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PuPu's Saga Chapter 20
by Jeremy Chapter

Setting 20: 2315 DAY 21, Deling City, Caraway’s Mansion B1


"Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education."

-Russell, Bertrand



       <What did I do now>? Specifically directed information interrogative and annoyance

       <I want some answers from you, QyQy>  Imperative directive, deliberate neglect, and gravity

       <About>?  Elliptical interrogative and dismissive boredom

       <Explain all these outrageous energy expenditures on the logs>  Imperative directive and suspicion

       <…>  Contempt

       <Well>?  Elliptical interrogative, tested tolerance, imbedded warning

       <Am I supposed to say something>?  Interrogative, smugness, and disinterest

       <You are damned well aware>!  Critical declaration, imbedded, imputed warning, and anger

       <I have to put ‘Caraway’ through operations constantly because he keeps breaking out>  Preplanned explanation, wishful thinking, declaration of self-exculpation

       <At the cost of compromising the mission when you cause electrical shorts all over this city>?  Derisive rhetorical question, implied, imputed warning, and intimated challenge

       <This is the cost of controlling him for extended durations>  Mitigating clarification, referential reminder, and steadiness

       <The city is on alert>  Declaration and hint directive

       <This is the way it has to be>  Stalwart declaration and exasperation

       <…>  Lingering suspicion

       <My mission objectives from the Carrier are clear>  Declaration of self-exculpation and bloated patriotism

       <…>  Uncertainty and discomfiture

       <Are yours>?  Elliptical interrogative, imbedded challenge, and skepticism

       <Just what are you insinuating there>?  Information interrogative and anger

       <I think, FeFe, you are starting to develop a sympathy for them over the Clan>  Derisive declaration and scorn

       <I am just trying to rationalize everything>  Defensive declaration and denial

       <I know>  Condescending declaration and false sympathy

       <I know you know>  Stalwart declaration and sudden annoynace

       <Anyway, with the meticulous coverage you’ve provided over these years on ‘Caraway,’ I think I know how to run his office>  Patronizing declaration, mock deference, and self-assured dismissal

       <You’d have to with all the time you’re putting into it without any overseer>  Self-righteous retort, contemptuousness, and intimated challenge

       <…>  Indignance and annoyance

       <…>  Smugness and imbedded challenge

       <Any news from the Archangel unit>?  Mitigating concession, sudden interest, hint directive, and interrogative

       <Nothing new>  Complacent declaration

       <No news is good news for you, I suppose>  Calm declaration and latent affront

       <…>   Pause and frustration

       <And the status of subject ‘Ellone’>?  Elliptical interrogative and mild curiosity

       <She is as you left her>  Calm declaration and patronizing reminder

       <Excellent>  Marked satisfaction

       <So what is on the docket for today>?  Casual interest

       <Have you seen the digital recording for last night>?  Rhetorical interrogative, hint directive, and high hopes

       <I did not know there was one>  Denial, interest, and dread

       <Take a look for yourself>  Imperative directive, smugness, and pleasure

       <First tell me where you got this>  Imperative directive and suspicion

       <From one of our scouts who was monitoring the cliffs yesterday>  Preplanned explanation and information declaration

       <Oh>!  Awareness, numbness, and shock

       <…>  Eager anticipation and giddiness

       <So>?  Elliptical interrogative, imbedded challenge, suppressed disdain, and dismissal

       <It means more when taken in conjunction to this latest recording>

       <It is real>  Casual acknowledgement and internal revel

       <Where did you get this>?  Interrogative, numbness, and suspicion

       <From one of our scouts who was monitoring the beach this morning>  Preplanned explanation and information declaration

       <Interesting>  Passive declaration and internal conflict

       <Now do you believe me when I say the entire race is depraved>?  Interrogative, stalwart proposition, biased conclusion, and superiority

       <You still cannot condemn the entire population for having one philanderer>  Passive declaration, defiance

       <Then I suppose their society finds it acceptable to be lying under two different women in two days’ time while indebted to yet a third one>?  Overly agreeable concurrence, brusquely feigned deference, condescension, and blatant sarcasm

       <I am sure there is some explanation for this>  Calm declaration

       <If it needs explanation, then it is wrong>  Didactic quotation, bias, and superciliousness

       <You know that is not what I think>  Denial, irritation, and patronizing reminder

       <Are you willing to concede that he could have murdered comrade PuPu>?  Stalwart declaration, self-assuredness, and accusation with finality

       <The last recording from PuPu is ultimately not enough evidence to support that claim>  Earnest opinion, hesitancy, and internal struggle

       < Truth will declare itself soon enough>  Didactic quotation, self-assuredness, and insinuation of stalwart conclusion

       <…>  Pause, uncertainty, and fruitlessness

       <In the meantime, go secure ‘Caraway’ for another operation>  Imperative directive and undaunted dismissal

       <…>  Pause and reluctance

       <…>  Obstinacy, anticipation, and implied, imputed challenge

       <Fine>  Grudgingly conceded accordance





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