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The Dark Ages
by Chris-Chris

~Chapter One~

Link looked up into the sky watching a blue bird fly by. "Don't see too many of those back in Hyrule..." Link spoke outloud. Epona nayed as they stood in a meadow. "I know girl. Say goodbye to all this good tasting, to you, grass." Link smiled and rubbed her mane. His black tunic was almost woren from many battles. Link was seventeen now. It's been seven years since he left Hyrule and now... he was returning home. After passing through Termina, he and his horse was only an hour away from Hyrule. Link was different from when he was little. No longer did he wear a green tunic but instead he wore black and had a violet cape with short blond hair and no hat. On his cheeks were red markings coming from the center of his eyes and on his forehead was a blue triangel shape. His eyes were still a soft deep blue and his once boyish form had now grown into a man.

Epona continued walking slowly through the grassy meadow. Link was letting her lead as she knew exactly where she was going. The horse had some changes as well. For one, she was grown into an adult horse with a very strong back and strong legs. Her golden brown coat shined ever so brightly in the sun light and her strong, deep brown eyes stared ahead of her. Epona had a mind of her own as well. If Link wanted to go one way, she'd refuse and gp the opposite. Link sometimes got mad at her for that.

Link stared into the land. A small smile came to his face as he thought of how the other's would react when he came. The hero remembered the last time he saw their faces. Melon, Princess Zelda and Saria all were sad to see him go but they understood that he had to leave. Zelda most of all would miss him. Link shook his head as he recalled waht happened that night when he left...

The night of his department...

Melon hung on Link's arm as did Saria. They were in Lon Lon Ranch having a sleep over and Link was in the middle of everything. Zelda laughed as the two girls pulled him to the ground and grappled him. "Ow! Okay! Okay! I give!" Link cried out. He was ten, as was the girls and they were wrestling. It was about midnight and all of them were in their pj's. Zelda was wearing a light pink night clothing, Saria in green and Malon in red. Link was wearing blue and white pajama's. The Kokri had a silly smile as she let go of Link and Malon climb ontop of him.

"Gimme a piggy back ride Link!" the ranch girl exclaimed. Link smiled weakly and sat up on all fours and crawled around with Malon on his back, holding his hair. "Ye' ha!" Malon yipe as she waved her hand in the air like a cowgirl would on a horse. Saria and Zelda brusted into laughter as the poor boy pounced around. Link couldn't help but laugh as well when he gave in and fell to the ground with a loud thud and the ranch girl still on his back. The four laughed harder now.

After a few minutes of hard laughing, they all calmed down for bed now. All four were on the ground in sleeping bags in Malons room. With the lights out, they talked in the darkness of the night. "Say Link, you'll always remember us, right?" Sarah asked him.

"Yeah." Link answered with a smile.

"And we'll always be friends right, Link?" Malon asked as well.


"You promise?" Zelda spoke now.

"Cross my heart and... don't, hope to die." Link replied. They all giggled.

"Good night you guys." Malon said as she turned over in her sleeping bag.

"Night" the other three replied.


Link smiled as he remembered that night. He never did forget that night seven years ago. Epona nipped at his hand as the crossed the end of the meadow. He looked ahead of them and saw nothing but a clearing of small hills and soft

"Home..." Link said under his breath. Epona got a little exicted and galloped through the grassland. Link smiled and sat onto of her, his cape flapping wildly in the air. Epona's eyes flashed with joy as she saw a fresh patch of flowers. "NO! Not the flowers Epona! Epona!" Link yelled as he noticed what she was running to. Hyrulian flowers were the best tasting flowers in all the land. She stopped too suddenly and Link flew off her back and past her head onto the ground with a hard landing. The horse simply ignored him and feasted into the plants.

Link grummbled and swore under his breath as he rubbed his aching rear. "Dammit Epona..." Link looked back at her and she looked at him from the flowers. Her ears lowered closer to her head as she grinned. "Why did you do that?" Epona shook her head apologetically. "Yeah yeah... save the excuse, I forgive ya'." the hero said as he stood up. The horse snickered. "Who you laughing at?" Link glared at her. Epona stopped and nayed. Link walked over to her and mounted her back once again.

"Well, we have about thirty minutes from Lon Lon Ranch, let's get going." Link said as he grabbed the reigns and directed Epona towards Lon Lon Ranch. With a clap of his hand, Epona began a steady gallop to her home.


Link and Epona walked into Lon Lon Ranch. Link smiled as he heard the moo's of the cow's and a soft siinging female voice. Link knew it was Malon cause she was singing Epona's song. He dismounted Epona and took off her saddle. Epona galloped freely into the arena. Link placed her saddle near the barn house, he would take care of it later but right now, he wanted to see Malon. Link walked through the gates into the wide opening. He walked into the coreal and smiled as he saw a red hair woman standing in the middle singing. She wore a pink, ranch style skirt with an orange scarf around her neck and a white shirt. Link walked up behind her and smiled.

"Hey Malon." He said. Malon stopped singing and slowly turned around. She gasped once she saw Link.

"Is... is? Is that you? LInk?" Malon spoke, trying to recognize him.

"Sure the hell is." Link gave her a cheery smile. Malon smiled and her eyes sparkled with tears. She coverd her mouth her her hand.

"It... it really is you? Isn't it?" she said.

"Yup. How you been?" Malon smiled and shook her head.

"I've been doing great thank you. And yourself?" she asked.

"Great. Just hanging around here and there. Saving other countries. You know, typicall hero stuff." Link joked. Malon giggled.

"Hee hee. It's great to know you're doing great." Malon said.

"Yeah... say, how's Hyrule been?" Link questioned.

"Well, after Zelda's father died, she had to take the throne, alone. The kingdom has been at well peace since she took over." Malon updated him.

"So the king was destined to die after all... how long since his death?" Link asked her.

"About two years now. I think you should go see her. She really misses you."Malon suggested.

"Ok. I'll stop by her place after I visit Sarah." Link smiled.

"Well, you aren't gonna find Saria in Kokir forest. She's been sent into Temple of Time. You'll find her there." Malon told him.

"Thanks Malon."

"By the way... what happened to you? You look a little... dark?" Malon noticed his markings and dark colored tunic.

"Oh, well uh... it's a long story. I'll tell you later. Thanks Malon. It was great to see you again. Bye." Link said.

"Bye Link." Malon said. Link waved bye to her and walked out of the ranch without Epona. He figured she needed a rest. The dark hero now walked in the fields of Hyrule remembering all his journeys here in this land. Link smiled as he walked, thinking about his childhood and when he was on a mission to save Hyrule from the 'Evil King'. After his mission in Hyrule he left to find his fairy friend, Navi, who had left him to never be seen or heard from again. The hero never did find Navi... sadly he didn't. Link was kind of mad at himself for letting her go without him stopping her. Even if she was an annoyning little brat, he wanted her to be with him as friends. Link headed towards Hyrule castle.


Princess Zelda sighed heavily after listening to another prince. After her father died, she took over the throne. Without a king or a prince to marry, she would have to rule Hyrule alone so her right hand maiden, Impa, has suggested that Zelda listen to princes from over kingdoms. But, after listening to sixty men, Zelda was getting restless and tired of it.

Zelda now had long blonde hair that went to the middle of her back. Her crown was that of a red jewl on her forehead. The princess wore a pink dress with a white top, she had sliky pink gloves up her arms. Impa was the same as then. Wearing armor, tight blue shorts and long blue boots. Her short grey hair was tightly pulled bakc into a small pony tail.

After waving her hand, another poor prince left with his head hanging. Impa stood beside the princess. "Impa, don't send any more here. I've had enough of it." the princess said, placing a hand to her forehead and rubbing there. She had a headache.

"But your highness-" Impa began before Zelda cut her off.

"No buts."


"No... I don't want to see another man in this palace."

"Aww... not even me?" Link teased.

"Not even- wait... Link? Is that really you?" Zelda looked up at the front doors. Link was standing there with one of those silly grins.

"Well, I was Link until I was told not to be seen..." the hero joked. Zelda smiled and ran up to him, she grabbed him into a tight hug.

"Link! I've missed you so much!" The princess snuffled. Link smiled and hugged her too. Impa walked to them as they separated. "You've been gone for seven years... and look at you." Zelda said as she glanced over him.

"Yeah... I figured the dark look looks good on me." Link replied. Zelda smiled. Impa wasn't smiling however. She looked over Link carefully noticed every change about him. Dark tunic, violet cape, markings on his face, short blonde hair... it all seems too familiar he shrugged it off and patted his shoulder with a welcoming smile.

"Link, we've missed you." the Shekian said.

"Yeah... I kind of figured that. Say, why don't you guys tell me what you've done to the place? It's been so long since I left to find Navi." Link suggested.

"I would love to but I just remembered I have something to do. If you'll excuse me princess?" Impa bowed down as Zelda shook her head and she left the room. Zelda smiled and looked at Link who held his arm out for her to take and they begun to explore the palace.

~Chapter Two~

Zelda had showen Link the palace, now the two were sitting outside in the courtyard catching up on old times. They laughed out loud at the memory of Link's adventures when he was a child collecting the spiritual stones. Link sweatdropped as Zelda laughed at him when he told her that the Gorons had given him the biggest Goron hug he'd ever received.

"Man... I thought I had broken a ribb or something." Link said.

"Heheheh..." Zelda giggled happily. Link smiled. He was glad to see her happy and that sweet smile that he missed so much.

But Link suddenly found Zelda hugging him. He was surprised by this sudden attatchment. But, Link wrapped his arms around the princess in the hug.

"I missed you so much Link." Zelda said through a sobb.

"I missed you too Zelda." Link comforted. "Now, cheer up. Why don't we invite all of our friends over for a feast tonight. You won't believe how hungry I am." Link said as he and Zelda sapparted. Zelda smiled and wiped the tears away.

"Okay." she said. The two walked out of the castle garden and into the palace.


"Have you seen that new hottie in the palace yet?" asked one of the kitchen maids.

"No." replied the other.

"Well, he's tall and really hansom so I heard." the one spoke.

"Oh." giggled her friend.

"Seriously girls, there can't be any cute guy out there..." Mila said to the two.

"Mila, when will you learn that men are- oh no! there he is!" the one speaking stop as Link entered the kitchen. Everyone had stopped working to look at him. Even Mila looked up at him and blushed.

'They were right! He is cute!' Mila thought.

"Hey ladies. Mind if I join ya'?" Link asked taking off his gloves and grabbing an apron. They all giggled as he started washing the dishes. Link enjoyed doing the dishes. In fact, he liked working all around. The dark warrior always wanted to do something instead of sitting and waiting.

Mila blushed as he was standing right next to her. 'Hey... he is nice looking... wonder what a strong warrior like he is doing here at the palce?' she asked herself. She blushed as he smiled while washing the dishes in the sink.

Mila was a young girl in her seventeens. She was very thin and pale. But her bright brownish red hair made her look like a goddess. Mila's light green eyes had a thirst for an andventure. There was a firce fire in her eyes, her heart had a devish dare. Mial was very stubburn and out going.

Link hummed the happy tone that Saria had tought him when he was little. Saira's Song was a very cheerful song to hum. The hero loved it because it kept his spirits going and happy. Link reached over for another plate when his hand touched Mila's. "Oops. Sorry miss." Link quickly pulled back hi shand to wait for her.

"That's ok." Mila answered with a bright red blush. She moved her hand and turned away to hide her blush. Link acted like normal and whistled the tone and continued washing. Mila then walked out of the kitchen to catch her breath. Wht were these strange feelings? Why was her heart beating so fast? Mila shook her head and walked down the halls to the lundry room.


Zelda was in her room at her desk writing letters to Saria and Malon, plus the other sages. She smiled cheerfully as she wrote short notes of a time, date and place. They were going to have a weclome back party for Link. Though he left her to eat a few minutes ago, she was happy that he was back. The princess smiled and called for a guard.

"Yes your highness?" The guard asked, standing perfectly still.

"I need you to gather up enough messengers to give these letters to the addressed as soon as possible." Zelda command lightly.

"Yes Ma'am." the soldier gave her a bow and walked off. Zelda smiled exicitedly. Everone was going to come and enjoy a fun night with their hero, Link. She couldn't help but act childish and jump up in joy. She felt embarased and quickly regained her composer as there were two maids in the room standing waiting for her to want their assistence. The princess flushed a little red and walked gracefully out of the room.

Zelda walked down to the kitchen where she saw Link washing the dishes. "Link?" she spoke. All the maids stop working but Link continued. She smiled and walked up behind him, pinching his ear.

"Ow! What the- Zelda?" Link yelled but turned to find Zelda there.

"Heheh... Link what are you doing?"

"I was um... well uh, you see..." Link couldn't speak. Zelda giggled.

"Oh well. Get dried off and meet me inside the throne room." the princess said and walked out. Link dried his hands on a paper cloth.

"See you laters ladies... nice working with ya'." the hero said.

"Byee..." the girls replied, giggling as he walked out with one of those boyish grins.

Link arrived in the throne room and walked next to Zelda. "So, whatcha got planed for tonight?" he asked.

"Well, I want to have a dinner feast, then everyone's going to just I guess party... not too sure but oh well, we'll see how it works out." the princess answered. Link smiled.

"Or we could just watch me be the idioit that I am." he joked.

"Heh, we could. But you're not an idioit Link." Zelda replied.

"Yes I am." he argued.

"Are not."

"Are too."

"Are not."

"Are too."

"You are not an idioit Link." Zelda said.

"Alright. If you say so Zel." Link shrugged. They were quiet for a few minutes. "So uh... when does it start?" Link asked finally.

"Tonight." Zelda answered.

Okay, then I shall practice my sword til then." Link said, walking out.

~Chapter Three~

Link walked down the hall to the training room where all soldiers trained in. The path was quiet, too quiet for his likings. So, with a quick silent move, Link grabbed his sword and pulled it out, carefully walking. His ears were tuned to every noise and his eyes focused on every sight of movement. Tip toeing now, he heard a small crash noise as if someone had broken something. With great reflexes, and speed, the hero was able to dodge a sword from behind.


The attacker was hiden in black clothing and wore a black face mask. It also had cat-like reflexes. Link tried thrusting his sword down it's chest but the person easily avoided but rolling off his back and sweep kicking him to the ground. Before the attacker could stab Link's thoart, the hylian jumped back up and used his cape to blind the intruder. But before Link could slice the blinded person, he threw off his cape and ran out the palace through a window and jumped out of site.

Breathing with difficulty, Link checked out the window and couldn't find the black figure anywhere. Grabbing his cape, the hero rushed out of the hall back to the throne room. He ran to Zelda's side.

"You okay? You didn't get hurt did you? Did you see an intureder?" he asked all at once.

"Calm down Link. I didn't see anybody in the palace and no, I didn't get hurt. Why what's wrong? Are you okay?" Zelda asked with a look of bewilder and concern.

"Uh... nothing... nothing. Never mind." Link couldn't believe it. Who was that and what did he want? The hero looked over Zelda. She didn't seem hurt or anything. Well dammit... who was that?

Zelda continued to stare at Link. He was worring her. "Is everything okay Link?" she asked him.

"Yeah... everything's fine. Sorry to worry you like that." he lied. Link didn't want to worry her. So he smiled and shrugged. "I'll see you tonight. Better go wash up." he said, now walking back out with the princess watching him as he left.

"He's worring me Impa." Zelda said to her right hand maiden. Impa stood next to her.



As Link walked through the halls, he ran into Mila... or she ran into him.

"Oh! I'm sorry Link!' She apologised once she reliesed it was he who she bumped into.

"S'kay." Link nodded his head and tried walking past her but she stepped in his way. He grined and tried going the other way but Mila stepped in front of him again."Um... Excuse me but I have to get by." The hero said. Mila didn't seem to hear him. She had a big smile on her face and her eyes light up with joy. Link grined and grabbed her shoulders, lifted her up off the ground and set her behind him so he could walk ahead. Mila just stared at him as he walked away.


~ You idioit...~ said a vioce in Links head. It was a deep and rough kind of voice and Link knew who it was.

'What are you talking about Firce Deity?' Link replied in his head. A small grin appeared on his face as he heard the answer.

~You have your ways with the laides too much. Look at them. Drooling all over you. Phst. A warrior like you shouldn't need a woman.~ Firece Deity told him.

'Dammit Firce Deity. Haven't you ever heard of 'love'?' Link made a face of annoynce. No reply. Good. Link thought as he walked down the hall. The hero thoght back to when he first met Firce Deity...


Link was only ten- eleven years old when he went inside the moon of Termina. He had lost all of the persoius mask he had gotten from his journey in this strange land and only had his three transforming mask. The Deku Mask, the Goron's Mask, and the Zora's mask. Each with mystical powers that would transform him into what the mask was. ( A deku scrud, a goron and a zora.)

A child stood underneigth a tree in a lonely grassy field as Link walked up to the kid. The strange lad wore a mask of strange powers. Horifying magic. Majora's Mask they called it. It was red with spkies sticking out of the sides, having yellow eyes.

The Boy looked at Link and asked him if he wanted to play. Link just shrugged and looked at him as the child said, "You have only weak mask. I'll be the bad guy and you be the good guy." the boy spoke as he handed link a strange mask. The mask was of a humans face with red marking on his face and white eyes. The hylian hero could feel a dark power coming from this mask... something was strange about it. But before Link could say anything, he was transported into a wried room.

Majora's mask then came out of the wall with slimy and funny looking tentacules coming out of it's back. Link thought of one thing. That new mask... the Fierce Deity's mask. So, the child hero placed the mask on his face in a dark power went through out his body. He was becoming older, and taller. Everything blurred up to him and his eyes lost focus. Something or someone was taking control over his mind and body.


The battle was over and Link had no clue what had happen. He wasn't in the moon anymore and he was alseep in the grass with a headache. Tatl, his fairy in Termina, was looking at him and spoke out but he couldn't hear her. Then it pop into his mind. That mask! Fierce Deity's mask! Link quickly looked inside his bag and found it. This mask had strange powers... though the hero was curious of this dark warrior of ancient times, he looked at Epona.


That was when he first met this dark warrior that soon took over his mind completely and now, Link must suffer with Fierce Deity, living inside his head and heart. Slowly, Link was starting to become like him. Dark, Cold hearted, and very powerful. Very powerful. Wise and ancient, mysterious as well.

The Hero of Time could tell he was becoming like him. In time, Link would be Fierce Deity.

~Chapter Four~

Link washed his hands and splashed cold water on his face. The streams of the cold liquid dripped down his face and off his chin. He looked into the mirror and didn't see his reflection but that of Fierce Deity. A man of early teens, young adulthood was in the mirror. He had pale skin like Link but white eyes. Silver bangs dropped into his eyes and covered them. Crimson red scars came down from his eyes to his bottom jaw line as a blue triangler mark was on his forehead.

Link only grinned and decided that he shouldn't look into the mirror anymore. He felt his soul becoming colder than ice each time he saw himself. The hero grabbed a wash cloth and dried his face before walkng out of the bathroom and down the hall again.


When Link arrived inside the throne room, he was greeted with an arua of happiness as he saw all of the sages and his friends there. He smiled cheerfully as Saria ran up to him and hugged him. She was still as small and childish as he remembered her. Of crouse she would still be like this. She's a kokri so she'd never grow up. The girl still wore green shorts with a long dreen turtle neck sweater and long leather boots. Her green hair was kept back in a hair band.

"Link! You're home!" she shouted as he hugged her back.

"Yup. I'm home sweet home!" Link replied. A huge gorn man walked over to the two. He had a huge manly grin on his rough, dirt brown face.

"Welcome back Brother." Daruiana greeted warmly. The leader of the gorons patted Links shoulder witha strong hand almost knocking him off his feet. Link grinned a little as he looked at the other sages.

The spirit sage, Nabura, stood next to Impa. She looked as young as she ever has. Tall, tan, very skinny with a great figure. Her red hair was still pulled back with a crystal and on her forehead was a red jewel like always. She was leader of the Guredos. A tribe of female warriors who don't let strangers or men into their forttess. They were Gannondrof's mother(s).She wore only a pink belly shirt with a pink pair of fluffy pants.

At the table sat Malon with Zelda. Though Malon wasn't a sage, she was still Links friend.

Behind Link was Princess Ruto... of the Zora's. "Hello Link." the fish human said. Link smiled and turned to face her.

"Hey Ruto."

"Shall we get the feast started?" Zelda called out to everyone. The group sat at the table to eat and talk.


The night was spent on laughter and joy as Links friends listened to his adventures while he was gone. The joy and warmth Link felt when he was with them. It'd been so long since he felt this way... so long. Link smiled as his goron friend made a comment on his horse Epona. Malon snapped back at him in a playful way defending the horse. They all brusted into a laughing fit as the ranch girl turned red.


It was well past midnight before everyone returned to their home lands. Link stayed in the palace that evening and went into his room to fall asleep.


Was he dreaming? Or was it real... ? The coldness that tugged on his heart, drawing him deeper into the darkness. Link felt the stinging pain of hate and bitterness feel his heart. The friendly attitude left him as the evil slowly creeped over his body. The shadow of the past... the death of his soul.


Link awoken in his bed trembling. Cold sweat beated off his face as he sat up, his heart pounding in his chest. The hero stood up and got off his bed. He walked out of his room. It was early morning and the palace was still alseep. Link could tell this by the crack of dawn coming into veiw outside the window he was near.

Link then reliased that he wasn't wearing his armor for the first time in ages. His hair was more of a mess than before and his tunic was all wrinkled. "Ah damn... I'm a mess..." he said under his breath. The hero of time walked back into his room and found a bowl full of fresh, cold water. There, he washed his face and straightened his tunic out. Link looked inot his mirror but quickly looked away. He turned it so tht the glass would look at the wall.

The hero walked back out of his room to run into Zelda.

"Morning Link." She said with a warm smile.

"Uh... morning Zel." Link replied dumfounded.

"Heh... I see you're up bright and early." the princess said.

"Dunno about bright but up early." he said with a lazy smile.

"Okay. Well, you can go get some breakfest down in the Dinning hall." Zelda told him.

~Chapter Five~

Link had a small breakfest that morning. All he ate was a few apples, had a glass of orange jucie and two pancakes. After the big feast he had last night, his stomach was still full.

"Thanks ladys." Link thankes the maidds and walked out of the dinning hall. He walked down the main hall into the throne room where he found Zelda.

"Link... can I ask you something?" the princess looked at him.

"Uh sure. What you need to ask?" he nodded.

"Well, since you came back... I've been wondering what happened to you that made you change?" Zelda questioned him.

"Well, I told you everything that happened to me last night," Link answered.

~ No you didn't... you didn't tell her about meh, did you?~ Friece Deity spoke in Links head.

'Don't say anything you two faced, soul stealing warrior. This is between me and Zelda. So go find a cornor and stay there.' Link replied to him.

"I mean. You look a little darker than usual." the princess pointed out.

"Well, um. You see... I..." Link couldn't find the words. He didn't want to tell her about Friece Deity. At least, not yet.

"Okay. We can talk about this later. Right now, I would like to show you around Hyrule. I've made a few changes while you were gone." the princess smiled.

"Okay. Sounds great to me." the hero nodded and smiled.


Link and Zelda went to Lon Lon Ranch and barrowed two horses after a short chat with Malon. Our hero didn't want to take Epona because he wanted her to rest some more before he took her anywhere.

After that, the two went to Hyrule Lake where they had a peaceful Pick nick. Link was surprised that Zelda had rebuilt the pillers leading to Zora's domain and built a new fishing pond. Looking around the lake brough back memories to Link. He use to love going fishing at the fishing pond and swimming with his friends. That was all after the defeat of Ganondraf, before he left to find Navi. After eight years of traveling, Link had never seen such a pure and clear blue waters. Hyrule lake was the freshes body of water in all the lands.

"Wow Zel. This place is great. You fixed it up pretty damn good." Link commented as he took a bite of his snadwhich.

"Thank you Link." Zelda smiled and nibbled smally on hers.

"You know? This place use to be full of monsters. But nowa days, it's clear and clean. No bad guys running around." Link smiled and ate the remaineder of his sandwhich.

"Yes. We sages have took great care of Hyrule after you left." the princess nodded politly.

"Yeah." Link agreed. He bit into his apple and nodded his head. The dark hero smiled happily. Their horses grazed silently near them.

"Next I'll take you to the forest." Zelda told him.

"Good!" Link smiled joyfully and ate the rest of his apple.

~Chapter Six~

Link smiled at the sight of the forest village. Zelda stood next to him and smiled. She had brought him to his childhood homeland, the place were he grew up at. Kokori forest. The forest had changed a lot. The houses use to be nothing but large tree stumps craved in to make a tree house on the ground. But now, larger trees had grown and the small, cabin like houses were built around the trees near the canopy area. Many bridges circled around the trees and houses. On the forest floor, was smaller houses like the ones Link remembered. Spirits and tiny faires still flew about the land, still in many. When you would walk up to one it would disappear.
The dark hero smiled happily as he looked about the place. Memories of his friends flowed in and out of his head. He then remembered the Great Deku Tree. The Great Deku Tree is the guardian of the kokri children. He has watched over them since the goddess gave them life. Though, the children never grow up. Without a word, Link took off running, leaving the fair queen to herself.
"Link!" Zelda yelled out for him. But it was too late, all she could see of him was his dark violet cape fluttering behind him.


Link hopped across the small creek near the entrance to the Great Deku tree. His mind flashed with many thoughts and questions he had for many years. The hero ran through the tunnel scaring a few spirits as he rushed when he came to an opening in front of a large oak tree. The bark was very dark brown forming almost a face. It's greenish-brown leaves swayed gently with his branches as the wind blew, a few falling to the ground. The area around the great deku tree was lush green, a few spots of soil was seen. Everything was as it was when he left, all but the puddles of clear water around the gaint tree. Large roots stuck up from the ground. Link looked up at the face in the tree, it seemed young yet wise.
'Of course he'd be young... I had to break the cruse Ganondrof put on him and he was reborned after I released the forest sage." Link thought to himself. Indeed seven years ago was the original Great Deku tree crused by the Evil King, Ganondrof. Link had to break the cruse when he was a boy who first started his journey to save Hyrule. After breaking the curse, however, the Deku Tree had died. When Link became the Hero of Time, he had to release the forest sage in the Forest Temple. When he did so, a seedling Deku Tree grew. Now, after another seven years, the once small young plant had grown huge!

"Who dares distrubes me?" a large, booming voice yelled.

"Erm... it is I, Link." Link stuttered.

"Link?" the voice replied. The tree began to form it's face. A set of brown, big lips formed floowed by a huge flat nose and heavy bark eyebrows. "Is it really thee Link?" the lips moved.

"Uh yeah... it's me... in a way... I think." Link grinned and blinked a few times.

"Hmm... it is you, but what is this other presences I sense?" The Great Deku Tree spoke.

"Erm... no one... it is only I." Link sweatdropped. Friece Deity grumbled in his head.

'Why the hell are you keeping me so secretive?! You know just as well as I do that they'll learn of me someday!' Friece Deity yelled in Links mind.

'I know but that's someday, not today." Link replied- sarcastily.

"Hm... okay. How art thou Link?" the great tree spoke.

"Thy is good, O Great one. I could not, however, find my tiny fairy friend, Navi." Link said with a bit of saddness. Sure the brat fairy got on his nerves and yelled in his ear a lot. But Navi still was his friend and he wouldn't had made it if it wasn't for her.

"Hm... ye look far and wide, yes?"

"Yes, I did... I searched in many different worlds and times. My journey has been long and tiresom. Though I met new people and made new friends I could not find her." the hero told him.

"I see." though his face was hard to see emotions, Link could tell the Great Deku Tree was sad.

"Do you have any idea where she could be, O great one?" the hero questioned.

"No... I am sorry." the tree answered sadly. Link sighed and his head dropped. His heart sank of any hopes in finding Navi.

"Link!" Zelda yelled as she ran up behind him. Link turned to face her.

"Oh... sorry I left you Zel... had to ask the great Deku Tree some questions." Link apologised to her. She stop, sighed and relaxed.

"It is okay. O Great One, how are you?" Zelda bowed to the Deku Tree.

"A bit sleepy young one but I am good." he replied.

"That is good to hear. Is Saira anywhere?" Zelda asked politly.

"Hm... she is in the Temple of Time I believe..." The Deku Tree told them.

"Oh..." Link said with disappointment.

"Link, Why don't we head back to the castle? We might see her in the temple on our way there." the princess offered. "We'll finish the tour later."

"Sure. Well, it was great to see you again Deku tree." Link smiled a little.

"Yes it was a pleasure to see you again, Link." the great Deku Tree replied. He watched as Zelda and Link waked out of the clearing. "Hmm... something seems different of our hero..." he spoke aloud to himself.

Zelda and Link left the forest and went into the field.


Link and Zelda rode their horses back to the town. The market area was rebuilt and new people moved in. Many custmer stands stood open. One stand had fuirts and vegetables selling at a low and cheap price. Others held junk that wasn't of any value to Link. The area was crowed and people pushed each other around. But when Zelda and Link walked by them the stepped aside for their queen and bowed. The hero looked around at all the buildings with curiousity. They had reopened the bombchu store and Bazzards weapon store. But a particular store caught his eye. The Happy Mask Shop.

"Hey Zel, can we stop by the Happy mask shop real quick?" Link asked Zelda.

"Yes, sure." Zelda nodded. The two walked into the building. A chippy, hoppy type music could be heard as they walked through the small store. Link looked around. The store was small and dark, a candle and a lamp stood on the counter where one would pay for what they buy. Many book cases with glasses doors stood against the walls, each containing masks from many different lands. Some were colorful, others were dark and scary. Some, Link recongized from his journey in Termaina. One was his all time favorite, the Bunny Hood. The Bunny hood could increase ones speed making them faster than normal. The hero used this mask more than others because of how time was so short when he had to save Temaina. In that land, the moon was going to fall within three days because of Majoria's Mask, an evil mask from ancient times. Skull Kid had stole it from the very same mask sells men and was maniuplated by it's evil spell. So, Link just had to get mixed up in it all. In three days, using the Oracarnia of Time and by the help of a new fairy, Tatle, he was able to save Termina.

One mask caught his eye though. Majoria's Mask. The very same one that tried to destroy Tremina. It was red and had yellow possive eyes. Spikes stuck out from it's edges. The mask was in a glass casing near the counter top with a golden slap engraved with "The Majoria's Mask". A displeasing grin grew across Links face as he stared at it.

But, Zelda's hand brought him back to reality. She touched his shoulder as she stared happily at the Couples mask. It was silver with heart shapes, shining every so brightly in the candle light. Link smiled. Zelda had a very happy and so childish smile on her face it made him smile.

"You like this mask?" Link asked softly.

"Yes... what does it resymbol?" Zelda asked.

"It is a symbol for true lovers, joining together in marriage." Link explained.

"Um Link... do you ever plan to get married?" Zelda asked sheepishly. Her cheeks turning a slight pink. Link smiled.

"If I ever find the right woman who will accept me for who I am, I do." Link answered. Zelda's smile grew into a shyish grin.

"Excuse me sir, ma'am... but may I help you find anything?" came a high ptched voice from behind. Link and Zelda turned to see a man wearing a deep violet robe with green short pants that went to his knees. A greedy smile stretched across his freckled face. Short, red hair could be seen very little from underneigth his flat top small purple hat. The man was very skinny for his age (which was in his late forties) and paled skined.

Link had encountered the Happy Masks Salesman many times in Termina when he adventured there. The man had found the Majoria's Mask mask before Skull kid had stole it from him. The lone child took the mask, put it on and became addicted to it's evil powers. Skull kid soon became under the masks spell. The Happy Masks salesman met Link in the Clock Tower of Clock Town in Termaina. He made a deal with Link that if he brought back his mask that he would release the curse that Skull Kid had put upon him. So to say, Link got his orcarnia that was stolen as well and traveled back in time. When he met up with the salesman, he forgot to get Majoria's mask.

But Link made up for that mistake and freed the four gods of the temples. Odolwa of Southern Swamp, Goht of the northern moutains, Gyorg of Great Bay and Twin Mold of the eastern canyon. Each was their own respective God to the Terminan people. All four helped Link once he freed them so he could stop the moon from falling. After the long battle against Majoria's mask, Link managed to get the mask back and gave it to this mask salesman.

Link grined a little at the man. "No, we're just looking around." he said. The hero locked his arm with Zelda's. The princess giggled and held onto is arm softly as they glided back to the door.

~Chapter Seven~

Link and Zelda left the Happy Mask shop and walked toward the Temple of Times garden. The grass was cut freshly and the flowerbeds were watered. Many beautiful and great smelling roses bloomed across the garden. Two long and shallow fountains filled with clear blue water laid on both ends of the atrium. A straight path of stones led to the Temple's main doors.

The temple itself was a beautiful sight. The gray stones made up the body of the building. The structure was a gothic kind of look with pointy roofs on each tower. The two doors were made of strong wood. Cravings of heros, gods and goddesses were engraved into the wood.

Link pushed on one of the handles and the door opened. He and Zelda walked in to bright light. The temple hadn't changed much. The marble flooring had been polished earlier that morning by the looks of it and so had the black alter that stood in front of the huge stone doors. The hero walked on the red carpet leading stright to the pedistol of time. He stared down at the black marble slab and sighed. Not to long ago it seemed did he place the Goron's Ruby, the Zaro's Sapphire, and the Kokari Emerald on this. Doing so, had changed his life forever.

Zelda smiled as she looked at his face. His expression changed to a soft and bright look. "Come on... Let's go see Saria." she said to him. Link smiled and nodded his head.


The two walked to the Door of Time. Zelda placed her hand on the door and smiled. "We can talk to Saira through her song, can't we?" she asked Link.

"Uh... oh yeah. I totally forgot about her song..." Link replied. He scratched the back of his neck and reached inside a little bag. Link pulled out a bright blue orcarnia with the Triforce symbol on it. The dark hero smiled weakly. "Heh... I, uh. Forgot to give this to you Zel. Sorry." Link apologised.

"No, it's alright. Just give her a quick call then you can give it back to me." Zelda smiled. Link only nodded and brought the mouthpeice to his lips and placed his fingers on the holes of the small instrument. He blew in. The sound of cheery and merry notes came out as he played Saira's Song. When he was finished, he wiped it with a small cloth and gave it to Zelda.

After playing the song, they waited. About a second later, a voice out of no where said, "Hello? Link?"

Link smiled. The childish and happy voice of Saira made him happy. "Hey Saira."

"It is you Link! Oh it's so good to hear from you again! How long has it been? Seven- Eight years? Oh no matter, it's good to have you back!" Saira said. Link chuckled.

"It's good to be back." he replied. "Zelda is here with me, so say hello to her."

"Hello Zelda." said Saira.

"Hello." Zelda smiled.

"Whatcha up to?" Link asked.

"Nothing really... just checking a few things back here in the Sacred Realm." Saira told them.

"Ah..." the hero nodded his head. "Like what?" Link asked.

"Oh, well I wanted to make sure that the spirits of the forest temple were alright. Though I could have gone to the temple itself but I wanted to double check things back here at the sacred realm." Saira told him.

"Oh." Link nodded his head.

"What have you been up to these past seven years Link?" the kokori asked him.

"I've been traveling around looking for Navi. Saved a world from an evil mask and a falling moon, did other things as well." Link told her. "Met new people, made new friends."

"Great. That's good to hear. What kind of friends did you make?"

"Oh warriors, women, merchants... villans." Link grined.

"Heheh. Even bad guys become friends." Saira giggled.

"Heh. You're telling me. Everywhere I went, this guy was always there trying to get some girl, kill a person or take over that world. Ha... poor guy, I must've stopped him million of times." Link laughed aloud. Zelda giggled along with Saira.

After a moment of laughter, Zelda cought her breath.

"Sorry Saira, but I have some important work needed to be done back at the palace now, it's half past one." Zelda said.

"Oh, ok. I suppose we'll see each other later then?"

"Yes." Link and Zelda replied simultaneously.

"Good good. I see you'll later. Bye." Saira's voice faded away.

"Let's go back now Link..." Zelda looked at him. He smiled and agreed.


Zelda and Link walked back into the palace. Impa was waiting for them there in the great hall.

"Had a good time your majesty?" Impa bowed before Zelda.

"Yes. Yes we did." Zelda smiled happily as she spoke. Impa rose and looked at Link.

"Link, I have assigned a maid to aid your every need. She awaits in your room for orders." the sheikian told him. Link nodded and looked at Zelda.

"Guess I better go meet my 'servent.' I shall see you tonight during dinner, fair Zelda." Link bowed and walked off to his room. Zelda blushed a bit.

"Excuse me m' lady... but we have important matters to attend to." Impa spoke.

"Oh... right. Let us be off then." the princess regained her composer and walked with grace to the throne room.


Link walked into his room and took off his cape. He threw it on the chair near his desser. The hero was then startled when he saw Mila sitting on his bed with her hands cupped in her lap.

"Hello Sir Link." she greeted him. He took a jump back before realizing it was just her.

"Phew... don't scare me like that." Link huffed. Mila giggled a bit.

"Sorry. I did not mean to." she replied sweetly. Link looked over her for the first time. Sure he had seen her around the halls but she was working then. Mila wore a orangish-red skirt with a white long sheleved shirt; the arms were rolled up to her elbows. She wore a white worn apron around her waist with a small pokect on the top right hand cornor. Her light green eyes shined with great respect and, somehow, wisdom. Though, Mila was wearing a white cloth over her hair, Link could tell she had brownish-red hair.

~Hey... this one's a looker Linky-boy!~ Link heard Fierce Deity state.

'When I want your opinion I'll ask for it! Otherwise, shut up!' the hero thought angrily. Fierce Deity pouted before leaving Link's mind alone.

"Can I do anything for you Link?" Mila asked, standing off his bed and smoothing the wrinkles.

"Um... uh..." the hero stuttered.

"Do you always stutter like this Link?" Mila giggled as she walked up to him.

"Uh... um..."

"Heheh... it's okay. I'll be waiting outside for you." Mila bowed her head and walked out of his room. She closed the door behind her.

~Chapter Eight~

Mila exhaled deeply after she closed Link's door. She pressed her back against the wall next to it, and closed her eyes. A smile creeped across her lips as her cheeks turned a slight red. The maid giggled like a school girl on a crush and placed her palms to her cheeks.

'I'm serving the cutest man in all of Hyrule! I'm so lucky!' Mila thought to herself. She slid down against the wall and sat on the floor. Her eyes sparkled brightly as her cheeks beame a deeper shade of red. The young girl sighed passionatly to herself. "I think I'm in love..."


Zelda sat on her throne bored. A man in gold armor was standing before her . His blond hair had been combed neatly and kept back out of his face. Deep brown eyes gleamed at her as he spoke with courtesy. He is Sir Paul the Third, of the Knighthood. Sir Paul is one of Zelda's right hand men when she needs help or assistence.

"Your majesty, we have but four more weeks before the Harvest seasons begin. The cows are not producing, the crops are dying and the cold front is moving in fast. What do we do?" Sir paul asked.

"We gather what we can. Have the farmers work extra hard to get their cows and crops to produce" Zelda told him.

"Yes, your majesty. But what about the cold fronts? It's barely even midsummer and the winds are a bit chillier than usual." Paul said.

"I know. We'll have to work against time. Ask if the Goron and Zora tribes will be willing to help. You are dismissed, Sir Paul" Zelda replied. Paul bowed.

"Yes, Mi' lady" he said, then walked out of the throneroom.

Zelda looked out of the huge stone windows near by. She smilled at a particular small one. 'That was where I first met Link, there in the Castle Courtyard. I was so surprised to see him standing there...' The princess remembered.

Indeed the Castle courtyard was where Zelda first met Link seven years ago. He came up to her from behind while she was looking into the throneroom, on her father and Ganondrof. Link was but a small boy of ten, as she was a small girl of ten. There they conspired against the soon-to-be Evil King. Only as soon as Link had gathered the three spiritual stones and placed them on the pedestal of Time, did things go wrong. Zelda and Impa barely escaped Ganon's grasp and hid away for seven years. Meanwhile, Link was in the Sacred Realm being protected til seven years afterwards. Then, he was awakened as a seventeen-year-old so he could free the sages. Only then could he defeat Ganondorf.

Zelda was drawn out of memory lane when she heard a small cough. The princess blinked and looked in front of her. Impa stood there, with a rather serious look on her face.

"Is something wrong, Impa?" Zelda asked rather sheepishly.

"Zelda, I would like to talk to you about Link." Impa spoke.

"Okay, what is there to talk about him?" A blush flushed her cheeks.

"Come, my princess. We have much to discuss." Impa waved her hand out for Zelda to follow. The princess stepped down from her throne and walked alongside her sheikan nurse.

"Whatever is the matter, my dear sweet guardian?" Zelda asked in a concerned tone.

"Princess, I have a concern for your safety. You know I would never allow something to hurt you" Impa spoke sternly.

"Yes. I thank you for your security" Zelda nodded her head.

"The day your father died, a few years ago, I made a vow to him- that I would never let anyone to hurt you." Impa paused. "I'm worried about you, Zelda. I fear something has changed about Link, and I just don't want him to hurt you. Princess... sigh, please don't grow too attached to him. He seems... dark." the warrior-woman spoke sadly.

"I know Impa, I can't grow attached to Link, he's not a prince, remember?" A pit grew inside Zelda's stomach as she said this. It was too late, Zelda's feelings for Link had grown too large since he came back.

Impa smiled. "Thank you Zelda. Please be careful around him. I have a bad feeling about him. He may be our Hero of Time, but, something just disturbs me."

"Okay. I'll be careful" Zelda half-smiled. Impa had led the princess down the hall, close to her bedroom.

"It is almost nightime, dinner will be served in a few moments. See you then, Princess Zelda." Impa bowed before her and walked away. Zelda said a soft goodbye and sighed.

The princess walked into her room and looked into her mirror. She stared at her reflection... when an image started appearing. Slowly, it formed- a man with pale skin and silver hair, two blue marks formed on his cheeks as well as two red ones under his eyes. The image opened his eyes and smiled evilly at Zelda. The princess gasped and stepped away. Her heart beated faster as she stared into his deep black eyes. She could hear a snarling and cold laugh in her ears. Zelda closed her eyes and held her hands to her ears.

"Stop... please... go away!" the princess searched For something to grab and throw it at the man. She found a hair brush and tossed it at the mirror. The glass shattered into pieces and fell to the floor.
The image was gone, as well as the laughter. Zelda tried catching her breath as she looked at the pieces. Each piece showed only her face. "What... was that?" the princess questioned aloud.

A knock came to the door. Zelda screamed and threw her stool at the door. The legs of the small chair broke off as the door opened, barely missing Impa. Zelda fell on her knees and began to cry. Impa ran in.

"Zelda! What happened? Are you okay?" Impa soothed.

"Mirror... a man..." Zelda cried. Impa hugged her close, motherly.

"Shh... it's okay... there's no one here." Impa said. Zelda cried softly on her shoulder. The sheikian looked over the broken shards all over the floor. She rubbed Zelda's back to calm her down.

~Chapter Nine~

Mila walked down to the dinning hall with Link. As she walked next to him, she couldn't help but feel very embarrassed. 'Why am I so... so... I don't know. Shy?!' Mila argued with herself. Her heart raced as her face turned red. 'I'm not suppose to be like this! Get ahold of yourself Mila! He's just a guy. A cute guy at that.' Her thoughts paused. 'Grah! Stop talking to yourself! Be courageous. Be yourself. Link is a cute... guy, but he's just a guy. Get over it.' Mila straightened herself. She walked more gracefully and proud.

Finally, they arrived in the dinning hall. Servants awaited around a long table with a red table cloth on top. Plates waited for food to be placed on them. Link looked for Zelda but he didn't see her. So, he took a seat near the place where a royal leader would sit. Mila waited behind him for any requests.

After a brief wait, Princess Zelda walked in as gracefully as she could with Impa. Her cheeks were a little red from the tears and she was still a little shaky. Slowly Zelda sat at the end of the table next to Link. She closed her eyes and cleared her throat.

"Start the feast please." Zelda said to the servants.

Pot after pot came to the table full of different foods to their liking. Link smelled the delicious smell of meat and vegetables. Mila came up behind him and poured some red wine inside his glass.

"Thanks!" Link gleamed and looked at Mila as she stepped back away. He smiled a huge childish smile and looked at Zelda. The princess couldn't help but laugh at him and nod her head.

"Dig in you hungry animal." Zelda said waving her hand. She didn't have to say that twice. Link outstretched his arm and grabbed some food. Hungry animal indeed. The dark warrior ate like a lion. Zelda shook her head and chuckled while eating some food politely. Mila tried hard to fight rolling all over the floor, laughing her head off.


Dinner was over and Link and Zelda walked outside to the castle courtyard. The place was small but beautiful. The short green grass waved very little in the light wind of the starry night. The moonlight shined and brought up the colors of the beautiful ring of flowers that surrounded the whole garden. On the outside, closest to the circular walls, was a ring of water that lead out of the garden. Indeed the garden was pretty and just the way Link had remembered it.

The two walked to the center of the flower ring and sat down together. The hero sat casually like he usually does when outside. Legs outstretched, leaning on his palms and staring at the sky. Zelda sat on her rear using her gown to keep herself clean. She only stared at Link in a dreamy state. They remained silent.

Zelda watched him as he stared at the stars. His blond hair waving gently around him. His skin was a little pale in the light but she could still see the strange markings on his face. It was also a bit strange because now his eyes almost turned to an empty white. A cold and distant feeling came over the princess from the dark hero. For a moment, Zelda was scared of Link. She became frightened of him.

But the fear was wiped away when she felt warm fingers touch the back of her hand. She looked at her hand and saw Link's hand gripping hers softly. She blushed slightly.

"Look up. If you see a red star that's the star of Din. Then look east a bit and you'll see the star of Fayru. To the west is Nayru." Link told her and smiled. Zelda saw the three bright stars.

"Pretty..." she commented.

"Yeah. They guided me back home.You'll notice that Din is right above Hyrule and Nayru and Fayru is on either side, making a triangle. I knew that, whichever direction I took, if I followed the stars to Din I would come home." Link told her.

"That's neat." Zelda said. Silence once again. Link kept holding her hand in his as they looked at the stars.

After a while Zelda finally spoke again. "Link..." she said in a very soft voice.

"Hm?" Came a reply from him.

"Um... if. I'm. Well..." she couldn't seem to find the words. He looked at her as she turned her face to him.

"Yeah?" he spoke softly. His breath smelled like the sweet wine he had drank. Not too strong but not too soft.

"I... well..." Zelda stuttered. She still couldn't find the words. Her heart was beating fast with the tension. She has fallen for him, yet, for some reason she could not tell him that. "If you ever want to talk to me about something, I'll always listen. I'm here for you Link, that's all." the princess managed to say. That wasn't what she wanted to tell him.

Link smiled and let go of her hand. He used that hand and placed it on her cheek. She didn't know what happened next, because it was all to fast, yet, it was really too slow. His lips gently touched hers for a brief second. "Thanks Zel. As I am always here for you to talk to. Good night sweet princess. Sweet dreams." he said before getting up and walking back into the castle.

Zelda was breathless. 'Was that a... a kiss?' She questioned herself. It was very short but lovely. She was in heaven for two seconds...

~Chapter Ten~

Link flopped down on his bed and groaned. He was so tired. That day had been a busy day and he was too poofed to do another thing. The hero rolled over to his side, too tired to change or to even crawl under the covers. After a deep breath, Link drifted into sleep.

~You know it kid... the time is coming and you're becoming too careless.~ Fierce deity's voice was cold and sharp in Link's dream.

Link tossed over in his bed.

~How many times must I tell you?! You are chosen, you are the one! Face it! You're a loner! You were destined to-~ He was cut off when Link jumped straight out of his bed, breathing heavily and sweating.

"Arg..." Link grunted , and closed his eyes. He rubbed his face roughly with his fingers. It was darker outside now, being close to the early morning hours. The hero looked around his room. He glanced at his overturned mirror and sighed. 'He's getting too out of hand... I'm having much more trouble keeping him in my head.' Link thought. He knew of the mirror incident in Zelda's room. Fierce Deity, warrior of evil yet fighter for justice, was slowly getting out of hand. Indeed, Link couldn't keep the warrior in his head anymore.

Link tossed his head back as he sat down on his bed. 'I guess... I'm supposed to be him.' He was just about to give it up when the thoughtful smile of Princess Zelda brought him back to his sense's. 'Zelda... is she the reason why I've fought against his grasp for seven years?' Link asked himself. He opened his eyes slightly and looked at the ceiling. "What do I do?" Link questioned aloud. He sighed deeply.


Zelda muttered as the sunlight broke through her window and shined upon her. She opened her eyes and yawned. The night was long for her. She was just about to stagger out of bed when the kiss came to mind. She closed her eyes and sighed passionately. Did he really kiss her, or was it just a dream? But it felt so real. It must have been real.

Zelda slowly got out of bed and looked at her dresser. She just remembered that she broke her mirror last night, and sighed. The princess walked to her bathroom to change. Zelda dressed into a light lavender gown and pulled her long, neatly-brushed golden hair back.

The princess exited her room and walked down the halls. There she was greeted by Mila.

"Milady! Sir Link has requested for your presence in the garden." Mila told the princess. Zelda stared at the servant girl, bewildered. But the princess shook it off and walked to the garden.


'Arg! How am I going to tell her?! What will she think?! Will she understand or run away?' Link questioned himself in his thoughts.

~Cool off man... she'll like me.~ Fierce Deity said. Link could imagine the man with a huge, cocky grin on his face.

'You be quiet. I don't want you interrupting our conversation, got it?' Link responded coldly.

~ Alright, alright already. Seesh...~

Link turned around from the rose bushes to be greeted by Princess Zelda. He nearly jumped back when she giggled.

"You called for me, Link?" Zelda asked. She smiled cheerfully. Link held his arm out for her to take; then he led her through the garden.

"Yes, Zel, I did... I wanted to talk to you about something..." Link said. He didn't look at her.

"About what?"

"Well... it's kinda long story... and... well- uh..." the hero's mind went blank, and so did his words. How was he going to tell her about Fierce Deity? Was she going to understand that he would slowly become the evil warrior? Link didn't know what to say or how to put it. The two just walked in silence through the rose garden.

"Is something wrong?" Zelda broke the silence with worry in her voice.

"Uh." Link shook his head. He saw a bench, and sat down with Zelda. Then, he took her hands in his and looked deep in her wise and caring eyes. "Zel- Zelda. I have something bad to tell you." His voice was soft.

"Yes, Link?" Zelda listened carefully. Her heart was racing with fear and excitement. What was he trying to tell her?

"I... uh... how do I- Zelda, I want you to know that no matter what happens or what I tell you I will always protect you. If you are scared I understand. I will leave you alone and never never harm you." Link buttered out. 'That was not what I wanted to tell her. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.' He cursed himself.

Zelda smiled softly and squeezed his hands. "Link... I will never run from you. You mean too much to me to be scared of you. I will always be here for you. No matter what happens." Zelda replied calmly and sweetly. She gazed into his eyes gently. Link just stared at her blankly. He was busy sorting things out in his head.

'Okay... now that I know she'll understand I guess I can tell her.' Link thought. He took a deep breath and looked back at her.

"Zelda... I-"

"Princess Zelda!" Impa's voice shouted. Link rolled his eyes, as the guardian came running up to them from behind. "Princess Zelda! We have an emergency!"

"What is it, Impa? Is everything alright?" Zelda looked away from Link and let go of his hands.

"Zelda, trouble in the Gerudo Valley!" Impa told her. Link and Zelda stood up immediately.

"What's going on over there?" Link questioned.

"An assassin is attacking! The women can't hold much longer." Impa told him.

"Why can't they? They're a bunch of amazons, they should be able to handle it." Link said.

"This one came out of nowhere... it played hide and seek with them. Go help them out, Link, and hurry!" the warrior woman told him. Link nodded and ran out of the garden.


Once he was out of the Market, Link pulled out a small size ocarina and quickly played Epona's song. Not waiting for her to stop, Link jumped on her back and kicked her gently. "Run like the wind Epona! To the Gerudo Fortress!" Link said in her ear.

Epona was off. The wind was like needles rushing past Link's face as they rushed through the field. The horse's hooves clapped loudly on the ground as she galloped. Clouds began to form over Hyrule and thunder could be heard from the heavens. The canyons cliffs could be seen ahead.

"Faster, girl, faster!" Link said. He could hear the echos of screams and clashing of weapons. Rain petals began to fall from the sky as the wind picked up. The warrior's heart started to beat with anticipation of battle.

'No Fierce Deity... this battle is mine and mine alone.' Link thought to himself.

Epona's hooves now clapped and echoed with the rain on the canyon walls. The sword clashes and screams were louder now. Link reached back to pull out his sword. Once he and his horse were over the bridge, he hopped off her back and ran into the fortress. The rain had made his clothing wet and his hair matted. Mud mixed with rain stuck to his boots as he ran into the canyon's heart and the Gerudo's home.

There, he was stricken. Already many of the women-like warriors were dead on the ground. The rain had washed all the blood into the mud, which turned into a very dark brown. Link looked at it with disgust. But he listened carefully to where the sounds of a battle were coming from. The training ground.

Link rushed over to the gate that led into the trainning room. He pushed up on the steel gate and it opened. Water ran down the steep path into the room. It had been ages since rain had fallen in the canyon. Link almost slipped and fell in, but he caught his balance and walked through.

The torches were still lighted, and the cave was pretty humid. Three doors led into different rooms; the door straight ahead led to huge maze while the two on the left or right led to smaller rooms with keys to get through the maze. The training ground was really only a huge circle with many rooms and a huge, steel cage puzzle in the middle.

Link looked at the three doors after wiping his eyes. He decided to sheath his sword back until he found the battle. Finally, the warrior decided to take the left path, hoping he wouldn't have to go all the way through. Once the large stoned door slide out of his way, Link walked through into a circular room filled with sand and three boulders in the center. There was nothing there, so he walked through the sand and into the next room. The hero walked straight to a wall of fire; there, he aimed his hook shot to a soft target. He was lifted up to higher ground and a doorway.

This room was where the battle was taking place. Just as Link walked through the door, the sound of a blade being stabbed into flesh filled his ears. He quickly pulled out his weapon and walked further in. There, he was greeted by a black person.

"You again eh?" Link remembered the assassin from their earlier meeting. The hero brought his sword in front of him, holding it in both hands. The assassin's eyes gleamed at Link. Its bloody blade was pulled out of the gerudo it had just killed. "What do you say we finish what we started?" Link smirked. No response came from the killer; instead, it charge forward with great speed. The hero crossed his blade with its, pushing down to the side to deflect its strike.

Link swung his sword at it but it brought its sword to meet his, and kicked him in the shin. The dark warrior let his sword drop a bit but brought his guard back up when he saw that bloody, curved blade coming at him for his neck. Link ducked and rammed his shoulder into the person's stomach. There, he felt it was slim and almost feminine.

'Is it a girl?' he asked himself while pinning the assassin to the wall. The person dropped its sword and struggled to get free, but Link's strong hands gripped its wrist too tightly. Finally, it gave up the struggle and breathed with frustration.

"Who are you and why did you do all this?" Link questioned angrily. His breath was short as well, but from trying to control his rage.

"None of your goddamn business!" The voice was muffled from the mask; even then Link could still hear a bit of girlish tint to it.

"Tell me or I'll cut your throat!" the hero threatened. He could feel bitter hate building in his heart. His grip on the person's wrist squeezed even harder. Fierce Deity wanted to come out and kill this guy. 'No... I said I would take care of this!' Link yelled in his head.

"Eh... you're a fool Link!" it said. Link grinned and slapped the person.

"Answer me!" Link shouted.

"I know who you are, 'hero'! You'll bring death and mayhem to Hyrule!"

"What does it look like you're doing?! You've killed a lot of Gerudo's already!" There was a pause after that. Link took a deep sigh and let go of the assassin. "Go. Get out of my sight before I do kill you." His voice was bitter and cold. The person only stared at the hero. "GO!" With that, quicker then wind, it was gone.

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