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Scenes From A Parallel Universe: Title Page and CAST OF CHARACTERS~!
by KaiserVonAlmasy

Because somebody told me once that plays are supposed to have them. And besides, it may be hard to tell who and where everyone is without a scorecard...


Scenes From A Parallel Universe:
A Tragedie in one very, very, very long act (with a lot of Comedie in it).

Cast of Characters, in no particular order:

Squall (a.k.a. M.C. Leonhart): "The King of the School." Highly visible, very charismatic, and extroverted rap artist. Admired by almost everybody. Appearance: Short, dark brown hair pulled into mini-dreadlocks. Black aviator's jacket, Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt, gold chains, and either: A) sagging black jeans or B) black parachute pants.

Quistis Trepe: The classical valley girl drama queen. Demonstrative and very conscious of her image and reputation, and what will protect or damage -- it. Incredibly superficial in her judgment of others, yet, remains best of friends with Rinoa. Appearance: pink baby t-shirt with "Princess" written across the chest in glittery cursive lettering, and tight blue butt-hugger jeans (Mudd or L.E.I., director's option).

Fujin and Raijin: Old-school punk rockers, devoted to each other and to "the scene." Good-natured people who enjoy shocking visuals. Appearance: matching denim jackets with the sleeves deliberately detached and subsequently reattached and held in place by a multitude of safety pins. Beat-up blue jeans and Doc Marten boots.

Selphie Tilmitt (a.k.a. Mephistina Booyaka of the Seventh Clan of Alucard): Angry isolationist Goth poet and "vampire." A deliberate loner, and determined to remain such, as she is too smart and complex to ever be understood by anyone else in Garden. Appearance: wedding dress dyed black, heavy-duty combat boots from an army surplus store, and (sometimes) a long cloak. A mask of pale makeup also covers her face and she wears blood red lipstick.

Zell: Jock (the good kind). Starting varsity Free Safety for Balamb Garden's football team, the Waves. A fan of health food and fair play, but mostly a fan of Rinoa, for whom his feelings remain strong...and hidden. Appearance: Short blond crew-cut hair [anything else would get messed up by his helmet] and either his football uniform, the standard garden P.E. uniform, or a sweat suit with the "Balamb Waves" logo clearly sported.

Biggs & Wedge: Jocks (the evil kind). Basically, two knuckle dragging bullies from the wrestling team who can usually be found tormenting Seifer. Appearance: like the missing like between apes and man, in clothing. (Open for director's interpretation).

Nida: Quiet, unassuming, shy, studious young man. Appearance: A t-shirt that advertises a love of Star Trek. Other than that, nothing that draws attention.

Xu: Quiet, unassuming, shy, studious young lady. Nida's partner on a very important chemistry project. Appearance: something understated and forgettable.

Rinoa: Girl with a razor-quick wit and a heart of gold. Has a weight problem. Her finest qualities are on the inside. Improbably, is best friends with the superficial Quistis, nevertheless. Appearance: Sky blue top and black bottom (sweat suit). Heavyset. Almost always smiling.

Seifer: Nerd (the good kind) and the philosophical/spiritual guru of the student body. Often teased and taunted, but remains unfazed by it all. Has a surprisingly thorough, introspective, spiritual, and accurate worldview for a high school aged boy. Selfless. Also, attracted (in a platonic way) to Selphie. Appearance: Wears mostly white or light gray. (Director has the option to fit him with the trinkets of a particular religion [i.e. a cross necklace] but it isn't necessary to "commit" him to any one faith.)

Irvine: Nerd (the evil kind). Actually, not a bad kid. Forever trying, struggling, and failing to fit in with people his age, and when his hopes are dashed he quickly becomes a bitter and spiteful snitch. Which of course makes him even less liked. Really just wants to be friends, but it comes out all wrong. Appearance: Hair meticulously combed, jelled, and pulled into a neat 1980's Wallstreet ponytail. Wears a gray business suit. Rarely smiles, except in the wake of somebody else's suffering.

Ellone: One of those people who just always seems to be around, just in case you need her. Has set a record for most semesters of Perfect Attendance. Has this odd habit of loaning people useful books from (presumably) her collection. Appearance: Still wears the official school uniform every day, even though it ceased to be mandatory school-time attire a year ago.

Headmaster Cid Kramer: A good-natured, grandfatherly principal who wants to be the students' friend as well as their chief educator. Somewhat dull and boring, except for the alter ego, which he channels while wearing a rubber mask. Appearance: Middle aged man, Sweater and slacks. Has reading glasses. Also has a rubber mask of Ronald Reagan with red devil horns perched atop his head, ready to be pulled down into position at a moment's notice.

Head Matron Edea Kramer: Cid's wife and co-chief administrator of Balamb Garden. Really knows how to connect with the students and keep her husband on task and compensate for his mistakes. Wise and levelheaded. Except when possessed by evil spirits or sorceresses from the future, which happens to her with disturbing regularity. Appearance: Beautiful and also motherly at the same time. When "free" she wears a long, tasteful dress with red and white horizontal stripes. When "possessed" she either: sports a long black cigarette holder, and wears either a black silk dress; Or, wears a black leather dominatrix outfit complete with Cat O' Nine Tails. (Director's choice.)

Laguna: Squall's father and generally cool guy. Used to be a hippie, probably. Appearance: Like a dad who used to be really cool, and hasn't quite accepted he's "old" yet. Denim jacket, black T-shirt, and slacks; a mix of his required day job clothes and his "cool guy" wardrobe.

Kiros and Ward-Head: Laguna's college buddies and live-in roommates. While Laguna was able to settle down and straighten out and lead a "normal" life, they unfortunately seem to have fried their brains to the point where all TV, even MTV, is invigorating stuff. Appearance: Um...heh heh, heh heh heh, heh heh, heh heh heh...I said, "peer" uh heh heh heh...


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