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Chat Room Rules


The rules for the chat room will be enforced by the operators of the chat. They are the people at the top of the user list, with either a "@" before their name (in mIRC) or a red spider (the java applet). In terms of punishments, the general rule is this: First and second offenses will be accompanied by a verbal warning, a third offense will usually result in a kick from the chat, and further offenses can be met with either further kickings, or bannings depending on the nature of the offense. Depending on the offense, bannings may either be a temporary one, or after multiple or very significant offenses, one of indeterminate length may be assigned; it will lifted if and when the ops finds it appropriate. The chat operators have the final say on all disciplinary matters and they reserve the right to jump to the third or fourth offense if they deem it necessary. In general, if you keep your cool you'll find the chat room to be a rewarding, enjoyable and even hilarious place to hang out so just have fun.

Here Are Our Chat Room Rules

1. No excessive amounts of swearing or flaming, try to keep it slightly clean in there. Also, it is prohibited to use religion, culture, country of origin, political choice, race, or sexual orientation in a derragatory fashion.

2. This may just seem to be common sense, but overly attacking or insulting an operator or any user is not a good idea.

3. Try to be courteous to newcomers, you're all welcome in the chat. Basically, treat others as you'd like to be treated (*dies of cliché*)

4. No hacking, tampering, or otherwise "messing around" with the chat, it will not be tolerated. Practice your 1337 sk!11z elsewhere.

5. No away message bots, IRC pagers, MP3 or sound player scripts, or file servers allowed in the chat. In general, adhere to our Scripting Rules.

6. No spamming. This includes but is not limited to the following: Unwanted or excessive DCC requests to users, scripting such as Battle Bots, excessive advertising for other sites or chat rooms, solicitation of services, etc.

7. No tampering with other user accounts. In other words, things such as stealing another user's nickname, learning someone's password and tampering with their account, or impersonating another user for malicious reasons will not be tolerated.

8. Avoid begging an operator to use op commands, such as opping, kicking, etc, as it will most likely only bug him or her. If there are to be op commands used, it will be at our discretion, not yours.

9. There are to be no sexual solicitations, "yuriing," posting of porn links or extensive sexual discussion in #rpgclassics, keep it to a minimum. Do that kind of stuff in your own channel or in private messages.

10. Chat room operators (COPs, SOPs, AOPs) are solely responsible for rule enforcement on our chat and cannot be put on ignore. If you are a visitor with less than AOP status, please refrain from yelling at another user for violating a rule. If you are that concerned, please notify an op. Save your vigilantes for Death Wish sequels.

11. Do not chat with the sole aim of insulting a subject, person, or attempting to generally cause trouble. This is called trolling, and we don't like it.

If you have any problems, issues, etc in the chat room and can't resolve them there then please direct all complaints to our Chat Room Help Forum under RPGC Community.