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Mission 15


Mission 15

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Zaku II
Zaku II with Flamethrower

Mission 15 Maps

Date: UC 10.09.0079

I guess some congratulations are in order. If you made it thus far, Congratulations! If you just skipped on over here then get back to UC0079, where you belong.

You're in for a treat! If you DID beat the 0079 timeline then you already know that the Gundam was destroyed. Hmm...what's this? Looks like the Federation has been constructing another Gundam.

A new Zeon mobile suit and you get to fight it! I bet you're bustling with excitement. If you are now you won't be later.

It seems that they're looking to infiltrate the Federation's desert base that is holding the new Gundam! If you haven't figured it out yet then you're going to get to be the lucky person that has to hold them off. Joy!

Ever wondered why I told you to level the two Guncannons up? Well I hope you did because those are the only two suits that you get for this mission.

The Efreet, the new Zeon mobile suit, is accompanied by four Zaku's, but two of them fly off. Wonder what they're up to?

For some strange reason there are three Zaku's to fight instead of two. Two of those will fly to the second area where after you defeat them there they'll fly off for good. The Efreet's long rang weapon is... a shotgun and oh the damage it can do.

Its close attack involves a weapon you haven't seen since Mission 7 a heat saber like the one the Gouf used and it's a whole lot more powerful.

Even though all you have is two Guncannons defeating the Efreet is easy IF you got them to high levels as I had suggested you'll do fine. You will however have to chase him down until he runs off.

Once that little bit of "business" is taken care of, you get to see where the other two Zaku's ran off to. It seems that they have infiltrated the Federations base if you watch the dialouge you'll notice there is a RX-78XX that appears in it or just look at one of the crates in the background.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 16!