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Game Basics

This is the page where I tell you all about the basics of Robotrek. Let's start out by saying even though everyone thinks this game is very poor and, well, rubbish, the game isn't too bad, let's just put it that way. I know that every review says Robotrek isn't a great game but for those who believe that, the game is very good once you play it so I suggest that those who haven't played Robotrek to get a version of a SNES emulator and give it a chance. Believe me the game is good (even though it's a little short) but still good.

The Battle System

The battle system in Robotrek is different to any other RPG I've played. You use robots to battle with. Without a robot you're dead. The Hero can carry 3 robots around with him but only 1 robot can fight at a time. You are able to equip the robots with armor and weapons which makes them stronger. The battles are turn-based.
During a battle there is a time limit on the top right corner of the screen. If you defeat the enemy(ies) and win the battle within the time limit you gain bonus experience points, or Megs of data as it's called in the game. If one of your robots dies another one automatically enters the battle until all of them have been destroyed. The battle system reminds me of the Pokemon battle system. If your robot is close to death the hero is able to throw items at it so it will heal itself. You can also move the robot around the field to get a better fighting position during the battle. The battle system is very original and strange but you'll get used to it within time.
NOTE: There are also mines on the battlefield. If you manage to punch them before the time runs out you may gain extra data, items or upgrades.
Like most RPG's there are back attacks where your back is facing the enemy in battle or vice versa. When this happens you can inflict much more damage to the enemy or the enemy can inflict much more damage to you.

The R&D

The R&D is a very original feature in Robotrek. What an R&D actually is, is a workshop for making robots. You will have to feed money into the machine that makes the robots to create them. Creating robots isn't the R&D's only purpose in the game though. You are also able to create items, combine items (more on that later), and mess around with the robots stats. The R&D can be found in Rococo town and other bizarre locations like in the middle of a dungeon. The R&D is a VERY useful feature in Robotrek.
There is also a portable R&D in the game that you are able to use when you level up. The only thing that is different about it is the fact that you can't create a robot using it.

In Game Controls

(from manual)

The functions of the controller vary depending on each screen. These are explanations for the functions used most often. All explanations are using the "default" configuration.

L button
This button is used primarily as a "Fast Play" button. It performs many of the same functions as the A BUTTON allowing you to play with one hand. It is not used in the Function or Name Entry screens.

Control pad
Used to move the character and the cursor.

Select button
Brings up the Functions Screen.
Rearranges items in your inventory.
Switches view points in the World map screen.
Switches Robots in the battle screens.

R button
Cycles through different windows in the Functions Screen.

X button
when you press this button it will bring up the Functions Screen.

B button
Cancels selections and closes current Window.
Erases a letter in the Name Entry screen.
Makes the Hero walk faster.
Charges the Attack bar faster.

Start button
Used to pause the game during Field and Battle screens.

Y button
This button allows you to use the item you have selected.

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