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Inventors Friends

In Robotrek there are books that teach you how to invent certain things. They are called Inventor's Friends. In order to read these books you'll have to be on a certain level. Here is information about them and where you can find them in the game.

LevelWhat it teaches youWhere you find it
Level 1Boots 1Akibarah's house
Level 2Sword 1Hero's house
Level 3Shot 1Hero's house
Level 4Bomb 1Hero's house
Level 5Shield 1Hero's house
Level 6Hammer 1Hero's house
Level 7Punch 1Hero's house
Level 8Boots 2Old house
Level 9Axe 1Old house
Level 10Shield 2Old house
Level 11Power packOld house
Level 12Sword 2Hacker base
Level 13Punch 2Hacker base
Level 14Celtis 1Hacker base
Level 15Shield packAkibarah's house
Level 16Quick packHacker base
Level 17Bomb 2Hacker base
Level 18Power packHero's house
Level 19WeatherHero's house
Level 20VanishHero's house
Level 21SmokeRococo shop
Level 22CureRococo shop
Level 23CleanRococo shop
Level 24RepairHero's house
Level 25Laser 1Hacker base
Level 26Blade 1Hacker base
Level 27Blade 2Hacker base
Level 28Bomb 3Polon's house
Level 29Shot 3Polon's house
Level 30Shield 5Choco
Level 40Boots 6Choco
Level 50Bomb 4Choco
Level 60Laser 3Kirara library
Level 70Solar packKirara library
Level 80Blade 4Kirara library

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