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A quick (yeah, right) explanation of "Swords For Hire"
by Doc Shinryuu

My fanfic (series, eventually), "Swords For Hire," is on the subject of what happens to three of my Final Fantasy Tactics party members when on Propositions. A brief description of each is below. BTW: A * means their Job Class is mastered, a ** means that the Action skills for their Job Class are mastered, and a *** means only the hit-to-acquire action skill is missing.

Character 1:
Name: Silphy
Job Class: Ninja*
2nd Action: Steal**
Reaction: A Save
Support: Concentrate
Movement: Fly
Other proficient Classes: Dancer*, Archer Lv. 4, Lancer Lv. 7, Squire*
Personality: A flamboyant tomboy, Silphy's tendency to dash headfirst into situations often gets her into trouble. However, her strength and agility often gets her back out.

Character 2:
Name: Stanley
Job Class: Wizard**
2nd Action: Summon***
Reaction: Regenerator
Support: Magic Attack UP
Movement: Move-HP Up
Other proficient Classes: Priest*, Time Mage Lv. 4, Oracle Lv. 4, Calculator**
Personality: Sneaky and mischievous, Stanley loves playing practical jokes. No one knows if this will come in handy at all, though.

Character 3:
Name: Melissa
Job Class: Priest**
2nd Action: Jump**
Reaction: Dragon Spirit
Support: Equip Spear
Movement: Float
Other proficient Classes: Wizard**, Time Mage Lv. 4, Oracle Lv. 4, Calculator**, Lancer Lv. 8, Mediator** Personality: Prim and proper, Melissa excels in polite negotiation. She often gets into heated arguments with Stanley over who's the better Calculator.

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