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The Secret Library
Once you have the spaceship and you are able to go into space, there is a hidden planet with a secret library on it. When you leave the planet Quintenix Head up for about 9-10 spaces and then head right for about 6 spaces. In the secret library is the ENTIRE collection of the Inventor's friends books! Including level 60-80!

The Fever Flower
Once you have obtained the blimp, head south-east to a small island. On this island is a small hut with Dr. Einst inside, talk to him and leave. From there head west to another small island. On this island there are two people from Rococo and the woman is very sick. Her husband explains that she needs the Fever flower to get over it. Head back to Dr. Einst and give him a scrap 7 and he will run off. Go behind his hut and search the tree on the left to obtain the Red flower. Take it back to the sick woman's husband and he will give you 3000GP!

The Mayor's house
When your in Rococo of the past, donate some money to the Mayor's house. Once your back in the present, enter the house and look at the wall on the left, it has a picture of you on it!

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