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The Past to Outer Space

You will wake up in your room and Akibarah will say it was all a dream. He also says he blew up the fortress with the laser. Head outside. People will be talking about a light falling by the cave so a policeman goes to take a look, follow him and turn into a mouse. Enter the cave. Use the drill and a girl named Tira will be there.
A man named Valet will appear and take you to his house. He explains that he and Tira are from the planet Choco and the hackers have launched an attack there. Valet will give you a spaceship and your father will give you the 3 tetron stones. So equip the spaceship and go into space! Go to Choco and follow the path to Valet. Give the tetron and the scrap A to the scientist and head south west to the lab. Gateau is there strangely enough but he's not dangerous since he has lost his memory. The scientist will tell you to wait while they do some research on the tetron stones.
Read all the books on the shelf and exit. Head for the living quarters. Talk to everyone you see here. Go back to Valet and a scientist will burst in saying the tetron, Tira and Gateau are missing! Talk to the soldier at the entrance and he says he saw Tira and Gateau leave in a spaceship. Valet recieves a telegram from Gateau saying he is the hacker ruler. You and three other people will be chosen to rescue Tira. Head for the dock and board the spaceship. You will be taken to the fortress.
On your way there you will be attacked by hackers. You will be knocked out unconsiece. You will wake up in a bed and at the side of you is Kotetsu. How did he get there? Go to the cockpit and talk to him. Suddenly Mint will enter. Sit down in the chair and get warped to the fortress. Kotetsu will lead you inside. Get on the conveyor belt, hop off, flick the switch, get back on and go through the mouse hole.
In this room there are 3 hackers talking. Suddenly an alarm is raised. Head through the door on the right and follow the path, Kotetsu will come in dressed as a hacker. He teaches you the red door password. Exit that room and go through the red door. Follow the path to the prisons and fight the hacker. Step on the switch to release Tira. Tira will lead you to a dead end and turn into Gateau. He fooled you. You will be taken down to the trash chute. Again follow the path. Once you get to a room with Mint inside, use relay to get rid of the mice.
Go through the mouse hole and you will end up in a room with a large computer. Step on the switch and go back to the elevator and talk to Mint. Step in the elevator and go to 3F. Head right and go through the door on the right again. Tunnel through the mouse hole and there will be hackers talking to each other. Go back through the pipes, exit the room and head south. Go to the bathroom and Blackmore will be taking a leak, or cleaning the toilets, not sure which one. Anyway, talk to him until he teaches you the yellow door password.
Open the yellow door which is located west of here. Equip the cyberjack and enter the computer. The path is very straight-forward from here. You will meet Bugbug again. After defeating him get out of there. Return to Blackmore and he will give you a key. Head outside which is to the right and open the locked door. Tira will be here. When you try to escape with her Gateau enters. Tira pushes him aside. Go outside and call for the spaceship. Go back to Choco.


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