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Mission 2

Escape from Luna II

Mission 2

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Char's Zaku II62AP1
Zaku II32AP4+(see below)

Mission 2 Maps

Date: UC 09.23.0079
Corresponding Episode(s): 4

This is one of my favorite levels and I hope you feel so too after I tell why I like it so well, but more on that later. During the brief summary before the start of the mission, I can only guess at what they're saying. It probably has something to do with Char waiting for the Gundam. I could be wrong so don't quote me on any of that.

After the briefing you'll get your first look at the Prime Point Set. Ohhh scary. It isn't to hard to handle especially if you've played a game like Final Fantasy 2j and could handle that growth system then this one will be no problem.

This is one of those screens that you'll be seeing a lot of through out the course of the game, so you better get use to it. I won't go into detail here about its features but I will in the Prime Point Set page. Heh. I guess the name kind've implied that. I would recommend getting a EPAC and not the MAG because you won't have a gun for a little while.

When you have destroyed one of the three Zaku's in the first area you should get a level up. You will then be taken back to the Prime Point Set screen, but this time you get to boost some stats. I would reccomend boost all of your ATTACK stats by one point each and boosting your CLOSE DEFENSE stat by one. This will take care of most of the damage the Zaku's were causing. It usually cuts the damage down to 001AP and boosts your damage to 023-030AP damage.

Some of you may be saying to yourself: "What do I do if I run out of items and need to heal?" Well fear no more, for the RedComet shall show you all. You may have seen those little boxes (see the screenshot), the blue ones are EPAC's and the red one's are MAG's. You'll come across many of these through out the game.

An EPAC is located in the North-East part of the area and a MAG is located in the South-West part of the area. When you're ready move to the second area.

Now it's time for my favorite part. For this time and this time only you can level the Gundam up to any level you want! Just read on. First Step: In the second area end your turn, in other words stop your move. Now turn around and go back to the first area.

Back in the first area you'll see that ever so famous SOURCE OF HEAT DETECTED. DON'T TRUST IT!!!!

For reasons I don't know the heat detector doesn't lock on to this unit. So instead of going in the direction the detector told you to go directly down and there he is, show him no mercy! You can do this as many times as you want to, do so until you feel you're at a high enough level. You can even get your Beam Rifle or Bazooka, but check out the weapons & items page. I reccomend 5 or better but its your game so do what you want. If you plan to level up past 10 be advised that the amount of EXP award is reduced from 004 to 003. This same concept applies to Char's Zaku as well as the normal Zaku's.

Now you get to take on Char in his souped up Zaku. This is gonna be easy if you leveled up. There is a lone Zaku here with him don't bother fighting it unless Char is nowhere near it.

If you got a rifle or bazooka during your leveling up then you'll need an extremly high AIM ATTACK stat to do damage to Char. I personally boost my CLOSE ATTACK stat up.

Char is incredibly easy if you leveled up. I personally leveled up to 11 but if your at least level 5 you should have no problem what so ever defeating Char. After dealing about 100-200AP damage he'll flea the battle ground.


Mission Complete!
On to Mission 3!