Get Wise: Season 1

Episode Description
Episode 1: Mr. Shorty The first episode of Get Wise. For those who watch Get Smart, and for those who don't, I think you'll like this.
Episode 2: Assult on Control After the first episode ends, Control decides to throw a party in honor of those who helped defeat SYCO. But, what happens when the party is crashed by some unwelcome guest? The plot thickens a bit on Episode 2.
Episode 3: It's True, oh it's true! Now that Erim has escaped, what kind of damage can she have on Control? And plus, a new Mr. Shorty has arrived, and he is the most Evil man you can meet. Oh, and did I mention that this is all true, what I just said?
Episode 4: Double Agents A Double Agent is an agent made to believe that they are turning sides, but in fact, are secretly gathering information for their side. Read this episode to see what happens.
Episode 5: An RPG Klassics Kinda Khristmas Orakio finally gets a chance to return to his home at RPGClassics, but someone follows him. If you are wondering about the title, I just put it there to get a laugh... did it work?
Episode 6: The Orakian Project Dr. Evil is missing, and thus a new Mr. Shorty replaces him. But what this new leader has in store for our hero is very very bad. I am not going to tell you, so go and read it.
Episode 7: Vay Will Get You Just as things look safe with Wily behind bars, a familiar figure returns and things go downhill from there as the first of the 8 shards appear and lend SYCO a hand.
Episode 8: Forces of Darkness Return The hunt for the Shards continues as Orakio and 4 rookies set to climb Mt. Katahdin in hopes of finding where the rest of the shards are. Little does anyone realize there there is much more on Katahdin.
Episode 9: SYCO's True Power Haunted by bad dreams of his past, Orakio makes a final effort torid the world of SYCO. Orak must find help to overcome his past, and meet face to face with the true leader of SYCO.
Episode 10: 2+2 = More Power! A few months after Tsarkon's defeat, a new face comes into Control and runs the show. Not only that, a new evil arises that wants the Orakian Book and will do anything to get it, including kidnap women. Orakio must find the secret behind the Orakian Book in order to defeat this new evil.

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