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Adventures of Mabatsekker and Kat-Chi Sareas Part Four
by Mabatsekker

Part 4: Tremors in the workplace...

"Galadriel Merchants Guild.. time to get the paperwork done, even if it mean.. *glup*", Went Mabat inside his head. Meeting Zoliphian and her lackey would not make the paperwork easier, much less enjoyable, as it had been in the guild. The guildhouse had it's eastern wing demoslished in the raid by the goblins, abut luckily it was only a storage, so nothing important was destryed; In fact, the remaining parts of the wing were used in reconstructing the city walls, which proved a most satisfying deal with the mayor and the guildmaster. Mabat swung the door open, and all the employees were temporarily stunned, thinking it was Zoliphian, but they were relieved it was only Mabatsekker, perhaps the most enjoyable person to visit the place.

Mabat was greeted by pretty much everyone inside the main hall, which had the secretaries and the merchants discussing about the rates for building supplies, workhorses and whatever was needed to rebuild Galadriel. After seeing everyone back to their duties from their greets, decided Maba to go to the guildmasters office to sign the necessary contracts for the caravan, and to check up the line-up of people joining the bodyguard.

"Hello there, young Dermin! Finally made up your mind about the vacancy, I see?", asked Cherico, the dwarven guildmaster of the Galadriel post. He was a respected fingure in the city, by his generostiy, and his skills as a tactician which helped in their part to save the city from utter destruction. "I'm up to it, especially since Kat woke up this morning!" Mabat replied with a sound of confidence in his mind. Chericho'sfacial features lightened up noticeably as Maba mentioned this. "Good going! Looks like I'll have you two in the line-up after all!", the dwarf begun. "I was kinda afraid to send Ms Zoliphian and Kent alone to escorting the girl to..."

Cherico was about to continue, but the outside door was slammed open VERY hard. The silence was almost feelable, as the employees outside silenced as Zoliphian stepped inside. It wasn't really known if the silence was one of loathing, respect or distrust, no-one knows, but as the darkskinned felinish woman walked in, and past the people, the workers went back to what ever they were working on. After Zoliphians steps, walked in a rather tall, blonde muscular man. He had a band cast over his left eye, and in the middle of his forehead shone a rather nasty scratchwound, probably caused by a goblin morningstar. He quietly walked after Zoliphian and then swung the door open to the Guildmasters office, allowing Zoliphian to enter. Without a word, he stepped inside and noted Maba, nodding to greet him. Maba sensed something was wrong with him, as his head was lower than usual when walking in the vicinity of Zoliphian.

"I see Sir "Graveldigger" is here, Cherk! Our late arrival is explained by Gar's additional bandaging after I picked him up from the medics. Sriously, sometimes I even wonder how he could get his stupid head in such a mess.." Zoliphian started to explain, but Gar coughed, and nodded towards Cherico who was looking rather stern at the duo's arrival. "Ahem, Ms Zol, Mr Kent, as I was explaining to Mr Dermin here, you two will be joined by him and Ms Sareas to escort the girl from the orphanage to Naltis Towers. As Previously mentioned, the payed sum will be 250 gold, plus additional bonuses based on a conducted basis."Cherico continued after his disturbance, but Mabat raised a hand to ask a question: "A girl? I thought we had a supply caravan to take care of? What is the purpose of this caravan anyway?", he asked. Cherico raised an eyebrow in a questioning manner, and replied: "that I do not know, but based on a few letters we've had, the girl has been found to be in danger here, and she has a family waiting in the towers."

Zoliphian interrupted: "What? A silly babysitting mission? I thought we had something real to do!?" Cherico coughed, and continued: "That'd be too late for you, since you signed the papers yesterday, contracting you and mr Kent to this mission, and you didn't even ask the details!" Zoliphian frowned, her ears dropping noticeably lowers from inside her hair, and replayed the events in her head: "What? Dermin and Sareas to be comissioned? Lemme in it too! I don't care whatever it is, just sign me in!", she had eagerly shouted at Cherico on the previous day, as any chance to best Maba and his girlfriend were a challenge to her.

Looking back now, the mission didn't seem like much to her. "I call the quits! Gar, c'mon, let's.." Zoliphian was about to exit, but Cherico stepped up with a glint in his eye: "You do remember the fines for breaking a contract, don't you?" Zoliphian was petrified; (DOH DOH DOH DOH), she went over and over in her head, and turned around: "Just kidding, okay? just tell us when were leaving and we'll deliver the br.. child to his.." "Her", interrupted Maba with a smirk on his face. "Her family, with 100% efficency!" Zoliphian ended with a hint of disgust in her tone of voice.

Gar just kept staring up, and was preparing to open the door, as Cherico asked what was really wrong with Gar. "He's got a throat injury. Nothing serious, but he can't talk in a while.. well, he can, but a few sentences is too much for his throat, which keeps him from blabbing us into silly quests like babysitting.. And by the way, we have an appointment with my Da.. the Mayor, so we have to split", said Zoliphian in a rather quick manner. Gar sweatdropped and opened to door, allowing the both of them to exit. Cherico and Maba both waited for the entry door to shut, sighed with relief and laughe dat eachother, and then they went on signing the contract, marking himself and Kat-Chi as two of the five appointed guardians for the trip. Maba didn't bother asking about the fith one, since anyone, ANYONE else couldn't be as annoying as Zoliphian. Heck, Maba even felt sorry for Gar to be left around Zol, but those two had things going well.. in their own way, of course. Still relieved from Zoliphian leaving, he exited the room, said his bye's and greets from Kat, he proceeded to going back to the Cathedral to explain Kat-Chi the ins and outs of the mission, besides, he wanted to find out who the escortable girl was, and what her name was...

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