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Mission 9


Mission 9

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Rick Dom180AP2
Rick Dom200AP1
Rick Dom234AP4
Rick Dom264AP1
Rick Dom288AP1
Rick Dom324AP1
Zaku II180AP2
Zaku II200AP1
Zaku II264AP4
Zaku II288AP4
Zaku II with Bazooka180AP1
Zaku II with Bazooka200AP1
Zaku II with Bazooka234AP3
Zaku II with Bazooka264AP1

Mission 9 Maps

Date: UC 12.04.0079
Corresponding Episode(s): 31-32

This mission's boss will be the first mobile armor you have faced thus far, and there will be more of them in missions to come.

For this mission your Guntank will be replaced with a brand new Guncannon. Make sure you use all of the Guntank's pts. on the new Guncannon.

Jaburo was a good break from the Zaku's but now they're back and there are plenty to make up for Jaburo.

There are 2 MAG's in this mission. One is at the Northern border of area 9-2 and another in the South-Eastern part of are 9-9.

In areas 9-4 and 9-9 you'll have your first battle with the Rick Doms. What is a Rick Dom you might ask. A Rick Dom is a space version of the Dom.

In area 9-9 you'll find an incredibly difficult Rick Dom, all of your attacks will do less than 010 damage and don't think that if your a high level that it makes a difference 'cause it don't.

You have three options when fighting this Dom. OPTION 1: Leave the Dom for now and finish off all other mobile suits and then come back, then you'll be able to deal an incredible amount of damage to it. OPTION 2: Call upon the Core Fighter's to attack, but they can damage you as well as the Dom. OPTION 3: Use your A-Guns and/or your B-Guns.

After you have wiped all remaining Zeon units out Amuro will receive word of a new Zeon unit in the area and decides he should check it out.

Amuro does in fact find something, an experimental mobile armor, prepare yourself for one helluva fight.

You have no choice except close combat, you can't out run it, and when it hits you it does about 50-100 damage to the Gundam plus knocking it back about 6-8 blocks.

The Zakrello has close to 550 AP, if and when you do destroy it pat yourself on the back, save, and catch a few zzzzz's and then come back for the next mission


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 10!