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Mission 3

Re-entry to Earth

Mission 3

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Zaku II64AP1
Zaku II72AP2
Zaku II78AP2
Char's Zaku II62AP1

Mission 3 Maps

Date: UC 09.23.0079
Corresponding Episode(s): 5

This will be your last battle in space for a little while and Char for that matter. Don't get too excited, because when he does come back you'll wish he had stayed gone.

Like the last mission you get to see the scary Prime Point Set screen. Once completed there move down to the EXIT and press the A button to continue.

What do we have here... Looks like Char's still mad about the results from your last battle and he's bringing friends with him this time. No problem.

If you look at the heat detector it will tell you that the first Zaku is South of your current position. Move in and attack.

After destroying the first Zaku the heat detector should direct you to head West, if not then watch out. The Zaku is right beside you! Make him sorry he ever got that close to you.

When you're done having your fun exit to the bottom of the screen.

The two Zaku's in this area are easy to get to, just head South from your starting position and there they are. Defeat them and move to the next area.

Now is the time to find out if Char has improved any, but before you do that his "sidekick" is hanging out around the North-West corner of the map.

This time he has a bazooka and it can hit you up to 8 times + knock you back that many spaces. The damage each shot does is insignificant.

Move in for a Close Attack or stay far enough away so you can still make him out and fire away. After causing enough damage he will run away yet again. If you are in need of an EPAC there is one in the South-East portion of the area.

Unforntunatly Amuro stayed out in the Gundam too long and is now being sucked into the Earth's atmosphere, and the last Zaku from the battle is right behind. Only one will make it to Earth alive. I wonder who that is?

This little scene is cool. It shows the Zaku being blown away as a result of the high temperatures in the atmosphere, but luckily the Gundam has some kind of cooling net/cover (have know clue what the name is) that the Gundam deploys to reduce the temperatures in the Gundam. The Zeon scum thought they had washed their hands of the Gundam. Ha! They wish they had anyway.

All is calm now as the White Base and it's crew enter Earth, but something known as Zeon lurks around every corner. What could be next?


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 4!