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Mission 8

Char Returns

Mission 8

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Char's Z'Gok380AP1

Mission 8 Maps

Date: UC 11.30.0079
Corresponding Episode(s): 26-29

The White Base have finally made it to the base in Jaburo, but so has Char and he brought along a new toy too. Get ready for some action.

The White Base crew thinks they'll finally be able to rest too bad no one told them Char had come to crash their party.

While Sayla's out on a walk she comes across Char at this very moment is when they both realize that they are siblings. With Sayla not willing to capture/fight/kill her brother Char runs off into the night.

At the start of the mission a red mobile suit will zoom across the screen to destroy a GM. I wonder who's piloting that red mobile suit?

You'll be glad to here that after 7 missions of Zaku's that you won't find any in Jaburo. Char has brought with him a team of amphibious mobile suits, like this Acguy.

As you make your way across the mission you'll come across some Z'Gok's. Move in quickly to stop them from firing their mega-particle cannons at you.

In the North-West area Char in his Z'Gok awaits your confrontation.

After attacking the Z'Gok it will fly off meaning time to hunt it down. While moving back through the areas all previous enemies reappear. After causing close to 500 AP damage to Char he'll fly off for good.

After yet another defeat at the hands of the Gundam Char returns to his ship, holding his head in disgrace.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 9!