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My Tamed Canine
by FrijolDorado

The song I wrote as I was thinking of game endings and one question bothered me: Who did Nanaki ( I forgot the name the game gives him) marry? But what's even more puzzling, How did he get that dog girl to marry him. I did some thinking and came up with this: Nanaki is related to the famous talking chihuahua in TV commercials for a popular Fast Food restaurant, that's why he can talk. Also, his hometown is not quite indian nor quite white, therefore it must be Mexican place (some white, some indian... get it) And he sang his own arrangment of "Cielito Lindo" a very popular song mexicans sing to girls. You probably have heard it but don't know which tune it is. Here it is:

From the fiery moon
My tamed canine comes hopping
A tail lit in fire my tamed canine
You are so lovely.

Waff, waff, waff, waff
Bark but don't whine
Because barking to the moon
You rejoice
My tamed canine

Back when I was alone
I was so sad I'd never have a partner
But the stream of life spit out
My tamed canine


After so many mako
I'm suprised I still am a boy
'Cause it would've been bad
If I couldn't like you my tamed canine.


That dirt you have, tamed canine,
In your backyard.
I'll rip out my heart and dig it there
For tomorrow's breakfast.


Now I leave you 'cause it's late
Marry me, be my kids momma
Don't worry about in-laws
'Cause we have no poppa.


Now wasn't that stupid?

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