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Snow Mountain to the Past

The Snow mountain is relatively easy. Climb the two left ropes to the top of the mountain and then climb the final rope to get to the base entrance. Enter the base and go through the door that isn't locked. Talk to the people here and they will say Dr. Akibarah is here somewhere in the base and he is the blimp designer. Get the key from the next room and open the locked door in the hall.
There will be a bathroom around in here but there's nothing to do there. Head south from the bathroom and you will end up outside. You'll see a group of hackers sitting down to a feast and it looks like they are going to execute and eat Meta crab. Turn into a mouse to get passed the guarding hacker. Talk to the hackers around the table for a while and they will recognize you and attack. Meta crab will crawl over to you after the battle and give you the leader's batch. Now you can proceed through the main building.
Proceed to the room where Carl's dad is, (he's an inventor). He will say your father has been taken somewhere else. He will give you a letter to Carl so go all the way back to Rococo (i know it's a bitch) and give it to him. Once he receives it he gives you the litho, give it to his father. It's actually a blueprint for fixing the blimp. You will be taken outside and his father gives you the blimp! Use the blimp to get to the fortress. Once inside head straight for a room with two hackers guarding two rooms. Equip the leader's batch and talk to the hacker at the top of the stairs and he will let you through.
Your father will be in this room. The leader of the hackers, Blackmore, starts talking. After the speech everyone leaves the room. Now all of the guards have disappeared. The door at the end of the room is free to use. There are two locked doors in this area so just go through the open door to the east. There's another locked door here and a mouse hole right beside it. You know what to do by now. After going through the pipes you'll see Blackmore and Rose shouting at Dr. Akibarah for not understanding the power of the tetron. But the "weapon" is completed. Look in the chest to find a key. Use the key on the nearest locked door.
Soon enough you will come to a room with two UFO type things and if you get spotted by them a squad of guards will ambush you. Make sure you don't get spotted and continue. In this large room walk through the door to the north (not up the stairs). Continue past the room with two facemen in and you should come to a room with three hackers inside. Talk to the hacker in the middle, that's Dr. G and he will tell you he needs a test subject so turn into a mouse and talk to him again. After the little test he disappears into the computer. Look in the book and go to the next room which is an R&D and invent the cyberjack. Head to the room just west of here and equip the cyberjack and go inside the computer.
In the computer there is an ice cube looking thing stuck in the swirly pads, these are warp points. Go to the second warp point to the right and transport to a new area. Go up the corridor and you will see two warp points, take the one on the left and you will see Dr. G and his accomplice. Now, do the reverse the directions I've given you to lead him out of there. Or you can just go on the warp point to the left :).
Dr. G will give you a key. Now use that key on the locked door in the flooded area just ahead. You will see a large computer behind the locked door. Equip the cyberjack and go in. Proceed to the robot named Bugbug, he was the one who brainwashed your father. After Bugbug is defeated your father's memory should have returned. Step on the warp point and make your way out.
Go to the south of the flooded room and proceed to a lab where Dr. Akibarah is. He tells you that he created the laser and Blackmore is going to target Rococo with it. Follow him. He'll lead you to a lab. Head south west of the lab and enter a computer room with a lever on the wall. Pull the lever. Head back to the computer room where you fought Bugbug, on your way back soldiers will just magically appear in front of you forcing you to fight so watch out. Just outside the computer room are a set of stairs that were flooded earlier, head down them. Proceed to a giant computer room where Rose and Blackmore are. They'll be talking about the tetron. Blackmore will spot you and will fight you. Now you are in a battle with Blacktank. The battle is a tough as he uses powerful attacks and he can use a chain of them. Just make sure you have a lot of cures.
After Blackmore is defeated follow Rose. You will have to run past a corridor of Knights which have high armor and you will come to the boss room. Rose is in here. Suddenly Blackmore bursts in and the room gets destroyed by the laser. You will now be in Past Rococo.
Talk to a couple of the town's people here and leave. A new path will open leading to the forest. Cut through the forest and the river, just like at the start of the game, and you will reach the past cave mouth. Enter the cave and you will spot a hacker attacking a woman. The hacker spots you and he calls himself a theft ring member. After the strange battle the woman approaches you, her name is Polon and she claims to have rescued you from the river. In her house there's a sick man in bed. When you talk to him he says he doesn't want to give you anything. Go to the shop and the woman there keeps calling you Rask, and she said something about Gateau. I can't tell you why just yet so go to the forest of illusion. Go to the area where Igor and Prinky are arguing about where to build the mansion. Put on the glasses and you'll see a spaceship. Enter. Napoleon the robot will be there and he will tell you to take him to Rask, go back to the sick man in Rococo.
The sick man in bed is Rask. He tells you that his spaceship crashed and Polon stole the tetron. Napoleon runs off to the cave. Go to the cave. Drill your way through two walls to get a repair and something else. Now go back to the spaceship and talk to the one named Cookie. You will find out that Rask, Cookie and Gateau travelled to Quintenix from another planet. Go back to the cave and there will be a hacker wandering around. Turn yourself into a mouse and he will open the sealed door, follow him. You will hear the voice of Rose and she will say that this is 100 years in the past. You drop down a hole. Fight your way through to a room where a hacker and Napoleon are. The hacker will attack you. After the fight use a repair on Napoleon. Naploeon will follow you and provide light. Go to the left of the screen and break down the wall. Grab the light.
Continue to Rask's broken spaceship, Napoleon will run away. Look in the chest above to get the drill. Head down the stairs. There is an R&D to the north which is helpful but the way to go is south. Head to the upper right of the screen and use the drill on the wall. Follow the path to the boss room and you will meet Rose, and Gateau. You will see Rose's past through the tetron (so Rose was that woman who was with the Mayor all the time). Anyway, you will enter a fight with DeRose. The battle isn't too tough but her speed is very good. You should be able to defeat her if you're on a reasonably high level. After the battle, leave. Return to Rask and Cookie will be there. She receives a message from Napoleon and goes back to the spaceship. Follow her. Gateau takes off in the ship, speak to him and he will try to control time with the tetron.


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