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Cave Mouth to Old House

After leaving the house Nagisa will tell you to go to your father's house to look for Kurongane (the cat). You will see 2 hackers acting suspiciously and then leave. Enter the house and walk up to the cabinet where the cat is. You will find a letter from your father. After reading it go to the tomb stone and open it. The inside is a maze. Take the middle path and follow it all the way until you come to a room where there's a freaky looking guy. He will tell you to go to the Forest of Illusion.
Go to the Forest of Illusion. I can't really help you here but just keep on going forward, don't go back or you'll get lost. You will come to a lost person, her name is Mint. She leads you to an old house.
Go inside the house and a strange ghost like figure gives you a room to sleep in. Whilst asleep you have a dream about Rask giving the piece of tetron to the count. Go out of the bedroom and follow the ghost like figure, don't let him see you because he turns around now and again. He vanishes into a door. After listening to him speak, enter that door.
Mint will tell you to go back to your room. Leave the room and come back in and read the book on the shelf. Now fall down the hole and kill the 4 monks. Continue into the next room to find an old man who knew your father. He wants you to find his dog Parsley. Continue on until you get outside. Continue and Prinky should appear. He tells you that the dog is inside the next room. Equip stone 1 and the dog will follow you out. Go back to Flavon and talk to him, he will give you the light.
Go back outside the room where you found Parsley and go through the door on the left. It leads to the western hall. In the hall there are hackers, continue until you reach a room with a robot inside.
Check the coffin and you'll recieve a sword 2! Go back down the well and go up to the wall where there's supposed to be a hidden door but there isn't, right. Wrong. Move over two spaces to the left and shine your light, a secret passage will open. Step on the switch and go through the newly opened door. You will see hackers talking. They are really scared. Use the surprise horn and they will run away leaving the door free to walk through. There will be a room where Mint is being guarded by a hacker, switch the light on and off a couple of times and he will run off scared. Talk to Mint and she will run off again. Go back outside the room where you found the dog and Prinky will appear thanking you. Go into the room and the locked door has now been opened and an R&D is inside!
Go back to the west hall and Flavon is in the first bedroom on the left. Defeat the hacker and Flavon gives you relay. Go to the R&D and invent the relay. Parsley is outside the well. Talk to him. Look at the south end of the well and you'll find the key to the clock tower.
Go back to the west hall and head right. There's a door there that leads straight to the entrance. Go to the clocktower and open it with the key. Flick the switch to open the locked door. Go to the right and keep going down until you reach a plaque with a switch by its side. Flick the switch and leave. Go back two screens and that door that was locked before will have opened. Fall down the gap and head up. You'll see Mint with a mouse, use the relay. The mouse will go away and so will Mint. Go back to the room where you unlocked the door (the one leading to the gap in the floor) and a new door should be accessible. Go through the door on the left and flick the switch, Go through the newly unlocked door. Flick the switch in here and go through the door and you will see dolls but they will push you back. Go in again and a doll will approach you but the mouse you spoke to a couple of minutes ago will push her back. Climb down the chain, flick the switch and go through the unlocked door.
The doll will turn into Mamurana and this is the second boss of the game. Keep using shot 2 or sword 2. When it multiplies into 3, use bomb 2 (if you have it). After defeating her you will recieve Stone 2.


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