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Item Effect Cost From
Scrap A------Napoleon
Scrap 1---1000GPShop
Scrap 2---1000GPShop
Scrap 3---1000GPShop
Scrap 4---1000GPShop
Scrap 5---1000GPShop
Scrap 6---1000GPShop
Scrap 7---1000GPShop
Scrap 8---1000GPShop
Scrap 9---1000GPShop
Scrap 10---1000GPShop
SmokeEscape from battle20GPShop
CureRestores HP60GPShop
CleanHeals any abnormal status100GPShop
RepairRestores life300GPShop
BigBombUse on enemy in battle200GPShop
TranscieverCall Nagisa---Nagisa
SurpriseHornAlerts hackers---Akibarah
DrillDrills through weak walls---Cave
GlassesLets you see invisible objects/enemies. (Berets, Ninjas, and Masker) 10GP to inventHacker base
ChangeTurn into mouse---Inlet
LightHelps you see in dark areas---Flavon
RelayLets you speak to animals10GP to inventFlavon
CyberJackLets you go inside computers10GP to inventFortress
LetterLetter to Carl---Carl's dad
LithoMessage to Carl's dad---Carl
Leader's badgeFools hackers into thinking your their leader---MetaCrab
RedJarDisables reactor---Chief
YellowJarDisables reactor---Chief
BlueJarDisables reactor---Chief
KeyOpens locked doors------
Stone 1Piece of tetron---MetaCrab
Stone 2Piece of tetron---Mamurana
Stone 3Piece of tetron---BigEye


Weapon Cost Attack Notes
Bomb 1400GP+10N/A
Bomb 21000GP+20Hits all enemies in battle
Bomb 31400GP+28Hits all enemies in battle
Bomb 42000GP+37Hits all enemies in battle
Sword 1200GP+5N/A
Sword 2400GP+15N/A
Sword 31000GP+20Is able to collect items during battle
Sword 42000GP+40Attacks all enemies with lightning in battle
Shot 1200GP+4Long range weapon
Shot 2500GP+10Long range weapon
Shot 31000GP+32Long range weapon
Punch 1200GP+12N/A
Punch 2500GP+24N/A
Punch 3360GP+48N/A
Blade 11000GP+10N/A
Blade 22000GP+20N/A
Blade 34000GP+25Weapon becomes a lot stronger as you level up
Blade 46000GP+55Weapon becomes a lot stronger as you level up
Hammer 1200GP+8Is able to knock enemies away from you
Hammer 26000GP+10Is able to knock enemies away from you
Hammer 31500GP+24Is able to knock enemies away from you
Blow 1480GP+15Long range weapon
Blow 2640GP+32Long range weapon
Blow 3800GP+64Long range weapon
Celtis 1500GP+12Long range weapon
Celtis 21000GP+24Long range weapon
Laser 11000GP+25Attacks all enemies in battle
Laser 22000GP+35Attacks all enemies in battle
Laser 35000GP+45Attacks all enemies in battle


Armor Cost Defense Notes
Shield 1400GP+8N/A
Shield 2500GP+12N/A
Shield 31000GP+16N/A
Shield 44000GP+20N/A
Shield 53000GP+35N/A
Boots 1200GP+0Increases your speed
Boots 21000GP+0Increases your speed
Boots 31200GP+2Increases your speed
Boots 41600GP+4Critically increases your speed as you level up
Boots 52000GP+16Critically increases your speed as you level up
Boots 64000GP+6Critically increases your speed as you level up
Empty pack20GP+1N/A
Power pack3000GP+5N/A
Shield pack5000GP+10N/A
Turbo pack3000GP+2N/A
Solar pack4000GP+5N/A
Quick pack5000GP+5N/A

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