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Rococo to Cave Mouth

At the start of the game you will have to select a name for the main character, call him whatever you like.
You will start the game in bed but suddenly Akibarah wakes you up. Now you take control of your character. Go to the bottom of the screen and talk to Nagisa.
Leave the house and head north to the Mayor's house. Speak to him.
Go and talk to Dr. Einst, he tells you that you're too young for him to teach. Head back to your house and take a look at the book on the table.
After reading the book, Nagisa will lead you down to the basement where you can build your robot. After building it, name it and give it stats. TIP: make sure that his HP and his Power are quite high. You can also select its color.
Head out of Rococo and go to your fathers house. A soldier will be there but Akibarah sends him away. Talk to your father and he will give you the surprise horn.
Go outside, the soldier will approach you saying that he wants to take you hostage. Now you will enter your first battle. As you can see it's very different from any other RPG battle system. After winning, head back to Rococo and the policeman will tell you that all the children have disappeared.
Go back into the world map and a new path should appear. Go to the Forest. The battles here are relatively easy but you may have to use a couple of cures.
After the Forest, head to the River. The battles here are about the same as in the forest. Nothing special happens here.
The next area is the cave. Before entering fight some more battles to gain more data, you should be over Lv.2. Dr. Einst tries to blow up the wall and rescue the children but he fails. Leave the cave and turn left, go up the stairs and fall down the hole. Continue until you find the rusty drill. Once you have that let the river take you out of the cave and head back to Rococo where you can combine the drill with a clean.
Go back to the cave and use the drill to break through the collapsed rubble. Once you get to the stream go to the far right and cross it. Enter the chamber and use the surprise horn to hear the kids' cries. Swim down the river to the next chamber and drill through the hole to rescue the kids, go back to Rococo.
Talk to the mayor and he will give you a lot of GP for rescuing the children. If you have enough GP make a new robot, it costs 3000GP, but if you haven't then do it another time. Go back to the cave.
In the cave there's a policeman by the boxes. He says the bombs that were in the boxes have been stolen. Continue to the chamber with the large puddle in the centre and there's a hole in the floor with some rope leading down. Down here you will find soldiers (or hackers). You will come to a room where there is a crab like soldier talking to 2 hackers. They leave through the door, follow them.
Just keep following the passages, it's pretty straight-forward. You should come to a slave with a ball and chain. When he distracts the hacker go on the cart. When you arrive at the boiler room just raise the temperature until the door opens and that's when you meet the crab soldier. He's passed out taking a shower because it was too hot. Grab the key and leave.
Go all the way back to the guy you met with the ball and chain and give him the key. Now go back to the door you passed with the hacker guarding it (you know, the one just after the hole and the rope). Talk to the hacker a couple of times and he will fight you. After you beat him go through the door. Just before the boss there's a skull and bones, just like on Zelda, go through that door and fight Meta crab. If you only have one robot this is a good time to go back and build another one. It is also essential to have a lot of cures when fighting him, he is quite tough.
After defeating the Meta crab he will turn into a normal crab. Go back to Rococo and maintain or program your robots. Carl is waiting for you in your house. Talk to him and he will give you Stone 1.


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