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Mission 10

A Farewell at Side 6

Mission 10

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Rick Dom234AP16
Rick Dom264AP13
Rick Dom288AP8
Rick Dom300AP6
Rick Dom324AP5

Mission 10 Maps

Date: UC 12.18.0079
Corresponding Episode(s): 33-34

After the last mission you might be thinking "How much harder can the game get?" How does 48 Rick Dom's sound? They are powerful, there fore you'll need to grow many levels my child.

The White Base docks at a colony(could someone please verify what colony it is) probably to resupply their ship, but I could be wrong.

This fat guy from Zeon(have no idea what his name is) is sending an army of Rick Dom's to take you out, and don't expect them to go easy on ya either.

At the start of the mission move North to find yourself 3 Rick Doms waiting to die. Watch out there is a fourth Dom that will move into attack your other units! In the next 11 areas you'll be playing a game of Seek-and-Destroy with the rest of the Rick Doms. Good Luck!

If you haven't been hit by a bazooka shot by Dom/Rick Dom then get ready to be in a world of pain. Unlike the Zaku's bazooka the Dom's can and will kill you if you're not a high levels.

You remember in the last mission that one Dom that was difficult to kill with your beam saber? There are many of those Dom's in this mission, just use your Beam Rifle, Bazooka, or your B-Guns to destroy them.

In most of the areas there are two Rick Doms positioned at the North and South area boundaries.

*48 Doms later*The mission ends with a conversion between Char and Lalah, his newtype prodigy. Now the question is: Do YOU like Doms?


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 11!