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NAME: Hero
PROFILE: He uses his brain rather than brawn. He dreams of becoming a great inventor like his father, Dr. Akibarah.
NAME: Nagisa
PROFILE: An attractive blond-haired assistant. She will help the hero in many ways. She is actually an Android created by the Hero's father designed to look like his mother.
NAME: Mr. Robot
PROFILE: Our Hero's first invention. While he may not look like much, an Oil Drum as a matter of fact, he is quite strong. With a little tinkering, he could become a reliable partner.
NAME: Commander
PROFILE: The lowest-ranking member of the Hacker gang. He is a pitiful man who is destined to always follow the orders of his superiors. When he loses a battle or his weakness is exposed, he often runs away. He can act foolishly at times and lacks spirit. He is a good opponent to test Robots on.
NAME: Dr. Akibarah
PROFILE: The father of the hero. Dr. Akibarah is a world famous inventor, he can create a wide range of inventions from vacuums to robots. Dr. Akibarah gets kidnapped by the hackers and is forced to work. During the game the hero must save him.
NAME: Mint
PROFILE: Mint is the top reportor in Rococo. She will go to the ends of the Earth (or Quintenix) just to find the top story, but she is the most annoying character in the game since she keeps running off.
NAME: Dr. Einst
PROFILE: Dr. Einst is a scientist who works for the Mayor of Rococo. Even though he may look like a normal scientist he is pure evil. Later on in the game you will discover that Dr. Einst is the hackers' leader.
NAME: Kotetsu
PROFILE: Kotetsu is a very mysterious character. You meet him in a Cave near Rococo as a prisoner. He becomes your friend when you free him. Kotetsu helps you through many parts of the game. Kotetsu has no problems with you, he just doesn't like Mint.
NAME: Rose
PROFILE: At the start of the game, Rose is the Mayor's new intern. But as it turns out she actually works with Gateau.
NAME: Blackmore
PROFILE: Blackmore, the leader of the hackers. He may at first seem very evil but once he's in trouble he becomes very scared.
NAME: Rask
PROFILE: Rask comes from the planet of Choco. He is related to the hero and is a big help to him along his journey.
NAME: Cookie
PROFILE: Cookie is one of Rask's companions and is also from the planet Choco.
NAME: Gateau
PROFILE: Gateau, the very last boss in the game and also a very evil character. He flew to Quintenix along with Rask but he turned evil shortly after. He has a strange interest in the tetron...

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