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Mission 7

The Black Trinary

Mission 7

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
(Mash & Ortega)
Zaku II140AP6
Zaku II162AP6
Zaku II180AP2
Zaku II200AP2
Zaku II with Bazooka140AP1
Zaku II with Bazooka162AP5
Zaku II with Bazooka180AP3
Zaku II with Bazooka200AP1
Zaku II with Cannon162AP1
Zaku II with Cannon180AP1
Zaku II with Flamethrower140AP1
Zaku II with Flamethrower200AP1

Mission 7 Maps

Date: UC 11.08.0079
Corresponding Episode(s): 24

After the White Base's rendezvous with the Medea, Zeon launches an attack on both the White Base and the Medea and you must stop the attackers!

Ah a peaceful night, but what's this Zeon mobile suits closing in?!?!?!? AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Deploy the Gundam immediately!

This mission is filled to the rim with Zaku's of all shapes and sizes. If you look at the map you'll notice that you're in a "night" version of Mission 4

Moving up from the starting area you'll start to encounter Gouf's. These Gouf's however are not any where near as powerful as Ramba Rol's was, but they both share some of the same attacks.

After clearing about 6 of the 9 areas Bright contacts you and tells you to get over to the Medea, because there are three new mobile suits attacking it.

These are three prototype Dom's that are being piloted by a trio of ace pilots, the "Black Trinary".

Amuro gets to the Medea the same time as the "Black Trinary" does, but they begin their attack on the Medea before he is able to stop them. They then see the Gundam and figure there's probably a handsome bonus in store for them if they destroy it.

Every turn the will come down at you one after another and perform their famous Jet Stream attack. Afterwards you have one turn in which to damage them before they run off.

These Dom's aren't very difficult if your at high levels. You'll want to take out one of the Dom's quickly so they'll stop their "Jetstream Attack". Gaia(the leader) I believe has the least AP so destroy him first.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 8!