the monster. It quickly jumped to the other side, blocking the only exit. "I needed a quick snack before bed...and you-"

Tiger quickly fired at the monster, but it was able to block all the bullets using its claws. Cougar swung his rifle, but the monster blocked it, then pushed it down, sending Cougar tumbling down. Sonic jumped at the monster, but it swiped him away with one backhand.

"You're pathetic!" growled the monster. "The rabbits fought better than you did!"

"Demo!" shouted something from the entrance. The monster turned, and was blown back by a shotgun blast. Kaizer entered, carrying a sawed-off shotgun in one hand and an uzi in the other.

"Hello, father," growled Demo, barely scratched at all. "How nice of you to come here. Aged meat is always the best!"

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that," said Kaizer. "I can't let you run wild. You're too dangerous..."

"Shut up, father!" growled Demo. "You were just afraid of me! You knew I could destroy everything before GOD was completed! Your hard work was wasted because of me!"

"I...take it you're the evil Galloway," said another voice, seconds before firing six silver bullets into Demo's chest. Galloway and Patrick entered the cave, and Demo jumped right back up.

"What kind of freak are you?" asked Galloway. "You don't look like me at all!"

"I have a whole feast here!" growled Demo. "I shouldn't let it go to waste!" He pounced onto Galloway, only to get blasted off by Patrick's stone. Tiger aimed and fired, but the bullets pounced off the spikes on Demo's back. Sonic dashed at Demo, but was kicked back. Kaizer aimed and fired both weapons at once, but the shots didn't damage Demo. Galloway finally fired a Kamehameha, but it didn't even faze Demo.

"It's over!" growled the monster. "You're all dead!" Then he saw the red light moving over his head, until it was on the front of his forehead. His eyes were so entranced that he didn't notice Cougar's sniper rifle...until he heard the gun fire.

His head instantly exploded, sending blood and gore flying everywhere. What was left of Demo's body fell to the ground and dissapeared in a flash of light. Galloway felt a strange feeling pass through him again, then quickly looked at the Ultra-Orb. It was glowing the same way as when he found the first one.

Kaizer suddenly ran up and grabbed the orb. He then tossed Galloway a manilla envelope, then dissapeared through a portal. Galloway cursed the doctor, said his farewells to Patrick, and used his codec.

(begin codec conversasion)
Weiila's codec: Hello, this is Weiila's Codec. I'm currently busy right now, so leave a message and I'll get back to you!
Galloway: Weiila, if you don't teleport us back NOW, I will burn down your village and make slaves of your children.
Weiila: Okay, okay! How'd you know I was here, anyway?
Galloway: These are codecs, not answering machines. You can't record anything on them.
Weiila:...crap, foiled again!
(end codec conversasion)


The group returned to the bunker, only to find it almost empty. Only Weiila, Starstorm, Pokefreak, Eihra, Gemini, Val, Chris, Maria, Kerr, GG, and Tails remained. "Where's everyone?" asked Galloway.

"They decided they weren't being loved here, so they left," said Weiila. "Lani and Mox both dissapeared about an hour or so ago."

"Okay," said Galloway, "this sucks. Well, the evil Galloways are now all dead. I guess it's all over...except for Kaizer." He then opened the envelope, which contained a small, strange disc and a note, which read:

"I have captured T.K, Kari and Lani. If you want them back, watch the disc. More info is contained in there."

Galloway looked at the disc, then grumbled. "Anyone got a Gamecube?"

Galloway: And now, a poem...
Weiila: No time for that crap! We have a world to save!
Magus: The evil bitch must die!
Galloway: You two ruined my poetry reading. A plague on both your houses.

The Origins Saga part 62: The Gamecube Files  

After finally getting a Gamecube, Galloway inserted the disc and went through eighty unnecesary menus. Finally, he reached a small movie clip. With nothing better to do, he started playing it.

The video showed Kaizer, sitting in a large, silver chair in the middle of some kind of office. "Hello, the eigth Galloway," he said, staring at the screen. "I predicted that the amount of time it would take you to find a Gamecube would be enough to prepare my evil base for an attack. Thus, I can tell you the location without the slightest risk.

"I can be found deep under the city, through the water system. A map is provided with this video for your convience. Once inside, you will have to navigate my security system, as well as my numerous guards and assassins. However, you must come along, Galloway. If so much as one other person comes with you, I will detonate the nuclear device inside, destroying this entire city.

"You might also be interested to learn that I've kidnapped three of your friends. They are being held in my lab at the other end of town, on the top floor of a really big building. Once again, a map will be provided. Your friends might want to go there while you and" A bunch of maps then shot out of the Gamecube, as it instantly broke down.

Galloway grabbed his map, and handed Weiila the other one. "It's time we figured this out," said Galloway. "Kaizer seems to have a connection with GOD."

"And it took you THAT long to figure it out?" asked Starstorm. "Mad scientists ALWAYS have some kind of connection with planet-destroying monsters!" Galloway shot Star in the face, then had Weiila revive him. Finally, he packed up his two ballers, took his map, and hopped onto the boat.

"I'll be back soon," he shouted. "You guys just get those three and meet me at the bunker!"


F. Galloway landed onto the rooftop and looked around. The area was completely unguarded, with only a few beer cans to mark that anyone had ever been there. Sighing, she kicked down the nearby door and continued down.


Galloway drove the boat through a small tunnel, which led to a small underground dock. He anchored the boat, then opened a nearby metal door. It led to a long, white hallway, filled with gun turrets and various weapons of mass destruction. Galloway also made out several laser tripwires, which criss-crossed so much that it was impossible to avoid them.

Cursing, Galloway punched through one of the walls, when he heard the sound of a muffled scream. He looked through the hole, and saw a room filled with security officers. Galloway blew down the rest of the wall, and found himself staring down the barrel of a dozen assault rifles.


The other group made their way to the rooftop, where they found a smashed door. Shrugging, they made their way down.

Galloway: Why the hell did Nintendo make such a stupid disc?
Weiila: Because they're paranoid lunatics that want to seem different from the other guys while also making sure that nobody can rip their hideously overpriced games, despite the fact that emulation technology is decades away from even being able to run a Gamecube game beyond the title screen.

The Origins Saga part 63: Finally Getting Somewhere  

Galloway jumped behind a crate as the enemy guards unloaded their shotguns (and no, it doesn't mean anything dirty or vulgar). He readied both ballers and jumped from behind the crate. As he did, time seemed to slow to a crawl, as the enemy bullets suddenly became completely inaccurate. Galloway's bullets, on the other hand, wasted the entire room the moment they pricked the guard's skin.

As Galloway landed, time returned to normal. He reloaded his guns, then kicked down the next door. Alarms went off everywhere, and Galloway could hear the guards running through the halls. He was vastly outnumbered.



Bodies were lying around the hallways, their necks snapped, their eyes gouged, their organs torn. Some seemed to have been partially disintegrated by something; lower and upper bodies were all over, showing signs of being blasted off.

"Wait a second," said Weiila. "Has anyone seen F. Galloway anywhere?"

"While we're talking about that," said Gemini, "has anyone seen Mox lately?"


Mox sat at the computer monitors, with the former operator's head in his hands. He scrolled through the various files and images, until he finally found what he wanted: the files on Project: GOD.

He opened the folder, examined the images, read the files, and did all sorts of other crap. Finally, he found the info he wanted...and smiled.

Just then, the door opened. Weiila's group entered, and stared at Mox.

"Where's Galloway?" he asked. "I have something to tell him."

"He's going after Kaizer," said Weiila. "But what the hell did you do here?"

Mox's eyes narrowed. "What are you talking about?"

"You know!" shouted Sonic. "The trail of death and destruction out there!"

Mox stood, never taking his eyes off the group. "I did no such thing. I simply entered this room and killed the man in here."

"Do you expect us to-" began Weiila.

"Listen, you dumb bitch!" shouted Mox. "I can teleport any place I damn well feel like! I simply wanted a few files; I didn't even planning on killing this bastard! What you want is someone who hates Kaizer more than I do..."

"And who would that be?" asked Eihra. Her answer came when the wall behind Mox exploded, revealing a very pissed F. Galloway.

Mox smiled. "You're looking at her."

Galloway: We're going somewhere, folks. Where exactly, I have no idea, but it's SOMEWHERE!

The Origins Saga part 64: The Origin of d Galloway  

F. Galloway looked around angrily, her eyes bloodshot with blind rage. "Where the fuck is that doctor?!" she shouted. "Get your fucking ass out here!"

"What the hell's wrong with her?" asked Cougar.

"Kaizer was involved with Naar," said Mox. "She might be trying to destroy any trace of that damn know, because he did some serious shit to her."

"'re wrong," said Weiila. "It's probably just her time of the month." An energy blast in the head was her response.


Galloway ran to a weapon's locker, where two guards were talking about how angels with whips are the ugliest people aroung. Galloway quickly drilled them both, saving Weiila and Star the trouble, and grabbed the biggest gun he could find: an enormous minigun, complete with matching backpack and ammo belt. Unfortunately, it was too bulky, so he grabbed the nearby assault rifle instead.

The enemy guards immediately poured into the room, but Galloway drilled all of them before they could fire once. He then, for whatever reason, threw down his assualt rifle, pulled out his ballers, and ran back down the hall.

More guards came, but they were quickly taken out. Strangely, Kaizer didn't go out of his way to hire good guards; these guys were dumber than every enemy in Max Payne. Finally, he was able to blow away every single living being in the hideout, and just in time as well; he only had a handful of rounds left.

He soon found what he was looking for: the door at the end of the base. Galloway kicked the door down, sending scraps of metal and bolts flying everywhere. The room looked like a cross between an office and a throne room. A polished oak desk sat at the far end, while a red chair, its back turned to Galloway, was on the other side. However, the strangest thing was the small crib in the side of the room; it was the kind used in a maternity ward.

"Ah, Galloway," said Kaizer, unmistakably sitting in the chair. "I must say I'm a bit dissapointed. I expected you to be here sooner."

Galloway entered the room slowly, watching out for any traps Kaizer may have set. "You don't need to be afraid," mocked Kaizer. "I have no intention of killing you...yet."

"You told me where you were," said Galloway. "You risked everything just to get me here. Why?"

Kaizer's chair turned, revealing the scientist himself. He took another sip from a wine glass, then set it down. "Your brothers are dead, d. Doesn't that bother you in the least?"

"I don't care about that," said Galloway. "Besides, weren't there seven? We only killed six."

"The seventh will be dead soon," said Kaizer. "Also, you will soon have what you have labored for...a cure for your friends."

Galloway was completely puzzled. Kaizer was practically giving everything away. "Is that why you called me here? To give up?"

"Not in the least," said Kaizer. "You see, I have already won. The deaths of all your brothers were needed for GOD to be created. It would have been better if you have died as well, but I suppose there are limits to everything."

"What the hell are you talking about?" asked Galloway. "Do you mean...YOU created GOD?"

"Of course I did!" said Kaizer. "Or, should I say, WILL. You see, the energy needed for GOD to be complete will take 25 years to gather. It would have been tomorrow if YOU had been killed, but I suppose some things just have to be delayed."

Galloway was now beyond confused. "Why am I here, then?"

"I wanted to show you the truth," said Kaizer. He pointed to the crib, which appeared to have been abandoned years ago. "You see, you were born a complete human. A stupid, pathetic human, but a human nonetheless."

"I...figured that," said Galloway.

"But what you don't know is what happened a few months after your birth," continued Kaizer. "You see, I heard of a prophecy. It told of how a great being will be created, one that can destroy even the gods. My studies showed that YOU were the one fated to be this being. However, you were a human, and the prophecy called for a Saiyan. Also, there was the problem with the countless other versions of you.

"I kidnapped each and every version of you, and administered the exact same test. I attempted to alter your DNA slightly, so that you would have some Saiyan characteristics. I would say 95% of the other yous died shortly afterwards, but you and a few others survived."

Galloway continued to listen in horror. Now he realized what Kaizer was...and how significant this entire thing was to him.

"The Orb was the next step. I sent one to each version of you, but made it so it seemed like YOU had found it yourself. The inevitable stress from the explosion killed all but you and your female self, and she did not recieve all the powers. You see, you are the only one that became a true Saiyan. Your transformation was complete when you nearly killed yourself battling Naar. It brought out all of your new race's power."

" made me into this..." began Galloway.

"Don't bother fighting," said Kaizer. Galloway suddenly realized that the doctor now had the Ultra-Orb. "You are so predictable. Well, I suppose I should be going." He then dissapeared in a flash of light, leaving a very confused and shocked Galloway behind.

Weiila: *accidently said something against Pooh in the presence of F. Galloway and was horribly mutilated*

The Origins Saga part 65: Saving the Best for Last  

After sedating F. Galloway, they followed Mox into the next hall, which was also covered with bloody corpses. However, these bodies were sliced apart, rather than torn.

"Before you ask," said Mox, "I had nothing to do with this. And since the girl doesn't have a sword, I doubt she did anything either."

Suddenly, the last Galloway appeared at the end of the hallway, blocking a large hexagonal door. He raised his sword, which was covered with blood. Finally, the group realized that the dead bodies were different from the others; they had a different uniform and everything.

"The police were after father," sadi the Galloway. "They had to die. My father's experiment must be completed."

"You again?" shouted Mox. "Didn't we ditch you a day or two ago?"

"I was forced to free," said the Galloway. "This time, though, I will destroy you."

"Whatever," said Mox. "RAPTURE!"

The chains broke out of the ground, but the Galloway dodged and slashed Mox along the chest. Blood sprayed everywhere, but the wound was quickly healed. However, the SECOND attack was along the back, knocking Mox off-balance for a few seconds, which allowed the Galloway to kick Mox in the groin, sending him down in complete pain. (And on an unrelated note, run-on sentences are fun.)

Sonic slammed into the Galloway's chest, but was kicked out of the way. He landed on Tails, who was trying to fly overhead, and he was knocked into Weiila, who knocked over Kerr, who knocked over GG, who knocked over...*etc*

As the last of the group fell unconcious, the Galloway sheathed his sword. "It's over," he sighed. "I have won."

Then he felt something explode against his back. He turned, and saw Lani, T.K. and Kari standing behind him. The metal door was also blown down.

"Wh-what the hell?" he shouted.

"You were the only guard left," said Lani. "It was easy escaping after that. Besides, did you think we'd stay out of this fight?"


Galloway's mind reeled from Kaizer's revelation, but he still searched the doctor's desk. Inside, he found exactly what Kaizer had promised him; the antidote. Besides that, he also found a strange crystal, which was probably what Sonic was after. All he had to do now was finish the antidote, stop Kaizer, and save the future. But first, a Big Mac.

Stupid Poster: YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!! FF7 HENTAI ROXORS!!!!!!!! LIKE, OMG!
Galloway: *shoots Stupid Poster and puts his head on a spike as a warning to others*

The Origins Saga part 66: The Xian vs The Galloway  

Lani watched the seventh Galloway carefully; he simply returned the favor. Mox slowly returned to his feet, keeping his eyes on both of them. Finally, the Galloway attacked. Lani quickly shifted out of the way, but the Galloway followed it with another strike, slashing her along the leg. She grabbed her wound, but no blood dripped out.

The others, meanwhile, got back up, grabbed T.K. and Kari, and quickly ran past the seventh Galloway for no particular reason...except for Mox, who continued to watch the spectacle. Lani fired a massive beam of fire at the Galloway, blowing apart the wall behind him, but barely burning him.

The Galloway readied his sword, while Lani fired another fireball. The Galloway simply bounced it away, but the blast changed directions in mid-air and split into seventy different fireballs. However, the Galloway easily destroyed all of them before they could even singe him.

"You cannot defeat me," said the Galloway. "Why are you even trying?" Then he saw that Mox was missing...and felt something tear through his back.

"She couldn't win," said a voice from behind. "I could, though." He withdrew his sword, and the Galloway fell to the ground; however, he did not vanish like the others.

Lani stared at the dying body, then back at her brother. "It's finished," said Mox. "Now, let's get going." He walked down the hall to the other room, completely ignoring his sister. She simply stared at the body.

" do not deserve to live," she sighed. "You will never realize that." She then touched the body, and the wound instantly closed up. The Galloway slowly stirred to life.

"You are alive," said Lani. Her voice was strained, and her eyes were tired. "Another touch of my brother's evil is gone."


(begin codec conversasion)
Galloway: Weiila, are you there?
Weiila: Where the hell are you?
Galloway: Just downing a couple Big Macs right now. I'll be down there in a few minutes. you even know where we are?
Galloway: Well, when a sub-nuclear explosion blows away parts of buildings for miles, I think I'd probably notice.
Weiila: Enough with the mouth, okay? What did you find out?
Galloway: I now know how I was created...
Weiila: I learned that several years ago. It took you this long to figure it out?
Galloway: SHUT UP! Anyway, Kaizer is the one that turned me into a Saiyan. Also, he turned Tai, Matt and Sonic into kids. I have the means to reverse those two transformations. However...
Weiila: I knew there was a catch here somewhere.
Galloway: Kaizer has the Ultra-Orb. Apparantly it's the key to creating GOD.
Weiila: Let's just meet up. We need to plan our next step.
(end codec conversasion)

Galloway finished his Big Mac, then flew onto the rooftop and made his way down.

Weiila: That was a long codec conversasion.
Galloway: I know. It happens sometimes.

The Origins Saga part 67: Back to the Future  

Galloway made his way to the long hallway, where Weiila was impatiently waiting. "Where the crap were you?" she asked.

"I had some problems," said Galloway. "For one thing, I had to vent my rage about my creation." Weiila didn't bother asking how he did that; the sound of ambulances and fire trucks rushing below were all the evidence she needed.

"Any ideas on what to do about Kaizer?" asked Weiila. "I mean, if GOD is created, the world's in deep shit."

"I think it's too late to stop him here," said Galloway. "The guy's probably smart enough to hide the Orb somewhere we can't find."

"He's a villian, Galloway," said Weiila. "He's probably incompetent enough to outsmart." Mox then stabbed Weiila from behind and returned to the next room. Galloway sighed, then healed Weiila's nearly-dead body.

"Uh, dad," shouted Maria. "I think we have something here." Galloway and Weiila ran to the next room, which was completely devoid of anything, save for a single note:

"The Ultra-Orb is tucked far away. You will not find it for another 25 years, by which point you will be too old to be any real threat to my plans. Fare thee well. -Kaizer."

"So now what?" asked Val. "We can't stop GOD now."

Galloway thought about it, then smiled. "You're right, we can't stop him now. However..."

"I know where you're heading here," said GG "This is turning into a time travel plot device." (The fourth wall was quickly repaired following this.)

"Anyone have any problems with going 25 years into the future?" asked Galloway. Nobody raised their hands...except Kerr. "Alright, kid, what's wrong?"

"I kind of like it here," said Kerr. "I mean, I prefer a time when my mom was actually decent-looking." Weiila smacked him on the back of the head, then tied and gagged him.

"Alright then," said Galloway. "We're going into the future. Maria, the Digipad." Maria reached into her pocket and pulled out the Digipad. She pressed some buttons, and everyone (even Mox, T.K., Kari, and Lani) group hugged each other. They were enveloped in a green bubble, and dissapeared into the tunnel of time."


The Origins Saga part 68: Galloway vs. Mox (part 1)  

Galloway landed in the middle of a large building. The walls were covered with dust and various kinds of plant life, apparantly undisturbed for many years. He had no way of telling if the whole thing had worked; the others weren't nearby...except for Mox.

"What happened here?" asked Galloway. "Where are the others?"

"We indeed reached 25 years in the future," said Mox. "However, I have a matter to settle with you, so I snatched you away from the others."

"I thought we had an agreement," said Galloway. "We don't attack each other until the whole issue with Kaizer is settled."

"I know," said Mox, "and I have held my side of the deal. However, if I remember correctly, we were suppose to stop GOD from existing, and I know just how."

"That's why you dragged me off?" asked Galloway. "We could have told the entire group?"

"Maybe," said Mox, "but I wanted to settle this myself." He then drew his sword and attacked Galloway, who just barely dodged.

"What the hell's wrong with you?" asked Galloway, quickly drawing his own sword.

"I'm stopping Kaizer's plan," said Mox. "Every single one of your friends would act the same way, if they knew the truth."

"You think they'd kill me for no reason?" asked Galloway. "If you were so itching to fight me, you didn't have to make up such a lame excuse."

"It's no excuse," said Mox, "but if you want, I could show you how serious I am. You are no match for me, Galloway. You never have been, and never will be."

"Oh, really?" asked Galloway. "Let's see what happens now. No bystanders, no distractions, just two warriors killing each other. We settle this once and for all."


The rest of the group landed on a large cliff, overlooking a large, futuristic city. "Where's Galloway?" asked Weiila, amazingly realizing that Galloway and Mox were gone before she even had time to look.

Weiila: The title was misleading. There was no fighting at all!
Galloway: Would you like to be in the next chapter, or do I have to turn you back into a kid?
Weiila: I'll be good.

The Origins Saga part 69: Galloway vs. Mox (part 2)  

"We've been staring at each other for more than an hour," said Galloway. "Can we just finish this?"

"You just don't have any respect for the ancient art of the stare-down," said Mox. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised; after all, you're just a dumb shit."


"Okay, we need to find GOD and stop him from being created," said Weiila. "After that, we'll deal with Gallo and Mox."

"Sounds good to me," said Starstorm. "I hate Time Travel, anyway..."

"Uh, guys?" said Maria. "I know you're gonna hate me for this, but..." Kerr glanced at the Digipad, and nearly fainted...


Finally, Galloway and Mox stopped staring at each other and attacked. Galloway charged, but Mox simply sidestepped and tripped him. He then stomped Galloway's head several times, until Galloway blasted him off. Mox attacked with a series of slashed, but Galloway blocked, then kicked Mox into one a wall.

"Is that all you've got?" asked Galloway.

"Actually, no," said Mox. "But thank you for your concern." He then launched a massive energy blast, which Galloway just barely dodged. However, the blast changed direction in mid-air and hit Galloway in the back, sending him falling back into the ground.

"You still suck, Galloway," said Mox. "Just sit back, and let me kill you..."

Galloway quickly activated the Kaioken, just as Mox was about to stab him through the back. He then punched Mox in the crotch. Hard.

The demon crumpled over in complete pain, as Galloway climbed back to his feet. "You're just like everyone else, Mox. You can't take a solid punch to the balls."

"D-damn you," growled Mox. "It's...not over yet!"

"I know," said Galloway. "In fact, I really want to see you dead, too." He then raised his sword, but Mox grabbed his foot and threw him off-balance.

"This battle," said Mox, climbing back to his feet, "is far from over."

Will Galloway defeat Mox? How did my daughter screw up? Can GOD be stopped? Stay tuned!

The Origins Saga part 70: Galloway vs. Mox (part 3)  

After another five minutes of non-stop fighting/insulting, Galloway and Mox were keeled over, gasping for air. "This is getting us nowhere," said Galloway. "We can't kill each other!"

"I...don't want us to kill each other!" gasped Mox. "I just want to kill you!"

"We're almost dead," said Galloway. "One more hit should finish it off."

"Too bad...neither one of us can move," said Mox.


"YOU WHAT?!!!!" shouted Val. The strangely misplaced birds flew off, as even the heavens trembled in her fury.

"You KNEW the right time!" shouted Weiila. "How could you screw this up?"

"...Maria, now might be a good time to run," whispered Kerr. "The last time I saw mom this mad, we had to scrape dad off the car." Maria nodded, then teleported away.


"So that's when I got into spoon collecting," said Mox.

"Nice story," said Galloway. "I'm feeling a bit better now. Let's just finish this, shall we?"

"Fine by me," said Mox. He then fired a massive energy blast at Galloway, completely destroying one of the walls. Galloway, however, teleported behind Mox and kicked one of the support pillars.

"How pathetic!" shouted Mox. "I thought you could at last aim!" The pillar then fell forward, knocking over the next pillar...and the next...and the next...and the next. The ceiling collasped, sending hundreds of thousands of pounds of debris onto Galloway and Mox. The debris then knocked over the other pillars, and the entire structure collapsed. Galloway quickly teleported outside, then fired a Kamehameha. A smoking crater was all that remained of the building...and, it seemed, of Mox.

Weiila: I refuse to celebrate until Galloway proves that Mox is dead.

The Origins Saga part 71: GOD (part 1)

Maria landed on a pile of rubble, overlooking a large crater. However, the rubble gave way almost immediately, sending her plummeting to the ground behind her. As she stood back up, someone grabbed her from behind and slammed her head repeatadly into the dirt.


The others ran to the center of the city, where the battle was already over. Dead bodies littered the ground, sliced and torn apart in various horrific ways. However, they could not find any of their bodies, except for Gemini, who was lying on the ground in front of a startling figure.

His body was surrounding with a thick, black mist, which seemed to radiate from his very soul. He wore a combination of red and black armor, with a blue scythe in one hand. His eyes were empty and lifeless, his hair seemed to hover in the air, and the ground seemed to shake with every step he took. He kicked the future Gemini's body away, then turned to the recently-arrived group.

"Finally, you have come," said the figure. "You couldn't wait 25 years for death, could you?"

The others finished their approach; they were barely ten yards from the figure now. They could finally make out the cruel features of his face, and realized that it looked strangely familiar. "How'd you know we were coming?" asked Weiila.

"I am GOD," said the figure. "I see all, and know all. I already know how our battle will end; I will nearly kill all of you, then send you back to the past to live out your lives. You will then return here at this current year, and I will kill all of you...except for those two anime kids and the loser soldiers." T.K., Kari, Tiger, and Cougar looked on in disgust.

"You think we'll lose that easily?" asked Starstorm. "We're not letting you destroy the world!"

"You ignorant fools!" shouted GOD. "Don't you know already? History has been written from the beginning. You have always come here, we have always fought, and I have always won. There is no such thing as free will, no higher purpose for your lives; you will always be destroyed...starting with the children." He prepared for battle, but stopped when he realized something:

T.K. and Kari had vanished.


Galloway scanned the area, but found no sign of the great Mox. Finally giving him up as dead, he turned to leave. However, a large chunk of rock slammed into the back of his head, knocking him out.

Above him, the badly bleeding Mox dropped what remained of the boulder he was holding. "I always knew you were thick-headed," he gasped. He then teleported away.

Weiila: I KNEW he wasn't dead!
Galloway: Don't worry. He'll die soon.

The Origins Saga part 72: GOD (part 2)

Maria struggled with her attacker, before finally shouting (translated from muffle-speak), "Let go of me, you sick bastard!" She then kicked her attacker in the crotch, but he didn't let go. Finally, she grabbed his neck and threw him off.

As her attacker hit the ground, she instantly recognized him. "Ryelandt?"

"Well, duh!" shouted Ryelandt, climbing to his feet. "Who else knows that grabbing your tail paralyzes you?"

"Well, there's my entire kindergarden class," said Maria. "And all of my elementary school classes, daddy, Uncle Gemini, Kerr, the rest of our group, Kagon and the Illuminati..."

"Shut up!" shouted Ryelandt. "Look, the rest of us grabbed our parent's bodies, and patched them up a bit. We can't fight GOD as it is right now; we'd get slaughtered right from the beginning. I just wish your dad would show up..."

"Actually, he did," said Maria. "In fact, so did everyone else..."


"Who wishes to die first?" asked GOD. "Come now, I have a universe to destroy."

The group gathered in a circle and drew straws; the two with the short straws would fight first, and get slaughtered first. When they had all finished, though, they realized that the person who brought the straws had forgotten to cut them, so they screwed that idea and attacked GOD all at once.

Sonic and GG Crono were the first to reach the unholy being. Sonic spindashed, but GOD simply sidestepped, leaving a black mist where he was standing. Once Sonic hit it, he was grabbed by an unseen force and thrown into a pile of debris. Eihra tried to dance, but GOD grabbed GG by the neck and threw him into her, then blasted them both with a strange magic attack.

Starstorm and Poke both struck at the same time, and managed to land a blow, but their attacks did nothing to GOD. The evil being simply slammed Poke away with one backhand, breaking almost every bone in his body. Starstorm activated his Pixy Stixs, but the poor cats were incinerated instantly. Val ran GOD through with Gungnir, but the meanie grabbed the spear and snapped it in half. He then cracked both of Val's arms, then tossed her limp body into the charging Gemini, who was then ran through the leg by the tip of Gungnir's blade.

Chris transformed into his Kaizer form, but was sliced across the chest by GOD's scythe. He reverted to his normal form as he slammed into Tails, who was flying over to help Sonic. The two then slammed into the ground, creating another small crater. Starstorm tried to attack again, but was lifted by the neck and piledrived into the hard ground. Weiila tried to whip GOD's scythe away, but the enemy grabbed her whip and threw her into Starstorm's unconcious body. By this point, only Kerr, Lani, Tiger and Cougar were left.

"Like I said," said GOD, "my victory was written. You have lost this time. Now, take your companions and leave."

Suddenly something slashed GOD across the back. While the blow did no damage, it did divert his attention long enough for GOD to turn...and saw the final Galloway standing behind him. He had aged considerably, bu was still trying to attack GOD.

"You would try to challenge me?" shouted GOD. "Fool!"

"I have a debt to pay," said the Galloway, looking at Lani. "I won't let you win this battle."

"You think you have a choice?" shouted GOD. "I cannot be destroyed!"

The Galloway attacked again, sending slash after slash at GOD; however, each attack did absolutely nothing. Finally, GOD slammed him to the ground with one punch. However, the Galloway got back to his feet, and slashed GOD across the neck. The attack did nothing, but it seemed to daze GOD slightly. The mist seemed to fade away for a second, but returned just as quickly.

"I think I found your weak spot," said the Galloway. "You cannot stop me now."

"Actually," said GOD, "dead men cannot destroy anything." The Galloway attacked again, but GOD ducked under his attack, lifted him by his neck, and sent thousands of volts of electricity flowing through his body. The Galloway convulsed for nearly ten seconds, then stopped moving completely. GOD dropped his body, and it limply fell to the ground.

"Now that was a pathetic excuse of a Galloway," said GOD. "Not at all like the original Galloway. He could at least stand his ground a few seconds before running like a coward."

"That sounds just like him," said an all-too-familiar voice. Mox jumped down onto the battlefield, brandishing his sword. "Then again, that means you are just as much a coward."

GOD winced slightly. "Mox...the great traitor emerges. You should not have upsetted Kaizer's plans."

"I don't want any competition in terms of universal conquest," said Mox. "That's why you must die, GOD. I will relish every moment of this."

"I assume you know who I really am," said GOD. "You would have faced me either way. Now, let's finish this...Mox."

"Fine by me...Galloway."

Galloway: *builds a moat for protection*

The Origins Saga part 73: GOD (part 3)

"Hey, shitface," said Ryelandt. "What're they saying?"

"I have no idea," said Maria. "Your little tail pulling just popped both my ears."

Suddenly, Alex jumped down from some rubble, carrying T.K, Kari, and Gemini's body. "About time you showed up," said Ryelandt. "Just drop the kids off, and put Gemini's body over there. The fight's about to begin."


"So, you know the truth," said GOD.

"It started coming together halfway through," said Mox. "I know Kaizer more than any of these other idiots; he would never leave something out in the open unless he wanted someone to use it. So, he tricked us into killing the other Galloways, so the Ultra-Orb would be at full power."

"You think you know EVERYTHING?" said GOD.

"You came in a bit too early," sighed Mox. "Even in the future, only morons become villians. Anyway, I did not bother to kill Galloway then; the others would have been too much to handle. I pulled him aside when we arrived, but was unable to kill him. Now, I'll just deal with you."

"That won't be so easy," said GOD. "I will admit, the Galloway from this time has eluded me, but I know how and when he will join me. Until then, why don't we just kill each other?"

Mox answered by firing an enormous energy beam. About eighty miles of ground behind GOD were completely blown away, leaving only smoking, smoldering craters. GOD, however, was completely undamaged. He simply dusted his shoulder off as Mox stared in shock.

"Impressive attack you have there," said GOD. "Too bad it doesn't actually do anything. Now, watch." He threw his scythe at Mox, who tried to dodge. The scythe, however, changed direction in mid-air and sliced Mox's shoulder, spouting a fountain of blood. It then slashed across his back several times, and finally slashed across his other arm before returning to GOD.

"H-how did...what the...holy...FUCKING HELL!" shouted Mox, trying to cover his gushing wounds; for whatever reason, they weren't healing by themselves. Lani ran to her brother trying her best to patch him up, but he simply pushed her aside.


Galloway got back to his feet, rubbed his head for a few seconds, and flew off. He quickly sensed where the others were...and didn't like what he was sensing.


"Face it, Mox," said GOD, "you can't win. You'll die here anyway. Now, how quickly do you want to die?"

"I...won't let...any!" gasped Mox. He got back to his feet slowly, then limped towards GOD.

"At least you had some fight in you," said GOD. "That's better than everyone else on this damn world. Now, just DIE!" He fired a large energy beam at Mox...only to have it change direction in mid-air and hit Lani instead.

"WHAT THE HELL?" he shouted. "That was aimed directly at Mox."

"You're...dead anyway," said Lani. "I just need hold out for a few seconds more. Then, he'll be here. Just...go to hell, brother." She then fell silent, as Mox turned back to GOD.

"You heard what my sister said," said Mox. "Let's get back to work." Mox fired several blasts, followed by several black magic spells, and ending with an energy blast/black magic spell. GOD, however, was STILL unaffected.

"Has it been a few seconds yet?" he asked. "I'm getting bored." He then grabbed Mox by the neck and lifted him high into the air. "I heard what your sister said, Mox. She told you to go to hell. Let's not dissapoint the little lady, shall we?" He waved his free hand, and a large red portal opened beside them. The sounds of disembodied screaming and torture wailed from beyond.

"I'll be waiting for you," said Mox, followed by him spitting into GOD's face.

"See you later...Morgan," said GOD. He threw Mox, screaming, into the portal, then promptly closed it.

Galloway: Mox will never return. I have signed the contract saying so in my own blood, as well as Weiila's blood. Now, just start partying, damnit!

The Origins Saga part 74: GOD (part 4)

"Any ideas?" asked Ryelandt.

"We COULD just sneak around the back and tear GOD a new asshole," said Alex, "but we'll need a strong weapon and an expendable person."

Ryelandt pried Gungnir from the future Val's hands. "GOD caught mother off-guard," he said. "Gungnir would probably work. Now for the sacrificial lamb." They scanned the fields of beaten parents and working kids, until Maria realized that Ryelandt and Alex were both looking at her.

"What?" she asked. "Is something on my face?"

"There will be," said Ryelandt. "That is, if you have a face LEFT after this."


"Now, who wants to die next?" asked GOD.

Kerr pulled out three straws, and cut one at the bottom. "Standard rules," he said. "Whoever draws the short straw gets their ass kicked first." They then noticed that Cougar had vanished, when a shot rang out from one of the destroyed buildings. The bullet, however, vaporized into a shower of sparks the moment it made contact with GOD.

"I guess it's been decided, then," he sighed. He lifted one hand, and pulled back. Cougar was pulled from his perch and flung to the ground in front of GOD. He tried to stand back up, but GOD simply pressed his leg against his back and swung the scythe into the back of his neck. Cougar gapsed briefly, then died.

"You bastard!" shouted Tiger. She fired several hundred rounds into GOD, but to no effect. Finally, GOD tired of the whole show and teleported behind Tiger. He grabbed her by the head and threw her into the top part of a destroyed skyscraper. She seemed to be breathing, but was not moving otherwise.

"Ok, hold yourself together Kerr," muttered Kerr. "You're the only one still standing, but you can win. You just have to remember what Maria's dad told you..." His thoughts went through several different phrases that Galloway said, including:

"Man was meant to fight with their fists, not with fancy weapons. Forget that I have a sword."
"Money is not the root of all evil. Valkyrie Esker is."

At that point, he realized Galloway had never said a single useful thing to him the entire time he knew him. That, and GOD had already kicked the crap out of him.

"That's the last of your little resistance," said GOD. "Like I said, it was pathetic of you to even attempt to stop me." Suddenly, something shot out of nowhere and knocked GOD in the side of the head.

As everyone that was still concious watched in surprise, the mystery attacker was revealed...just as another landed from out of nowhere.

Val: *drags Mabat and Galloway to Weiila*
Weiila: What the hell happened?
Val: Well, the two got stuck together making a list of the greatest fighting games ever created. Galloway suggested Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Mabat said no, one thing led to another, and...I think they killed each other.
Weiila: *groans* I'm tired of reviving these guys. I would KILL for another white mage!

The Origins Saga part 75: GOD (part 5)

"Ah, the guests of honor have arrived!" said GOD. "So, which one of you two hit me?"

"I did," said the seemingly older member of the two. Half of his face was badly burned, and covered rather badly by a red hood. The eye on the other half of his face was missing, and his hands were covered with long black gloves. Besides that, he wore silver armor similar to Galloway's.

"Who the hell are you?" asked Galloway.

"It's funny," said the stranger. "I had the exact same thoughts."

"Are you two DONE yet?" asked GOD. "I haven't got all day, you know." He then jumped back and readied his scythe.

"He's right," said Galloway. "Shall we get this on?"

"Let's get this over with," said the stranger.

They both charged GOD at the same time, only to miss completely. GOD teleported behind them and swung his scythe, but they somehow jumped out of the way. Galloway then fired a Gallo-beam, only to have GOD easily sidestep it. The stranger, however, effortlessly fired a Kamehameha a nanosecond after Galloway. That attack actually landed onto GOD, but it didn't even faze him. He simply punched the stranger in the gut hard, then uppercutted him to the ground.

Galloway quickly kicked GOD in the side of the head, but was blown aside by one backhand. GOD then grabbed him by the back of the head and pounded his face into the ground repeatadly. Blood, teeth, and other assorted things that are better INSIDE the body fell out after every blow.

The stranger grabbed GOD from behind and pushed him away from Galloway, only to get an immediate kick in the groin. GOD then threw him over his shoulder, then picked him back up and slammed him into the ground. He then readied the scythe...


"Lousy good-for-nothing brother," said Maria. "I hope mommy kills him someday." She finally got in a good position and raised Gungnir. The tip shined, indicating that it either had a taste for blood, or was simply well-polished. Finally, after a little aiming, she threw the spear.


"Time to die," said GOD. Suddenly, he screamed out in pain. Gungnir punctured completely through his chest, and he backed away from the stranger in surprise. The stranger and Galloway got back to their feet and huddled.

"You know the Spirit Bomb?" asked the stranger.

"Yeah," said Galloway. "Just give me a few minutes."

"I have a better idea," said the stranger. He whispered something into Galloway's ear, and they both smiled. They then jumped off into seperate directions, each taking a position at a different structure. The stranger raised his hands, and a spirit bomb rapidly began to form.

"So, you waste your final moments on a useless gesture," said GOD. "Very well. I'll finish you off quickly." He raised one hand and fired a blast, only to have it get sucked into the growing spirit bomb.

"NOW!" shouted the stranger. He threw the Spirit Bomb, then grinned. GOD started to dodge, but noticed something else behind him: another Spirit Bomb. And Galloway was smiling.

GOD's complete shock prevented him from fully dodging, and both Spirit Bombs slammed into him. The resulting explosion was so bright and massive, a blind alien on planet Xorgian-95.23 saw the flash. When it cleared, much of what was left of the city was destroyed, but nobody seemed to be seriously hurt; except for GOD, who had completely dissapeared.

"I guess we won," said Galloway.

"No," said the stranger. "He'll pop out of that ground any second now. I'll finish him off."

"YOU?!" shouted Galloway. "But...the whole reason I came here is to kill GOD! Do you realize how much trouble he and GOD have caused me?"

"I know," said the stranger. "That's why I'm finishing him off." He approached the center of the crate. The second he reached his destination, the ground in front of him shivered, and GOD smashed his way back out. His body was covered with blood, dirt and sweat, his face smashed beyond recognition, his clothing torn apart. He looked nothing like the planet-destroying monster he was.

"H-how?" he asked.

"You ever hear of a paradox?" asked the stranger. "It's when the two versions of the same soul meet at the same time. That's the only way we could kill you."

"Two...versions," gasped GOD.

"Yeah," said the stranger. "And technically, you ARE me. We have the same soul; your predictions can no longer serve you. Now, you die."

Strange music played, and everything around the two seemed to go black. The stranger threw two grappling hooks into the ground right in front of GOD, a rope attached to each one. He held tightly onto the ends of the ropes and walked backwards. Finally, when the ropes were as tight as they could get, he raised one foot. Strangely, spikes seemed to portrude from the bottom. He raised the other, and the tension from the ropes flung him right into GOD, impaling him on his feet. Finally, he pulled his legs out of the corpse, shaking an organ off of each one. Galloway then walked up and blasted GOD in the head, finishing him off.


"It's over, then," said Galloway. "Come on, let's get back to the past."

"," said an all-too-familiar voice. Galloway turned, and saw Dr. Kaizer standing where Tiger was minutes ago. "You've ruined my entire life's work. You will die for this insult!"

"Shut up!" shouted Galloway. "Where's Tiger?"

"She's with me, in case you're interested," said Kaizer. "Now, let's finish this." He ran up to Galloway and touched his shoulder, and the two dissapeared in a flash of light.

Val: Remember, buy Absolute Alcohol, or you'll make my bank account cry.

The Origins Saga part 76: Meet Your Maker (part 1)

Galloway appeared at the hospital lobby from his visions. The area looked long-abandoned, and an uneasy quiet filled the air. Kaizer was nowhere to be seen.

"The time has come, my son!" shouted the inercom. The voice could belong to only one bastard: Kaizer. "You ruined my flawless plans. Now, you shall suffer. Come to the basement, Galloway. Come for your answers, come for your revenge." Galloway looked around the lobby, and quickly found the stairs leading down. It was almost as if he knew this place already...


"Well, everyone's accounted for," said Weiila. "Except for Galloway, that is."

The stranger grabbed Maria's shoulder. "Come on, it's time to go."

"Okay, daddy," said Maria.

Val looked at the future Galloway. "What the hell happened to your face? I mean, you were hideous before, but DAMN IT! And that outfit makes Glenton look like a sharp dresser!"

The future Galloway's only remaining eye narrowed. "Val, I am much more powerful than you realize. Just go back to your own time before I cause another paradox...perhaps a fatal one this time." Val wisely backed off, and the future Galloway and Maria walked off.

"See ya, mom," said Kerr. "Mom's propably freaking out over me. That, and I have to stay with Galloway until he actually teaches me something useful." Weiila smacked him once across the head, and Kerr quickly ran off. The rest of their future selves and kids wandered off, leaving a destroyed city behind.

"Well, that was an interesting experience," said Gemini. "Let's never experience it again, shall we?" Everyone quickly nodded in agreement, and activated the Digipad.


Galloway finally finished climbing down the stairs, and found an incredibly large lab in the basement. All matters of computers, robotic parts, papers, desks, and weapons were strewn around, while different kinds of robots, monsters, and other assorted unholy demons were trapped in stasis containers. Unlike the hopsital, the lab was very much in operation.

"Do you remember this place?" asked Kaizer. "I didn't think you would. This is my research lab; I have been using it long since before you were born. You were just one of many creatures to be created ungrateful ingrate! I made you more than any being before or after, and you rebel! I'll enjoy killing you!"

"Whatever," said Galloway. "I'll enjoy tearing your black heart from your chest, you son of a bitch."


Future Val and Ryelandt walked by Future Galloway and Maria. "Is it true?" asked Future Val. "Did you use Gungnir?"

"Well...yeah," said Maria.

"So, you used my spear WITHOUT my permission," said Future Val. "Galloway, make sure Maria doesn't use Katanaspace for two months."

"MOMMY!" shouted Maria.

"Make that FOUR months!" shouted Future Val. The two continued screaming at each other for several minutes, before Galloway finally grabbed Maria and teleported away.

Weiila: What about the Dragonballs? And helping Sonic? And Mox's death?
Galloway: *smacks Weiila* Damn angel's figuring out all the plot holes.

The Origins Saga part 77: Meet Your Maker (part 2)

Galloway continued through the many halls and passageways of the lab, surrounded by horrors that would make a gory movie buff squirm. Finally, he reached a dead end, with a pair of rusty metal doors waiting for him. "I know you're near," said the intercom. "Your answers lie on the other end, as well as your death."

Galloway kicked the doors open, and true to his word, Kaizer was waiting on the other end. He held a large assault rifle in one hand, and had a scowl pasted over his face. The room itself was familiar to Galloway: it was the infirmary-like lab from his visions. "Hello, 'dad,'" said Galloway.

"Respect your elder, my son," said Kaizer. "You should have never rebelled against me. I made you the epitomy of perfection, gave you more power than any of my creations, and you turned on me!"

"Turned on you?" asked Galloway. "I didn't even know you existed until a few days ago!"

"And now, it ends," said Kaizer. "Forget about your friend; she has already been dealt with."

"You bastard!" shouted Galloway. He readied his ballers for an old-fashioned shoot-out.

"Imagine the irony," said Kaizer. "Your life ends in the very room that you were created." He raised the rifle and fired wildly at Galloway, who quickly rolled out of the way. Galloway fired a few shots, which Kaizer dodged. However, Galloway was also out of ammo.

"I know you're guns empty, son," said Kaizer. "And forget about the powers I gave you; I can block them quite easily with this room." Galloway tried to fire an energy beam, only to learn that Kaizer wasn't bluffing; the ki didn't gather. He quickly dodged several hundred more shots, but was finally hit three times in the leg, then twice in the left arm. He fell to the ground, as Kaizer gleamed overhead.

"You never had a chance," said Kaizer. "Just be a good boy and die."

Galloway was about to give up when he remembered something. Kaizer leveled his rifle to Galloway's forehead, smiled, and started to pull the trigger. Galloway quickly pushed the rifle away just as Kaizer fired, pulled out the magnum he had taken earlier, and shot Kaizer right in the chest.

The doctor dropped the rifle and fell backwards, blood oozing out of his body like gory syrup. "How ironic," said Galloway. "Killed in the very room that you created me." He then fired four more rounds into Kaizer's skull. However, in Kaizer's death-throes, he pressed a small red button hiddeo beneath his shirt. Galloway barely had time to look shocked before the entire hospital exploded.


"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" shouted Weiila. The explosion rumbled like a nuke, with debris flying for miles.

"I told you we shouldn't have flown this close!" said Star. "Just for that-"

"No sex for you," said Weiila. "Just fly this thing back to the Castle of Fanfiction. I'll go check this out."


Galloway landed on a dock, overlooking the distant ocean. His body was covered with smoke and debris, and his arm and leg burned with infection. The magnum, with only one round remaining. He crawled to the railing and looked at the water, then down at the gun.

"One bullet," he said. "I guess there's a bullet for everything. If I don't die now, then I'll become GOD. If I die now, my daughter won't be born. Either way, I'm dead."

He raised the gun to his head, then moved it away. He finally threw it into the water, and bowed his head down. "I'll just go on for now," he said. "At least I have the distant hope of killing Star and taking Weiila as my own to hold on to."

"What was that, Gallo?" asked a voice. Galloway quickly turned, and sawWeiila standing behind him.

"Uh...nothing," said Galloway. "By the way, what happened while I was gone?"

"We fixed everything for you," said Galloway. "Tai, Matt and Sonic are back to normal, and everyone went home. Even that female you went back to her own world."

"Well, sounds like everything's back to normal," said Galloway. "By the way, now that we don't need the Dragonballs, what are we gonna do with them?"

"We alreayd used them," said Weiila. "Val was about to wish for PC's long, horrific torture, but your brother ended up wishing for a 20-piece Chicken McNugget, and we got screwed."

"Sounds like him," said Galloway. "Well, do you mind healing me now?"

Weiila thought about it, then shook her head. "I'll let you suffer a little longer. Let's walk, shall we?"

"WALK?" shouted Galloway. "It's fifty fucking miles to the Land of Fanfiction!" Weiila simply grabbed Galloway and dragged him along, bleeding all the way.

Val: I'll kill your brother for taking my wish!"
Galloway: *kills Val, then kills his brother*

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