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Boss Tips

Meta Crab
This boss is tough because you're on a low level when you fight him. Make sure you are on at least level 8, or you'll have no chance beating him. Use attacks like Shot or Sword. Don't use Bomb because it takes too long to power back up after using it.

You should be on at least level 11 when you fight this boss. At the start of the battle use Axe. Once she uses that move where she clones herself use Bomb on the clones and they will die. The real Mamurana will remain. She should die after a couple of hits.

Big Eye
This boss is VERY tough even if your on a high level. Don't use Bomb on him, instead use Sword attacks or very powerful Celtist attacks. Watch out for his Laser attack, just before he uses it I recomend that you go to the back row because he usually misses you there.

Papamecha has a lot of different attacks but the one to look out for is that attack where he jumps in the air, that does a lot of damage. The other attacks aren't too powerful so they shouldn't take off too much damage. Don't use any Sword attacks on him because that does almost no damage, instead use Axe. If you go behind Papamecha and attack, it does a lot more damage, keep that in mind.

There's nothing too tough about this boss. A very powerful blow with an Axe takes off more damage than any other weapon. Bugbug's attacks aren't really anything to worry about. The only attack you should watch out for is it's zapping attack. Apart from that there shouldn't be any problems.

Blacktank is a very tough boss to defeat. You should be on at least level 30 if you want to destroy him. Some of his attacks are devistating like that attack where he rams into your robot, it can almost destroy your robot entirely. Another attack to watch out for is the air raid attack. The only tip I can give you here is use a fully powered Sword attack on him, that usually takes off over 100 damage.

DeRose has a LOT of HP so it does take a long time to defeate her. Her attacks aren't too powerful but they can do some damage. Don't use too many long range attacks, instead use mostly close range attacks. It does take a while to finish the battle but you should get there in the end.

Bugbug (again)
This is the second battle with Bugbug. His attacks are the same, again watch out for that zapping attacks. I suggest you use the same tactics as the first time you fought him. His HP and power have increased so keep that in mind as you battle him.

You should have very high defense and speed whilst fighting Gateau. His attacks are powerful but they will either miss or not take off much HP (thats if you did what I said). This battle is a lot easier than the second time you fight him. At the start of the battle use Bomb to wipe out the soldiers next to him then use Blade or Axe.

Gateau (final battle)
The second time you fight Gateau it's a lot tougher. Make sure you have very high defense. He just doesn't seem to stop attacking and his attacks are unbelievably powerful. When I fought him I found that using Blade attacks seemed very useful. He has high HP so it takes a long while to defeat him but you should be able to beat him.

Name Data Reward
Mamurana50.0stone 2
Bigeye70.0stone 3
Papamecha30.03500GP, key
De Rose50.03000GP, blow 2
Bugbug again40.0---
Gateau (final battle)------

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