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Season Three Premiere!

Episode 17: I Want to Go to Mt. Splasmore! (Part 2)

As the cars traveled on the highway, they saw another road sign, saying, "Now entering, Episode 17." Despite the sign they saw a while back. On their way, Gemini set up a radio network on Joey's car at a pit stop. You guessed it. They were going to have a multi-car fiesta! Both cars cranked up the music as loud as possible, and within seconds, they were in a non-druggie rave.

The heroes were having so much fun on the way over, that was only half the fun. They had so much fun, they couldn't be tired. After three weeks of party, and one week of rest, everyone got to Mt. Splashmore. the wettest waterpark in the fantasy world. This place had a water coaster, slides galore, like at least 100, a surfing practice area, a couple of skater like attractions, a kiddie area, and several tide pools.

It would take days to fully do this place. Fortunately, there was a hotel in the park because of the size of the thing. The park was built on a mountain, hence the name. KOS-MOS couldn't get wet or she would short-circuit and die, so she stayed in the lounging area while the others went out to play.

Gemini and the others went in the line for H2Whoa! At first Gemini thought there was no line, but then a "Whoa! This line's big." So he told Sora to start crying, "I want my Mommy!" That got Gemini and Sora through. Vos Ceras said that he was a line inspector so that's how he got through. However, the others went with Joey's plan and bought Fastpasses for the ride. Then, another Heavy Lourde falls on Joey, so the others had to get it off of him.

Gemini and Sora got to the top first and Vos Ceras was right behind him. Gemini got through the ride quickly and with lots of fun. The others had fun too, but not as much as Gemini. When everyone reached the bottom, they set off for the next ride, when suddenly, someone in the line does something bad to Jr. It was Jr.'s other half, Albedo. He had made a trip to Mt. Splashmore knowing that Jr. was going to be there.

Albedo started laughing really loud. Loud enough for the general public to stop what they're doing and notice what Albedo was doing. He was tormenting Jr. and the others. Gemini wanted to shoot him, but when he did, his arm grew back. Gemini then knew not to shoot him, or else he could regenerate.

The best thing to do now, was to run. They ran to the other side of the park, away from Albedo. They had their safety for now. So, they went and di the Surfing Simulator. There was a long line so they got Fastpasses for that too. Most of the heroes were novice surfers. The only one who was was Wakka. There was rubber padding below the waves, incase of a wipeout, and there was water, in case of fire.

There was a restaurant nearby that the heroes went to. In fact it was Japanese cuisine. Gemini didn't like the sushi, but Galloway did, as well as most of the people. However, before receiving the food, Albedo showed up again. This time all he did was poison Jr.'s food. Fortunately, there was a map to the hospital, and the casino, on the back of the menu. Jr. was rushed to the hospital. where he got very special treatment for his poison. Then, since there was a map to the waterpark's casino, the heroes with the exception of Sora went to the casino.

On one slot machine, the reels read "Episode 17" "Ends" "Here."

Episode 18: Lucky Reels

As the heroes went in, Sora and Jr. were carded on the spot. Jr. took out his license, that stated he was 26, which he was, and the guard let him in. Sora was only half his age, so they used a boot mechanism to boot him to the other side of Mt. Splashmore. You had to be 18 to get in.

Gemini started the day with some Blackjack. On his first hand he got 11, doubled, but got 12. So, since the dealer had a 9 upcard, Gemini hit, and got 14. Luck wasn't with him that card. Then he hit one more time and got 21!

Vos Ceras was in the Poker Room with Joey and Jr. The three of them played Texas Hold'em. Joey had a pair of aces in the hole, Jr. had a 2 of hearts and a 4 of clubs. Vos Ceras had a 10 and King of spades. The first card was dealt. It was the Jack of Spades. The next one comes, it's a Queen of Spades. Vos Ceras knew that if he got the Ace, he would have a Royal Flush. Joey flips the last card, and it's the.....

Eight of Clubs! Vos Ceras had lost that hand with King high. Jr. had Queen high, and Joey had a pair of Aces, one of which was the Ace of Spades. Gemini, winning lots of treasure from Blackack, joins the Poker room when you know who shows up.

Yes, it was Albedo. He had come to play Poker. There were five of them. Albedo dealt, and said that if he won, he got to kill off one of them. He didn't say anything about if he lost though. The game was on, and this time it was five card draw.

Albedo dealt the cards, Here were the values:

Gemini: 10 of Spades, Jack of Spades, 2 of Hearts, 4 of Clubs, 8 of Clubs.

Vos Ceras: 9 of Spades, 3 of Hearts, 6 of Hearts, 7 of Diamonds, Ace of Clubs

Jr.: 2 of Spades, 4 of Hearts, 3 of Diamonds, 6 of Diamonds, 9 of Diamonds

Joey: 3 of Spades, 7 of Spades, Jack of Diamonds, Queen of Diamonds, 2 of Clubs

Albedo: 10 of Hearts, Jack of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts, Ace of Hearts

Looks like our heroes are dead, Look, Albedo has a royal flush! The royal flush is the highest poker hand possible. Gemini took three cards. Vos Ceras took four, Joey took three, Jr. took two, and Albedo stood pat. During the showdown. Vos Ceras went first. He got a pair. Joey got two pair, Jr. got a flush. You al know what Albedo got, but Gemini beat him. He got a royal flush of Spades, which beats Hearts, so Gemini won the game. Albedo was told by Gemini to leave Jr. alone.

Everyone went ouside the casino. and spent the night in the hotel across the way.

Episode 18 ends with no special ending. :P

Episode 19: Mt. Splashmore: Day Two.

The next morning everyone got up. Germini saw an unexpected camera because they haven't done the news in a while. The camera had something on the side saying, "Property of Mt. Splashmore." They wanted the team to do the news. Cloud started the news after he got his hair wet using a tidepool. today's headline was, "Car Rave Spotted by Members of the General Public." This was talking about the rave the news team had.

"So far there were no arrests, and no convictions of this horrific crime. We now go with Sora for the next headine," stated Cloud.

"There has been a honicide earlier this week in Gnome Ann's Land inn. Apparently Ad Avis has been convicted of the murder and was arrested last night," mentioned Sora.

Gemini and Vos Ceras were in their personalized recliners behind the set. They were sunbathing on the summit of Mt. Splashmore. They wanted to wait until the news ended to go on the Rim Runner. They had been worried that the people in RPG Town disliked them, since they were from real life.

The news ended quickly and so Gemini and Vos Ceras rented a boat to go down Rim Runner. It was a steep boat rode down. After that, they went on a ride they saw earlier, but didn't go on. It was just a vertical drop from a ledge, then you swam to shore.

The crew had lunch on the summit. On the way, Joey got hit with another Heavy Lourde. "Those just keep coming don't they," Gemini stated as he Etnie Blasted the weight off of Joey. Gemini said to Joey, "I bet you're used to these now?"

Joey then stated that he had died in his own show and that the narrator is wanting him to suffer. Joey wanted to date Aeris, but she said he was not her type.

When the group reached the summit, There was a problem. The King of Town ate all the food. If only Joey wasn't Heavy Lourded then they could at least got some food. Gemini told everyone to move down, and leave the King of Town as an embarrasment for the general public.

The King of Town followed Gemini's group to find more food. The problem was for Gemin was that the King of Town moves slow, but eats fast. or oncce the King had good defense against Gemini's weapons. He used food as defense and for power. Gemini Etnie Blasted the King, but the blast bounced off and hit Vos Ceras instead. So, Cloud and Sora got their weapons out, and started slashing the food hogger/lover. After one slice, the King of Town surrendered.

Gemini and the others got their food. They had instant pizza at the Laughing Dragon. Gemini was a little worried about Chris so he called the studio. At the studio, Chris was throwing a party with admission charges. He had pizza, beer, video games, and hot girls. It was guy's night out over there. Gemini like the idea. and let Chris have his party.

After Lunch, Gemini, Vos Ceras, and Joey split from the rest of the group to realize that the King of Town was still at Mt. Splashmore. This time, he was hanging around with Krusty the Klown. Krusty thought that Gemini and Vos Ceras were kids so he did his famous, "Hey Kids!" What he didn't know was Gemini and Vos Ceras were adults. Joey looked adult so Krusty left him alone.

Meanwhile, with the other group, everyone stayed dry, especially KOS-MOS. They went into the casino again, without Sora of course. And they all won big. They went outside and wanted to go into the hotel to take a snoozer.

Gemini went onto this racing waterslide with Joey and Vos Ceras. He said, "On the count of three the race starts. One. Two. Five! I mean Three! The race was on. Everyone was starting the same, then half way Gemini got ahead, then Joey passed him three fourths of the way, then at the end, Gemini barely won.

The group thought it was fun, so they went on another waterslide. This one was going all the way down, saying, "Episode 19 ends here."

Intermission 1: When you're all bored.

Gemini was at his house with his brother and Joey. Galloway had seen last night's Cowboy Bebop episode befor falling asleep in his parents' bedroom. Gemini had grown tired of boredom, and was wanting to do something. He was tired from a campot he went to a couple days ago. Joey had been out with his girlfriend, Aeris. Galloway was minding his own buisinees, attemping to shoot at any certain brothers of his that wanted to go into his room.

Gemini charged into Galloway's room, ready to Etnie Blast him if he didn't give Gemini the computer. Gemini wanted to Instant Message his friends, which Galloway was very much against. Gemini had to yell out, "Etnie Blast!" to get his attention. Fortunately, Joey was about to leave to Aeris' house. The two of them have been dating ever since they died in their game/show.

Finally, Gemini got his brother's computer, instead of toiling for hours and HOURS in the extra hot office. He had just enough time to Instant Message his friends.

End of Intermission

Episode 20: We all Have to go Home Sometime.

At the bottom of the waterslide that Gemini went on, he coincidently met up with the other group. Gemini thought, for being at Mt. Splashmore for two days, and Mt. Splashmore just being a large waterpark, it was about time to go home.

The front gate was hard to find. It was about an hour and a half walk to get there. It was a hot day too, and the group was sweating, in a waterpark! There was only one cure for this. It was to go on one more waterslide. Once they went on, the front gate was their target.

At the front gate, Gemini and the others had to return the towels they borrowed and the news stuff that wasn't theirs. When the towels were returned, they returned to the cars, parked in the "Itchy" lot, not to be confusd with the "Scratchy" lot. The park might have been sued by Krusty the Klown because of copyrights. Well Krusty never wanted to.

When everyone was in their respective cars, Gemini started the luau music. The cars had full blown volume for the ride back. It was like the rave they had on the way there. Everyone put leis on themselves and started to talk about the tropics. The people of RPG Town loved the tropics, and most of them couldn't wait to get to them.

The hula was simple to watch, but hard to do. To get the full effects of the hula, Gemini had to watch KOS-MOS' hands and feet. They were the parts of the hula that tell a story. Vos ceras was making non-alcoholic Mai Tais and Chi-Chis in the back seat. It wasn't a completly traditional luau. First, they would sit on the ground. Next, the Mai Tais and Chi-Chis would have alcohol. And third, they wouldn't be in a car.

The food was traditional though. They had fish, pig, and poi. Poi is made out of the taro root and crushed. It looks a lot like chocolate pudding. The taste was awful. most people don't like poi. Gemini and Vos Ceras almost vomited. KOS-MOS didn't like it too. Joey actually did, and the rest of the people in that car stared at him.

In the other car, the hula was being danced by Jr. and Sora. They knew the hula well, and had no fear of dancing it. They would hav more fun on trips doing this stuff once Gemini receives this intergalactic spaceship that he ordered. It would be ready for pickup in a couple years. Fortunately, before Gemini was robbed by his brother, he had payed for the mammoth-sized ship.

Eventually they got into RPG Town. They stopped by Tia's for an hour. They wanted to go to Gaignun's gun store. Gemini wanted to upgrade his guns. Once that was done, they were off to the studio.

When they got back, Chris was waiting for them. The Cids were gone and everyrthing was normal and cleaned up. When Gemini and his group got back, they wanted the longest siesta they ever had.

ZZZ...ZZZ...ZZZ...ZZZ, Oh! Episode 20 ends here!

Episode 21: Gemini's Birthday Special!

Gemini is talking to an enourmous audience inside a unnamed auditorium. He has mentioned that his birthday is coming up, and that he expects a big crowd at the studio. Here were the people that were invited:

Gemini, Vos Ceras, Galloway, Chris, Weiila, Pierson, Joey, Cloud, Sora, Jr., Wakka, Tidus, KOS-MOS, Krusty the Klown, Shion Uzuki, Jesus, Spike Speigel, Kefka, Cecil, Akiko, Asuka, Crono, Serge, Marle, Lucca, Kid, Terra, Garland (FF1), Cid (FFVII), and... The KING OF TOWN!!!

Here were the people not invited:

Strong Sad, Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Anyone who is a Communist, Strong Mad, And anyone else not worthy of being at Gemini's Big Birthday Bash 2003!

After Gemini was finished talking at the audience, he went behind the curtain, told Vos Ceras to turn the music on and the lights off, and met with Joey and the others in the studio.

The first couple hours were like "Old People's Paradise." It was boring. Gemini had little knowledge of throwing parties, even though he threw one every birthday, Halloween, and Christmas. Eventually, Gemini got everyone together, and did an ice breaker game.

Everyone got to know each other very well, and the next game was outside at the pool, it was a race. The Goal: Beat Gemini in a race from one end of the pool to the other, to the spas, through the main room, then fire three shots at the gun range, then eat an entire pizza in the kitchen, then run to the finish line at the front door. At the end, only three people beat Gemini. They were Vos Ceras, Joey, and Chris.

Later that day, towards dinner, which was roasted Chocobo, everyone met in the newsroom. Gemini had told everyone that dinner that night would be a combination of Roasted Chocobo and Leftover pizzas from the last challenge. The pizzas were gone in five seconds. the Chocobo was tougher to get rid of. Everyone wanted pizza, so Gemini ended up calling for some more pizzas, like 5 billion.

After dinner, there was dessert. which was, of course, chocolate cake. then everyone came to the center of the dining room, and sang the Happy Birthdday song to Gemini. A birthday party was incomplete without chocolate cake.

Later in the night, Gemini and Vos Ceras lit some fireworks, to celebrate Gemini's 15th birthday. One firework had the wording of, "Episode 21 ends here."

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