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Special Epilogue

The darkness enveloped the room in silence, but there was nothing evil or clammy about this dusk. It was completely natural, broken only by thin rays of moonlight and the rhythmic breaths moving through the sleeping man and the slumbering snake.

Peace ruled at last, despite the intentions of the world during the past few days. And in the room, not even a scent of blood or fear remained.

The intruder made no sound as he materialized by the door. Neither as he moved over the floor.

Moonlight slipped over the dark cloak in confusion, unable to touch the fabric properly.

There wasn’t a single sound, but Molor’s stronger sense of pure feeling and instincts awoke him.

Had he been able to, he would have blinked as his great head arose from the floor and he eyed the trespasser.

‘Friend…’ he carefully called out, almost hesitant.

Janus grunted something in his sleep and turned over, opening his eyes.

He frowned and slowly rose up on his arms, the blanket slipping over the breastplate he still couldn’t bare to remove; unable to stand the sight of all his scars.

“Sorry about the late hour,” the intruder said, in a voice far too cheerful for the two that were listening.

His cloak did a good job concealing his body, but the aura of power that surrounded him couldn’t be mistaken.

Janus was not in the mood for facing strange entities, and it didn’t matter if they were polite.

“It’s two am in the morning,” the warlock growled, “and I’m still trying to get rid of a growing headache in my sleep. This better be good.”

“Ah yes, I know.”

The visitor pushed his cape backwards, revealing a diplomatic smile which even so was close to an amused smirk. Dark tussles of hair adorned a pretty normal face, no scars visible in the faint light. But there was something with his eyes that made the frown on the warlock’s forehead grow deeper. There was no evil in them, but there was something twisting far back, like a tightly chained darkness that was to be called on for power whether it liked it or not.

A lot of power.

Of course, it was the same as his aura.

Molor and Janus exchanged quick, mental glances.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t come to fight you or anything,” the intruder said.

“That’s good, we’re not up for that anyway,” Janus grunted and stood, finding that the intruder was just about the same height, “so what do you want?”

“I’ve been wanting to talk to you two for a while,” the stranger said, the smile growing a little, “but, you know…”

No reply, but he didn’t seem to expect one either.

“I have an offer that will sound pretty strange, I know,” he explained.

Molor’s tongue danced curiously as Janus’ right eyebrow went up.

The stranger smiled.

“Ah yes, manners. My name is Robert, and I am a WarMage.”

The End...


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