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Hacker Base to Snow Mountain

At the Inlet open the treasure thing to get change. A message will appear on the screen saying you have to return to Rococo as soon as possible, so go back immediately. Enter your house and you will get arrested for stealing the tetron. Apparently the tetron belongs to the Mayor. To escape from the cell use the surprise horn to get the policeman to come in, quickly switch to change to turn into a mouse and the policeman will think you've escaped. Go through the open cell door. Return home and Carl will be there. He'll tell you that there's a secret way in to the Mayors residence. Head to the western side of town and you'll see a very small hut. Carl will be inside, you both break the door down at the back of the house. You should end up in a tunnel (looks like the sewers to me though). It's all straight forward from here. Get to a room with a treasure capsule in and a dead end, turn into a mouse and go through the pipes. Continue.
At the top of the room there's a door that leads to a locked door, remember it's location. Continue on through the other door and you'll find the key, now you can open that locked door with it. There is a point where you'll have to drill a weak wall down with your drill to get a key (sorry, I cant really remember this part). At the end, climb up the rope to get to the Mayor's house.
A hacker is guarding the door to the office so talk to Mint at the entrance. Turn into a mouse and crawl through the ventilator. There should be another hacker here guarding a locked door. Talk to him a couple of times and fight him, don't worry, he's really weak. Turn into a mouse now and go through the other ventilator, left of the other locked door. After tunneling your way through the pipes, you will end up in the Mayor's room. Talk to the Mayor to find out that the other Mayor is a fake and someone called Rose took two of the stones but the Mayor hid the other one. Go back to where Mint was and she will run off again. When she comes back she is really angry. Go outside and there is a dog to the right of you. Use relay to speak to it and it will follow you. Talk to Mint and she has a plan on how to expose the fake mayor. Take the dog to the Mayor's office.
The fake mayor comes clean and you enter the fourth boss battle, Papamecha. You should be on at least level 23 or 24. His attacks are quite powerful but he is lacking in defence. He shouldn't be too much trouble for you. Search his desk to find the key to the room where the real mayor is.
Once you have rescued the mayor the tetron stone is in the fireplace to the left and near the entrance to the once locked room. Suddenly the stone gets stolen off you by a creepy presence. Mint arrives. Go to the roof to find Rose (Mint will tell you where the roof is). On the roof Rose will just disappear.
At the entrance to your house there are some kids talking about a crab and then they run off to the the port, follow them. At the port, look who it is, Meta crab. Talk to the kids surrounding him and they will let him go for a price. Give them the surprise horn and they will let him go. Talk to the fisherman and take the boat on the right to Snow Mountain.


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