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Mission 4

Fly, Gundam!

Mission 4

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Magella Attack Unit72AP3
Magella Attack Unit78AP4
Magella Attack Unit96AP1
Zaku II78AP1
Zaku II96AP3
Zaku II with Bazooka78AP2
Zaku II with Bazooka96AP2

Mission 4 Maps

Date: UC 09.23.0079
Corresponding Episode(s): 6-9

When last we left our heros (sounds like a rip off to an intro of Batman doesn't it) they thought they had escaped the threat of danger for good. They didn't the bozos landed right in Zeon territory and know they have to get while the gettings good.

You get two new mobile suits at your disposal for this mission: the Guncannon and the Guntank. Don't get to excited for they both start at level 2 and have only 4 points each to use on their PPS. Please note that you can not boost either mobile suit's CLOSE ATTACK attribute. The Guncannon can attack in close-range via the B-Guns, but the Guntank can't. The AIM ATTACK attribute determines how much damage Guncannon does in close-range.

When you start this mission you should be able to see one of the Magella units. Move the GUNDAM and only it right beside the Magella. MAKE SURE GUNDAM IS NOT FACING THE MAGELLA(see screenshot).

Now move the Guncannon and Guntank within range for them to use their A-GUNS. Then let them take turns shooting at the enemy. You'll notice that the Magella will continually attack the Gundam allowing the Guntank and Guncannon to attack with out worry of being destroyed. The one could think about this game is that every action you do take that doesn't destroy the enemy will result in a gain of 002-003 EXP. If by some freak chance their AP gets completly depleted they will return to White Base on the other hand if Gundam's AP is completly depleted the you get the Game Over screen.

After dealing with the first Magella move to the North and you'll see your next target. Repeat the above to level up Guncannon and Guntank.

I guess I should tell you to be careful when moving around in the Missions that are on Earth because there are what I assume to be land mines of some sort on the ground. I guess an example would be in order.

Your third target is in the South-East part of the dirt center. Watch out for that is where the majority of the land mines are in this area.

Here is the last of the four Magellas in this area. Show it no mercy! Make it pay for starting the Guncannon and Guntank on level 2. DIE! DIE! Whoa almost lost myself on that one folks.

Once you're through screwing around with the Magella's move over to the exit for this area. If you followed the above mentioned strategy and didn't let the Gundam attack any then the Guncannon and Guntank should be at least at level 3 each. Oh boy only 3 more areas to go.

As you first enter the second area the welcoming wagon will be waiting to greet you(and you thought the Zeon didn't care for you). HA! If they did they wouldn't be trying to kill you. The same tactics used above for the Magellas will work here.

After you're done with the first Zaku move up towards the center of the map, and lo and behold two Zaku's just for you! Move the Guncannon and Guntank in and let each attack a different Zaku. If your really lucky you'll be able to defeat them both at the same time.

The last pain in your's as well as my side likes to hang out around the North-East portion of the area. Kill it!

We are done! If you're still trying my way of leveling up the mobile suits then they both should be at level 4 or better by now. Wether or not you're done here move to the next area. Almost there...

Just as the areas before it had someone waiting for you, this one is no exception.

Heh. I did it again. I found two of the zaku's at the same time. After I finish this shrine, then it's onward to put Ms. Cleo out of business for good!

You've probably done seen this done to you once or twice. Four of the eight Zaku's in this mission have bazookas, just imagine having all of them attacking you at once. This is the last of the Zaku's and he is in the South-East portion of the area.

Guncannon and Guntank should be at level 5 unless you wussed out on me. Almost there. Just a few more enemies and I'm done......

Now in this area there are 4 Magellas and that's all I'm going to tell, because to be quite honest with you I'm sick of typing. Well good luck!

I will tell you this there is a lone EPAC in the South-West corner. If you're like me you're probably giving the game a cussin', because more than likely you needed that at the beginning of this mission.

What do we have here. Hmm. Char is teaming up with Garma Zabi. Something smells fishy about all of this.*sniffs* Yes very fishy.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 5!