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Into the Heart of the story Chapter 3
by Scott Baird


He stood on the bow of the ship dressed in Chain mail, a strange fact considering that most people never wore any armour on a ship, a slight unbalance and if someone fell off a ship in armour it normally pulled them down to there deaths due to there weight, but this did not concern the man on the bow, for he could swim in armour much heavier than this, for he was a Light Warrior, one of the destined who can change the world, he was known as the Fighter, and he was leaving his home shores for the first time.

He looked around and saw the pirates turned royal sailors doing there work, his friend and fellow Light Warrior Black Mage was talking to the captain, former pirate king of Pravoka Bikke, Black Mage had a staff that could tell its wielder which direction he was facing, from the look of things they where on course, to Elfland.

He saw his the other two Light Warriors, his Elvin friend Thief and the priest of Odin White Mage, they where talking in private, they had been doing that a lot recently, Thief was about to see his homeland for the first time, he had been seeking White Mages coinciding, if his people rejected him for living amongst humans, then he didn’t know what he would do, if he found his parents and they rejected him.

White Mage had done her best and for that Fighter was thankful, he himself couldn’t have helped Thief, he and Black Mage just tried to stay out of their way, this was something Thief had to do by himself.

He turned and looked in the direction the ship was facing, in the distance he saw a small line on the horizon, he shouted up to the crows nest, the man in the crows nest pulled out a seeing glass and shouted ''Captain, I can see the dock from here.’’

Bikke looked up and shouted ''Good if the tides and wind are right then we should reach it soon'.'

He was cut off by the sound of one of his crewman ''Captain, sahaugin is coming up from the water, they are trying to board us.’’

Bikke pulled a scimitar from his belt ''Man battle stations.’’

Part 1 = Fire on the water

Fighter drew his blade and moved to the middle of the deck, one thing he knew about sahaugin was that they would try and drag sailors into the water, he felt something behind his back, he turned and saw Thief, he must have come to the same conclusion, White Mage was with him, he looked around for Black Mage and saw him climbing into the crows nest, a vantage point to use his magic.

The crew drew weapons and moved to stand with the Light Warriors, they could hear a cracking noise, and then the first sahaugin climbed onto the deck.

It was a blue scaled fish creature, except it was bipedal, it had suckers on its hands and feet, in its hand it held a trident, it climbed on the deck and scanned the ship with its yellow eyes, it noticed the formation the crew was standing in, although this was a veteran of many raids it knew it wouldn’t be an easy fight, it shouted a command in its own screeching language, more came from all around them.

There was sahaugin all around the ships deck, all armed with different weapons and wearing assorted armour (mostly pulled from the corpses of sailors), the crew and the Light Warriors braced themselves for battle.

The sahaugin charged, more started climbing onto the deck, Black Mage from his vantage saw the numbers. They were heavily outnumbered and more were climbing, he had to act fast, he had to think of something that would work on a group of sahaugin, there was something in particular.

''Fire,'' he said aloud, they were terrified of heat, but he couldn’t risk a widespread fire spell, it would just burn the ship.

Fighter was facing three sahaugin, two were armed with tridents and one with a sword and shield, the one with the sword lunged hoping to overpower the foe quickly, Fighter swung so hard that he knocked the sahaugin sword out of its hand, it stood dumbfounded, then realised his opponent’s skill and ran and leapt into the water.

The other two approached with caution, one moved left and suddenly dived low to grab his legs, the other moved to the right and leapt at the same time as the other, except he tried to grab Fighters arms.

Fighter wasn’t expecting this, the creatures had him pinned, one lifted its trident to the finish him off.

Then a blade sunk into its back, it was one of the crew, the sahaugin fell dead, Fighter (who still had his sword) stabbed the second, it fell dead as well.

Thief was struggling, there were too many of the beasts, they were constantly attacking from all sides, White Mage was struggling too, she couldn’t concentrate enough to cast spells.

Bikke and his crew fared little better, they lacked the skills for defence, they mostly attacked weaker ships, they weren’t used to big battles, soon the bodies of crewman and sahaugin alike lied on the deck.

Black Mage was thinking desperately, how he could use fire and not sink the ship, he had no choice, the battle was going badly, and he just hoped that the others could douse the fire quick enough.

''The power of fire burns to my will, IMIX hatred magic.’’

Fire shot from his body and enveloped the deck, the sahaugin let out horrible shrieks as they felt the searing hot heat of the fire, they started to leap overboard in a state of panic, but the fire on the deck was now the problem, White Mage knew what to do.

''Water bless me, Nullify Fire.''

The fires became weaker, she cast the spell again and they were gone, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, Black Mage wiped his brow that had been close.

Fighter was nowhere to be seen however, Thief ran to the edge of the ship and saw Fighter being dragged down by the leader of the sahaugin, it had dragged him over the side to try and drown him and take his impressive looking equipment.

Fighter struggled, he still had his blade in his hand but it wasn’t effective against the creature when it could in the water like a bird moves through the air.

Thief pulled his studded leather armour off and put a dagger in his mouth, he leapt into the water after Fighter.

The water was incredibly cold, he swam after the sahaugin s it went deeper, Fighters armour pulling him down, Thief reached the sahaugin and struck its hand with his dagger.

The creature cursed as Fighter bolted for the surface, with his last ounce of strength he breached the surface and breathed in.

A rope ladder was dropped from the deck, he grabbed on but he couldn’t see Thief anywhere.

Thief then swam up to the surface, and grabbed the ladder as it was pulled up the whole crew, the sahaugin grabbed the bottom of the ladder, it quickly ascended and tried to grab Theirs foot, it nearly latched on to his ankle.

Unfortunately for the sahaugin it never heard the voice in the crow’s nest.

''The power of lightning bends to my command, Zeus Blade Magic.’’

The lightning shot from his hand and struck the sahaugin in the back, electricity flowed through its body, and it fell to the water dead.

Thief had narrowly missed being electrocuted; fortunately magical lightning wasn’t as conductive as natural lightning.

Fighter and Thief were pulled aboard, and taken to there quarters; White Mage looked after them both, making sure that hypothermia didn’t kick in.

Black Mage remained on deck in the crows nest, soon he could see the Elvin dock near the Elvin city, and they were soon at Elfland.

Part 2 = the city of elves

The ship docked and the Light Warriors prepared to leave (although White Mage wasn’t happy with Fighter and Thief returning to the journey after the incident in the water) and they noticed that none of the crew was going with them.

''Nah, most human’s aunt welcome in Elfland, its only coos you are the Light Warriors that you'll get in'' was the typical response.

So the four were back to travelling by themselves (although Bikke assured them that they would stay there until they returned) and they went south to the city of elves.

Soon they were inside the lush forests, Thief was in awe of the natural beauty, his homeland was everything he imagined it to be, yet there seemed to be something strange, like the whole world was watching him, the forest was too quiet for this time of day, then it occurred to him.

''We are being watched,'' he said conclusively to the comrades.

''We are always watching our woods,'' a voice shouted in reply, it sounded as if it came from all around him.

Then they were surrounded, elves with bows and swords surrounded them, and behind them Black Mage could sense the Bare Magi, the Elvin term for black magician.

''Who are you to enter Qulin’s, the Elvin capitol?'' one of them asked.

Fighter, although faced with impossible odds, believed that the elves wouldn’t attack without being provoked.

''We are the Light Warriors and we are on the trail of Astos the dark elf,'' he said, he pulled the orb of earth from around his neck so the leader could see.

The Elvin leader didn’t seem impressed until Thief showed his, he stepped back with a start and bowed, and the other warriors did likewise.

''It is true, I can sense the power of the orb of air, please follow us, we will show you to the capitol,'' the elf said.

The Light Warriors seemed confused, but allowed themselves to be taken to Qulin’s.

Soon they could see the graceful spires reaching into the sky, the buildings seemed to be built inside trees and yet the trees still lived (through white magic thought White Mage), the castle wasn’t as impressive as the Corenia castle, being half its size, and yet it still had a powerful magical aura, animals lived amongst the Elvin populace, bears and wolves marched obediently alongside there masters who wandered the city on there business, most stopped to consider the newcomers.

The Light Warriors were brought inside the castle, as they were entering someone was leaving, Fighter was surprised to see that it was a human.

The human wore a blue cloak which he kept wrapped around his body; he seemed to be a little older than Fighter with brown hair kept together by a blue headband.

''Who is that?'' Fighter asked one of the guards.

''That is a mercenary who is dealing with an Ogre lair to the northeast,'' the elf said.

Soon they were lead to a large guest hall, everything in the castle seemed to be made of wood that had been magically treated, the Elvin serving staff seemed to be shocked at so many human visitors, most muttered that war was returning.

They were eventually brought to the throne room, the throne was (unsurprisingly) made of wood and adorned with gems, on the throne sat an old elf with a long white beard, he was holding a locket in his hands when the Light Warriors entered, he looked up to regard each of them, when he got to Thief he visibly sat up straight.

''You are the Light Warriors then, word has came from the human lands of your deeds, in a way I should thank you, Garland the dark knight slew my brother in battle, now he burns in the fires of Chaos's domain.'' the king said with a wizened smile on his face.

''Forgive me sir, but we are hunting the dark elf Astos, we believe that by killing him that we could restore your son to health, do you know where he hides your majesty,'' Thief said with a bow.

''An elf, dressed in the clothes of humans, why do you travel with three humans?'' the king asked.

Thief seemed surprised by the question ''I was raised with these 'humans' they are my friends, I was left as an infant by my parents.’’

The king sat back in his throne and seemed to consider this.

Fighter spoke up ''Forgive me for asking but why did the guards of the forest not believe that we were Light Warriors until Thief showed them his orb.’’

The king smiled ''Tell me, do other humans respect you, do they think of you as a hero,'' the king asked.

''I suppose so, why do you ask?'' Fighter asked.

''Why are your friends not as well recognised as much as you are,'' the king asked.

Fighter didn’t have an answer.

''Each of the orbs is attuned to a natural race, earth is attuned to humans, air to elves, fire to dwarves and water to mermaids, they are natural therefore they feel the orbs presence and wish to become closer to it, to worship it,'' the king said.

''The dark elf Astos fled to the north, he could be anywhere by now, my people search for him constantly, however none have yet found him,'' the king said again, a darkness creeping over his face.

Fighter turned to the others ''Then shall we should leave at once, we have to find him quickly, if he escapes across the water we shall never find him.’’

The others agreed, if he escaped with Matoya magic orb then even if the four orbs were restored then it mattered little if an army of Ogres raised arms against the humans, elves and dwarves.

Thief sighed, he knew his stay would be brief and he wanted to stay longer, but Astos was more important, he would have to visit again when the prince was awakened.

''Stay in the city for a night at least, soon darkness will fall, I will retire to my chambers soon, perhaps we can talk more tomorrow'' the king said with a tired edge to his voice.

They soon left, the king waited a few minutes and returned to his bedchamber, he dismissed his servants, he then pulled out his locket and opened it, and he still couldn’t believe it.

''That elf looks like the queen, were the rumours true, did she bear my brothers child, but she was banished.’’

The elf broke down into tears, he had lost so much over the years, his wife had left him, his brother was slain in combat by a human, his lands were being tainted by some magical force, and his son, his one true heir, lied in a state of coma.

He put his head in his hands and wept.

The Light Warriors went to an inn to stay for the night, when they approached it they saw the human in the blue cloak again.

''Is it true, are you the Light Warriors?'' he asked.

Fighter frowned ''I saw you earlier, what do you want.’’

The man smiled ''The king has asked me to journey north to an Ogre encampment, apparently an eleven merchant caravan was taken by Ogres led by an Ogre Mage, and I am supposed to deal with them.’’

''So,'' said Fighter ''What does this have to do with us, we are on the trail of the dark elf Astos; we don’t have time for an Ogre hunt.’’

''Don’t you see, maybe Astos is leading them, many of the kings soldiers wont leave the city, with talks of war they are too afraid to start an incident with other nations, that is why I was called in, the reason I asked you if you were Light Warriors is because you may aid me, if Astos is leading them then I cannot defeat them single handily, we could split the profits and the elf prince will be healed, everyone benefits,'' the man said smiling even further.

''Why should we work with you?'' Thief asked.

''I am the warrior who needs no weapons, I can cut stone with my bare hands, I can break bones with little effort, but unfortunately magic isn’t my strong point, if there’s an Ogre Mage that’s bad enough, but a dark elf I can’t beat, that’s why I wanted an alliance,’’ the man said with a sweep of his cloak, revealing his muscular body, he wore tight blue clothes with steel capped gloves and metal tipped boots, on his belt he wore a curious weapon, two sticks stuck together with a chain.

''How do we know you’re not Astos'' asked Black Mage.

''Don’t you think the Elvin mages would have found me, they have become incredibly paranoid since Astos appeared, and I am a famous mercenary in human lands, if your interested then meet me here tomorrow?’’

''Perhaps we will if we have time, what is your name,'' Fighter asked.

''Just call me Black Belt, everyone else does, see you tomorrow'' Black Belt said, and then he walked away from them, deeper into the city.

The others looked at each other, they would have spoken about it further but the day had worn heavy on them, they went inside the inn for the night.

Part 3 = Ogres gold

The next morning came, Fighter and Black Mage went into the Elvin town to purchase new equipment and spells, they came back to the inn disappointed, Fighter explained to Thief about the weapon he wanted.

''It was a silver sword, one of the biggest iv ever seen, I held it in my hand and I could feel the magic in my hands, I knew it had to be mine, then I saw the price, I’ve never even seen that much money in my life.’’

Black Mage merely shook his head when White Mage asked him the price of new spells, they were all having serious thoughts about joining Black Belt in fighting the ogres and taking a share of the bounty, with this thought in mind they met him the next day.

Black Belt was waiting for them to arrive with an impatient look on his face, when he saw them his face drew into a smile and he beckoned them forward.

''So you decided to join me, excellent, Black Belt and Light Warriors together at last, this shouldn’t take long, if your ready then we leave for the plains to the north.’’ Black Belt said with joy in his voice.

The Light Warriors looked at each other and back at Black Belt, he was already heading out of the city, they followed him.

After getting past the border guards they were heading over the plains and towards the mountains to the east, yet it would take the five more than a day to reach it.

Fighter didn’t like the idea of loosing ground on Astos, if he got to the coast and on a ship then he would be impossible to catch.

Black Mage assured them all ''Astos is still on this continent, I can feel his presence and that of the orbs, he cannot run from the Black Mages for long.’’

The overland journey was getting to the four Light Warriors, the heat made them tire quicker, the rough terrain made travel harder and worst of all was Black Belt talking about his adventures.

'' So there I was, facing five of the creatures, my allies cowering in there wake, then they changed form into a sort of wolf-man hybrid, any lesser man would have ran, but not me, I pulled out my munches and stared the leader straight in the eye, then he lifted his claws which were tee size of swords and he...''

Fighters temper was quickly gone, Black Belts stories soon were irritating him like nothing else had, but he thought of the beautiful equipment in Elfland and managed to hold his anger.

The day and night came and went, Fighter was on the edge of his tether as Black Belt explained how he held the gates of the city of Belmond against a horde of Red Imps with only a quarterstaff and a rope.

The next day came and they reached the mountains, Black Belt pulled out a map, with the help of Black Mages TCELES spell they soon found the location of the base.

There was a hole in the mountain face covered with a large stone, Black Belt, Fighter and Thief soon managed to move it, the five stood in the entrance of the passage, it led deep into the earth and White Mage used her magical light to shine down the passage.

''Shall we?'' she said as she entered the darkness, the others followed, the passage was wide enough for two people to stand side by side and it was high enough for an Ogre to stand at full height (a fact which didn’t comfort any of them), White Mage and Fighter stood at the front, Black Belt and Thief stood behind them and Black Mage stood at the back, bringing forth the energy for an offensive spell.

They carried on for a long time, going deep into the earth, they finally came to a large wooden door with words written in a strange language, and Black Mage recoiled.

''Stand back,'' he hissed at the others ''that is written in the language of magic, it may be a trap.’’

He moved to the front and started to mutter to himself, and then he turned to the others.

''This is a powerful magical trap, anyone who doesn’t have Ogres blood cannot open it without it exploding, if you will stand further down the corridor I will try and deactivate it.'' he held his staff in front of the writing, the others moved further down the corridor.

Black Belt nudged Fighter ''That’s the reason I wanted a mage, maybe the great Black Belt could have died in this corridor, fallen to a wizards trap.’’

Fighter merely gave him a look of disdain and watched Black Mage.

He stood there, trying to make sense of the words, then he suddenly shouted and the writing lit up, then the door exploded.

Black Mage flew back into Thief, the door was nothing but shards and fire, Black Mage lay on the floor, Thief groaned as he rolled Black Mage off him, Black Belt, Fighter and White Mage saw what was in the room.

The room, was a large circular room, around the room seven red skinned Ogres sat or were gnawing on bones, they all looked up at the door and picked up clubs, at the end of the chamber was a green Ogre, larger than the rest, he wore bones as armour and carried a large bone sword and a shrunken human head around its neck that was covered in magical runes, around the room were the remains of a trade caravan.

Black Belt threw his cloak off his shoulders and leapt into the centre of the room; he took a battle stance and awaited the Ogres.

The Ogres looked amused at the little human, then they hefted there weapons and moved towards him, the green one pulled the shrunken head from around his neck and held it facing Black Belt.

''Come then foul creatures, face your death at my hands, prepare to be punched into oblivion, and come face the Black Belt,'' Black Belt screamed as he flailed his fists in random directions.

Fighter and White Mage couldn’t believe what he was doing; he was going to be killed if he stayed there much longer, although Fighter didn’t like the man he couldn’t let him be smashed to pieces by Ogre clubs.

Thief and Black Mage stood up and saw what was going on, Black Mage tried to concentrate on a spell but his head was still groggy from the blast, Thief drew his rapier and stood with Fighter, White Mage quickly cast a spell on the doomed Black Belt.

''Odin master of light, bend it around him, Invisibility.’’

Black Belt faded from view, the green Ogre lifted the shrunken head and shouted words in the Ogre language, only Black Mage and White Mage understood what he was saying.


The shrunken heads mouth opened and screamed, the Ogre mages green skin turned grey as it turned to stone.

One of the red Ogres lurched forward suddenly, and then the back of its head caved in, White Mages spell wore off and Black Belt could be seen standing over the creature’s body, his steel capped gloves covered in blood, two of the Ogres surrounded him.

''So, you wish to fight, then I am forced to use my ultimate fighting technique, my uncheck fury,'' Black Belt grabbed his munches from his belt and spun them around his body as fast as he could.

Fighter and Thief leapt ran forward to face the remaining three, Black Mage sorted his head out and stood in the door way, preparing a spell, and White Mage did likewise.

The leader lifted his sword and moved to attack Fighter and Thief, confident that his men could defeat the brash fool who charged into the room.

They knew they were in trouble, Fighter charged the closest Ogre to him, he knocked it back a step, Thief ducked and dodged the clubs of the reaming two (there hatred of elves leading them to attack Thief first), Thief knew he couldn’t last long, this battle relied on the magical support they had.

Black Belt had other ideas, he leapt in-between the two Ogres, spun on his feet and struck as hard as he could with his munches in the back of one of the Ogres legs, it fell to the floor screaming in pain, then he spun and struck another in the back.

Black Mage knew what spell he had to cast, White Mage pulled her war hammer out of her sleeve and prepared her spell.

''Cold that clings and tears, Canoga Fury magic.''

Spears of ice flew from Black Mages extended hand, they flew at one of the Ogres and impaled it in a wave of magic, and it fell to the floor dead.

Fighters blade shot out and sank into the chest of the Ogre he was facing, he put his foot on its chest and pulled his sword out, the creature fell back.

Thief was doing better, with only one Ogre left he was avoiding its attacks a lot better, yet his rapier wasn’t damaging it enough, its club finally caught him on his shoulder, Thief screamed in pain as he fell to the floor clutching his broken arm.

Fighter was about to help Thief when the Ogre Mage approached him and swung at him, he just hoped that White and Black Mage could help Thief in time.

White Mage ran forward and struck the Ogre in the head with her war hammer, it fell back dazed but still alive, and White Mage turned and used a spell that she learned from the Elvin priests of Odin.

''For the battle lost, Cure.’’

An aura like that no one had ever seen shone around White Mage, light flew from her aura and surrounded Theirs smashed arm, it was surrounded by light, the light dissipated and his arm was healed, he stared in wonder at his arm, then he saw the Ogre lifting its club to strike White Mage, he picked up his rapier and attacked it as fast as he could.

The Ogre mages bone sword narrowly missed Fighters head, he struck the Ogres arm with his sword, and it bounced back without leaving a scar.

Black Mage recognised the creature as a magic user ''Fighter, help the others, this one is mine.’’

Fighter saw that Black Belt needed the help more than Thief did, he reluctantly ran to help Black Belt.

Black Mage knew that magic was the only thing that could penetrate the Ogres magic; he prepared to cast a spell.

The Ogre lifted the shrunken head and prepared a spell of its own.

''The power of lightning bends to my command, Zeus blade magic.’’


As lightning flew from his hands Black Magic, the earth itself rose and created a shield in front of him, the lightning broke the barrier but didn’t touch the Ogre Mage, and it lifted its sword and advanced on Black Mage.

Theirs blade eventually found its target, the Ogre tripped forward and a rapier found its eye, White Mage prepared a spell.

Fighter faced another Ogre, Black Belt was flanked by the two, the one on his left moved forward, Black Belt kicked to his side and winded it, the second lifted its club while he was distracted, Black Belts munches swept sideways and struck it across the face.

Thief snuck behind the winded Ogre and drew his dagger; he leapt on its back and finished it off.

White Mage cast another spell; Black Mage was in trouble as the Ogre Mage advanced on him.

'' Odin master of light, bend it around him, Invisibility .’’

Black Mage disappeared from sight, the Ogre mage looked around suspiciously, and it swung its sword around in all directions, trying to catch the mage.

Fighter and Black Belt quickly finished off there Ogres, and turned to face the leader, and then they heard Black Mages voice shouts out.

''Cold that clings and tears, Canoga Fury magic.''

Ice spears shot from down the corridor from where they came, they struck the Ogre Mage and knocked him back, but the magical attack had also broken the stone skin spell, Black Belt punched the Ogres hand, all could hear the bones breaking, as it dropped its sword.

Fighter was waiting as it turned, disarmed and wounded, the battle did not last long.

Black Belt was covered in the blood of the Ogres, the Light Warriors couldn’t believe his skill, he had faced the Ogres and fought them with a skill that they all envied, he walked over to the broken caravan and pulled something out, it was clothing of Elvin make, they looked around the room and saw the bones the Ogres had been chewing on.

''Well, looks like Astos isn’t here, but the bounty is ours,'' Black Belt said as he wiped the blood from his body with the Elvin clothes.

'' You fool, you almost got us killed,'' Fighter said gripping his sword even harder.

Black Belt smiled as he wiped his hands ''Come now, they were only Ogres, what are you afraid off, now lets see what rewards await us in the caravan.’’

Black Belt opened the back and gasped at what he saw.

Part 4 = Parting of ways

The Light Warriors, with baited breath, walked slowly over to the caravan and looked inside, Black Belt had a look of absolute joy on his face and they had to know why.

Inside the caravan were boxes labelled with words written in elfish, Black Mage and Thief gasped, they both could read elfish and knew what was written and its significance.

''Well, what it says,'' Fighter asked with a look of confusion.

Black Mage turned with one of the boxes in his hand, he slowly pulled the lid open to show Fighter and White Mage what was inside.

They both gasped, they saw mistral breastplates, helms and gauntlets, only one race knew how to craft mistral, the silver-like metal which was as strong as steel and light as cloth.

''Dwarves armour,'' Fighter said, his eyes never taken off the sight in front of him.

Black Mage closed the lid slightly '' It is a shame these are for Elvin sized people, you are far too big for such small armour Fighter.’’

'' Speak for you,'' Thief said as he pulled out a mistral bracelet engraved with runes, he slipped it over his hand; Black Belt grabbed the box from Black Mages hand and put it back in the caravan.

''That is enough, this mistral armour is meant for Elvin noblemen, the fact that the dwarves are even making this stuff in Elvin size is a show of trust, we wouldn’t want the elves to think that the dwarves had not fulfilled there duty, besides, the money we get for returning this should give you all enough money to buy whatever you want from the Elvin armoires, so don’t take any more, understand,'' Black Belt said as he pulled the boxes out slowly and laid them on the ground.

The Light Warriors could only agree as they loaded off the boxes, they would have to carry the boxes back to Elfland but they were sure that it would be worth it.

3 Days later.

Fighter left the armoury feeling like a true warrior, the others had waited for him to finish buying his equipment and they wouldn’t be disappointed.

He wore a suit of iron plate mail armour, on the front he had the royal emblem of Corenia painted on and enchanted by Elvin mages, he had a large iron shield with an Elvin magic rune inscribed upon it, he still wore the Lefain helmet, but his pride and joy was a silver sword, inscribed with blue runes, with an emerald as a pommel gem.

Thief still wore his studded leather armour, but now he wore a copper bracelet with runes etched slightly on the surface, he had been assured that it offered magical protection from harm.

White Mage also wore a copper bracelet, she also now kept a silver war hammer in her belt, and during her stay at the city she had been taught a lot about how the elves revered Odin, she had learnt new white magic abilities.

Black Mage wore a copper bracelet, but that was the only armour he bought, but his money had been spent at the Elvin mage academy, his spell repertoire had increased dramatically, new powers were at his disposal and he couldn’t wait to try them out.

They were about to leave when someone had come to bid them goodbye, it was Black Belt.

''I enjoyed working with you guys, but I guess its time for us to part ways, imp going to Corenia to visit some friends of mine, but hey, maybe ill meet you guys again somewhere down the line, maybe ill even work with you guys, if you want we could hunt dragons, hey ill even let you keep the scales.’’ Black Belt said as he shook there hands one by one.

Thief heard Fighter mumble something on the lines of ''maybe when the hells freeze over,'' but he kept his tongue and carried on shaking Black Belts hand.

Black Belt whipped his cloak around his body and left the Light Warriors with there own thoughts.

Soon they left and retired to the inn for the night, there was a new guest at the inn, an elf that seemed to be waiting for someone, and he saw the Light Warriors and walked over to them.

''Excuse me, are you the Light Warriors?'' he asked in the human language with perfect pronunciation.

'' Yes'' Thief said ''why?’’

''I was one of warriors who were sent to search for Astos, yet I came across something else.’’

Black Mage seemed interested ''what did you find?’’

''There is a small kingdom to the north, it had both human and Elvin settlers, and yet recently there king has went slightly strange, he claims that a dark elf had stole his crown, he apparently became violent and his subjects and even his own guards left him, I came back to warn the king of the strange happenings, yet when I returned I find that the Light Warriors had arrived, I spoke to the king and he told me to ask you to investigate, this may be the lead to Astos.’’

They looked at each other, this they had wanted, and a solid lead on Astos ''we will leave in the morning,'' Fighter said.

''Excellent, I will inform the king, good day to you,'' the elf said as he left the inn.

''We will finally get hold of Astos, maybe we can repair the damage he has done,'' White Mage said before she mouthed a prayer to Odin.

Black Mage smiled his secret desires were close, soon power would be his.


The elf left the inn and walked out of sight, if anyone had seen him they would have saw the elves form melt away, in its place stood a ghostly figure holding a small crystal, two burning red orbs sat were eyes should have been, a black hole opened in its face as it spoke quietly into the crystal.

''Master, they have taken the bait, soon the Light Warriors will be within your grasp,'' the hollow voice said.

Far away in an abandoned castle, a green hand with long fingers caressed an orb showing the ghost, soon Chaos's blessing would be with him, and soon power would be his.

Chapter 4

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