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Mission 5

Garma's Fate

Mission 5

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Char's Zaku II with Bazooka160AP1
Zaku II100AP2
Zaku II112AP3
Zaku II128AP2
Zaku II140AP2
Zaku II with Bazooka128AP2
Zaku II with Bazooka140AP1

Zaku II with Cannon112AP2

Mission 5 Maps

Date: UC 10.04.0079
Corresponding Episode(s): 10

When you start up Mission 5 you'll see the summary as you have with all the missions before. Guess what? Your going to get to fight Char again! This is the last time you'll be seeing Char for a good long time. Let the betrayals begin!

The Gaw is on its way to destroy you and the White Base!

Your mission is to eliminate all the Zaku units on the ground, and then coax the Gaw in front of the White Base. The White Base and crew will take it from there.

There is one thing I should tell you about before you dive head first into this mission. If you see a Zaku that has a machine gun it may not be a machine gun. Zaku's from here on in will sometimes have a gun similar in power to the Guntank's 165mm cannons.

From now on I'll only give you the location of the nearest mobile suit in each area. I do not want this to be a guide that "holds your hand" the whole game through. It would take too much out of me to get the screenshots and code it all. The first Zaku in the starting area is to South-East of the Guntank's position.

Once you're finished with this area you now must make a choice: Do you go to the area on the left or the one on the right? It doesn't make much difference but for simplicity's sake I'll be going left, but please go the way you want.

The first Zaku in this area is on the left side of the row of buildings in the center.

There is a lone EPAC in the South-West corner of the area get it if you're low on health, or save it for later.

There is an easy way to get around in this area without having to use up all of your "moves". You see that long row of buildings in the center of the area? If you move any of the three mobile suits to it and try to go through it the suit will boost into the air and you'll will then be able to move up and down it using only one move! NOTE:Please note that this will work on any continous stream of buildings.

When we're through here its time to turn back and go to the right area from area 2

This time you got lucky. You get the location of two Zaku's for the price of one. The other two our on either sides of the buildings in the middle.

Moving on into the next and last area there are 3 Zaku's that need to be taken care of.

After properly disposing of the Zaku's Bright calls the Guntank and Guncannon back to the White Base, and he also has a little surprise for you: Char's back!

Move back to the previous areas and you'll find Char waiting for you. He has a speed advantage over you. Char has only improved in the speed department but nothing else, I would recommend having a fairly high MOVE attribute going into this so you can move up to him and attack without fear of him attacking you and getting very far out of your reach.

With Char out of the way Amuro is able to coax the Gaw in front of the White Base. As the White Base attacks the Gaw Char hides in the shadows laughing at Garma's stupidity.

...And the Gaw goes out with a BANG! The White Base's attack is successful and the threat known as Zeon is gone for at least a little while.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 6!