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Setting 26: 1822 DAY 23, Deling City, Caraway’s Mansion B1

"They consider me to have sharp and penetrating vision
because I see them through the mesh of a sieve."

-Gibran, Kahlil
“A Handful of Sand on the Shore”

<We’re almost there> Nonspecifically directed, self-assured declaration

<How many times have we imprinted him in total>? Earnest interrogative

<Too many times to avoid notice> Stalwart declaration, exasperation, and latent bitterness

<How long do you think it will take for the city officials to trace the power surges to this location>? Information interrogative and vestigial disgruntlement

<We still have time> Calm declaration, mutual reassurance, commiseration, and hope

Rinoa, curious about the distant yet crystal-clear voices, crept silently down the steps and peered through the bars under the railing.

Who in Terra is throwing a party in my basement at this ungodly hour? she wondered. She was more miffed at not being invited to attend than annoyed by the thought of strangers stepping taking liberties in her house. She spied two small luminescent dolls standing motionless in the center of the room. A soft blue light emanated from their jelly-like bodies, topped off by glowing yellow orb at the end of each of their heads.

She thought they were the cutest things she’d ever seen. She wanted to gush over them, coo, dress them up, and play tea time. If they had been on sale at a choice department store in the Galbadia mall, she would have bought them because of their appealing cuddliness.

A second later she noticed the workbench next to the two intruders, crowded with many complex gadgets and advanced technology. In their midst, strapped helplessly to the table, was the General.

< >? Awareness and curiosity

<That wasn’t you, was it>? Specifically directed interrogative and wishful thinking

<No> Apprehension-bordering discomfiture

<Then who –

<We have company> Declaration and bittersweet humor

< >! Sudden realization, shock, and apprehension

That was all she had to hear to know that they had detected her presence. Standing up, she boldly derelicted her cover.

“Who are you people?” she demanded to know.

<Unfortunate you had to see this> Patronization, affected sympathy, and imbedded threat

It suddenly dawned on Rinoa why she could hear them with such clarity though they did not make any visible effort to communicate with her.

“Why are you inside my head?” she cried at the frightening realization.

<Goodnight> Punchy retort and condescending dismissal

One of the beings had moved over to the table and grabbed what she prayed was a stun gun and not a limb-severing laser. Before she could move, it had aimed and shot her. The blast knocked her off her feet and out of consciousness before her limp body could roll the remainder of way down the steps.

<Holy Mother>! Panic

<That was unexpected> Declaration of mild annoyance

<Is there a contingency plan for this>? Specifically directed, information interrogative and anxiety

<At least we don’t have to worry about fear of exposure anymore> Mitigating ludicrous assessment and humor

<Quiet>! Sudden expletive and flood of annoyance

<Am I interfering with your calculations, comrade>? Derisive rhetorical question

<Be constructive for once, please>! Brusque imperative directive and dismissal

<… > Conceded tolerance and mocking patience

<What do we do now, QyQy>? Specifically directed interrogative and prepared deference

<We follow procedure> Facile declaration and hint directive

<Which is what>? Information interrogative and curiosity

<Annihilate them> Nonspecifically directed imperative directive and sharp apathy

<… > Uncertainty, internal conflict, fading confidence, and resigned concession

<Annihilate them all> Specifically directed imperative directive and relentless affirmation



Listen to the ten ubiquitous voices – they are the ten wonders of the world!

Voice 1: Division One: “On the Breach” has ended (Set. 1-26). Division Two: “Break-In” begins.
Voice 2: Next chapter – Seifer and his posse are on the verge of consummating his scheme.
Voice 3: Or it could be about Laguna and what shocking secrets he reveals in his dreams.
Voice 4: Currently in progress.
Voice 5: Analyze that last clause. Isn’t it redundant?
Voice 6: What did you think of the story so far? Have you any suggestions for Jeremy?
Voice 7: Sorry, but Jeremy can only type 7 words a minute. Check back later.
Voice 8: If you like the story so much that you can’t wait that long, push him to move faster!
Voice 9: If you love the story, recommend your nicer friends to read it.
Voice 10: You've read this far, so you might as well give him a review for his arduous work.
Voice 11: Jeremy can’t count, but he does like talking about himself in third person.

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