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Mission 16

Biting Dog

Mission 16

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Zaku II96AP1
Zaku II128AP1
Zaku II200AP1
Zaku II324AP1
Zaku II540AP1
Zaku II580AP1
Zaku II with Bazooka64AP1
Zaku II with Bazooka140AP1
Zaku II with Bazooka264AP1
Zaku II with Bazooka600AP2

Mission 16 Maps

It looks like the Zeon got what they wanted from the Federations base, information on the new Gundam. With Zeon on to them lets see what the Federation does...

It seems that the two Guncannons aren't going to do it this time around, so the Federation has deployed the new Gundam to help. Pixy (the new Gundam) isn't necessarily stronger than the RX-78-2 its just different.

Not too much is different about this mission when compared to the last one. The only new mobile suit in it is the Gouf, but they aren't any where nearly as powerful as they used to be.

Yes before you ask there are still some mobile suits that can only be damaged by guns and such and not beam sabers.

You have a set number of enemies that you must defeat before you can complete the mission.

Once that set number is met your done with this mission! Now just click that "On to Mission 17!" at the bottom of the page to continue.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 17!