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PuPu's Saga: Chapter 1
by Jeremy Chapter

Setting 01: 1220 DAY 0, Alcaud Plains around Balamb

"A savage race, that hoard, and sleep, and feed…know not me.

I cannot rest from travel."

-Tennyson, Alfred, Lord

Ulysses 5


<Elixir> Pathetic plea.

pupuwandering (by Carina Edberg)

<Elixir> Pathetic plea

<I need an Elixir> Self-evident declaration

<Help me>! Punctuated despair and pathetic plea

<Anyone have an Elixir>? Rhetorical question and wishful thinking

<Please help me> Pathetic plea and self-evident futility

<…> Pause and resumption

<My poor feet> Plaintive self-pity

<…> Pause and resumption

<…>? Awareness and interest

<…>! Sudden realization and flood of jubilance

<There is Balamb Garden>! Second and self-evident declaration

<…> Self-reassurance and calmness

<There is someone coming>! Awareness and suspicion

<Who is there>? Nonspecifically directed interrogative

<Squall>? Quasi-specifically directed interrogative and wishful thinking

<Squall>! Reckless presumption and exuberance

<Is that you>? Quasi-specifically directed interrogative

<Hey, Squall> Relation-creative-purposive address and wavering certainty

<…> Pause and closer inspection

<…>! Awareness and corollary certainty

<Squall, are you there>? Quasi-specifically directed interrogative, extended presumption, uncertainty, and incipient inquietude

<Heavens>! Awareness and reflex panic

<Help me, someone>! Nonspecifically directed imperative directive, growing panic, and wishful thinking

<Squall>! Reflex defensive assertion and specifically directed, imbedded directive

<Please, no> Plaintive plea, specifically directed, elliptical imperative directive, deplorable capitulation, and fear

<Please> Plaintive plea, specifically directed, imperative directive, and unmitigated fear

<NO>! Awareness, plaintive plea, specifically directed, elliptical imperative directive and recoil





* * ** *** ***** ********

Jeremy's Scribbles:

Okay, this pathetic little guy with 10 HP would be PuPu the alien, and he just got slaughtered, poor thing. If you didn't know this, then it is something you need to know.

The "stage directions" after each line he communicates are necessary, and they aren't stage directions; PuPu's alien clan does not communicate with their voices, only their thoughts. They don't have facial expressions either, which means to communicate elements such as sarcasm or emotion, I have to add the "stage directions" and, if you noticed, keep the emotion-denoting punctuation marks (question or exclamation) outside of the <brackets>.

In actuality, those "stage directions" are called the "pragmatics" of language. The words he actually "speaks" are called the "semantics" of language. Because he isn't actually making any sounds with his mouth, I used <brackets> instead of "quotations" to indicate what he wants to <communicate> with his thoughts. Also, throughout the rest of the story, thoughts are italicized and speech is unmodified. So what PuPu wants to communicate show up <like this>.

I would appreciate your reviews for this chapter and every chapter so I can see what you are thinking and go back and make corrections for other readers if I see that everyone is stumbling between the same two chapters. It would also facilitate correcting spelling or grammar errors if you would report them in that chapter's review.

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