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Old House to Hacker Base

Flavon will take you back to Rococo and will tell you that he and your father went to look for the tetron and Akibarah got kidnapped by the hackers. He also tells you that there might be a tetron stone in the South isle.
Go to the port and take the boat to the South isle. Speak to the island guide and he will lead you to his village. Mint should be there so speak to her. She says that she, along with other people got an invitation to the island but everyone has disappeared, maybe this has something to do with the hackers. Go into the elders house and you'll see the shaman arguing with the elder about the Diety. After that is over go to the shaman's house and he'll be doing some sort of ritual. Gather information around the village and you will find out that the Diety lives in a volcano and the ground shakes when he is angry.
Get some rest at the inn and you will have a strange dream about a robot being on the volcano. The next day, talk to the island guide and he will take you to the volcano. When you arrive, fall down the large hole to access the volcano cave. You will get a message on the screen saying that you are some sort of sacrifice. Continue into the next room and walk the narrow path-way into the next room.
You should end up in some sort of hackers' hideout. The hacker will take you to a new room. There you find out that all those people with invitations who disappeared, ended up here. Do you see that switch on the wall? Press it and the conveyor belt will turn the other way which gives you access to the next room. This part is tricky. Sneak past all the hackers to get into the next room, a bit like Metal Gear. TIP: Stay behind the guard all the time to make it a lot easier. In the new room (the bathroom) the hacker there will give you a stamp. Go back to the guard by the conveyor belts and flick the switch, and remember to stay behind him. Follow the conveyor belts until there's one thats going in the wrong direction. Head south of the screen to flick another switch that sends you into a new area. The hacker will let you pass because you have a stamp on your hand. Continue until you reach the boss door which is locked. Listen through the key hole and you'll find that Dr. Einst from Rococo is the hackers' boss!
Go back to the bathroom and there should be a hacker walking around the room, you shortly find out it's Kotetsu! (you know, the guy you met in the cave). Anyway, Kotetsu takes you down the garbage chute and you'll end back up in the volcano. Just keep heading south from here. Continue, it's very straight-forward from here. Continue until you reach the shaman's house.
Talk to the elder, he says that the Diety is good but the shaman says that he wants a pretty girl to be sacrificed. Mint volunteers to be that pretty girl to find out whats going on. The villagers carry you out in a box. In the volcano some hackers come and take you to the directors room where Dr. Einst proclaims that he is the Diety. Grab the key and follow him.
Dr. Einst went to the bathroom so go there. Mint will tell you to look for him. Go into the bathroom and you will be transported into a completely different area. You will be ambushed by hackers so fend them off. There's no place to go here so head back and talk to Mint but she'll just walk off again. Go to that room with the mouse and the locked door. Open the door with the key. Go to the kitchen in the lunch room and talk to the chef, he wants you to take something to the R&D room. Get out of the lunch room and go through the other door. Head all the way north and head west to get to the R&D room. Knock on the door to enter.
Check the book to get the chameleon glasses, now go into R&D and invent the glasses. Equip them and you can now see things that you normally couldn't see with the naked eye. Things such as the trip wires along the ground which activates security. Go back to the bathroom and transport back to where the locked boss room was. You are now able to enter through the invisible door, just like in the picture on the left. Read the two books on the shelf and then read the book on the table. Dr. Einst will enter the room and turn you into a mouse. Go through the small mouse hole. Run through the pipes and when you get out, go through the mouse hole outside the earthquake machine room. In there you'll find Mint.
Mint will be terrified of you because your a mouse, talk to her a couple of times and Kotetsu will walk in. Kotetsu tells you to get some money from the treasure room and he will turn you back to normal. Go to the pipe that leads to the R&D and there will be two mice blocking the way. They tell you to feed the other mice. Go to the kitchen in the lunchroom and fight the guy there. When you beat him, tunnel your way back to those two mice and they will let you through. You will reach a room with treasure in. Go back to Kotetsu and give him the cash, head back to the place where you turned into a mouse and Kotetsu will turn you back to normal. Head back to the earthquake machine and press the right switch 3 times and the left switch twice. Now Mint will appear and you both escape.
You will end up back in the volcano. Leave and return to the village. When you arrive the first thing you should notice is that everyone who lives in the village have turned into mice. Head for the elders house and the shaman will be there explaining his actions. After the evil shaman gets turned into a mouse the two servants will take you to the shrine. When they leave, Dr. Einst will turn up and go past you. Hit the switch and take the door on the left. To the right there's an item. By the item there's a secret door, inspect it and it will open. Continue to the boss room and fight the boss: big eye. When fighting him, use strong attacks like Sword 4. I recommend that you should be on at least level 20 or over to beat this boss.
After defeating big eye, talk to the robot, he will tell you his name is Napoleon. He helps you escape. When he collapses to the ground he turns into scrap A. Go back to the village. Go talk to the Elder and he will tell you the villager outside the inn saw someone leave the village in a hurry. Talk to the villager outside the inn and exit the village, a new area should be available.


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