Get Wise: Season 3

Episode Description
Episode 21: Who's That Lady? Everything seems fine and dandy in the Fantasy World now, that is, until Chief Al installs a bowling alley on the roof of the Air Castle. Aside from that, a mysterious girl appears, asking of a request of Control. Though the girl has familiar features, nobody knows who she is. Just who is that lady?
Episode 22: The National Evil Underground Orakio recovers from his concussion and is sent on a mission to investigate NEU again with Chrissy. NEU reveals it's intentions as the mystery girl shows up to reveal who she is. You won't want to miss this episode.
Episode 23: She's Got Her Father's Eyes The plan to invade NEU doesn't quite go according to plan. But then again, with Orakio, what ever does go according to plan? Somebody is holding back a secret as to their true abilities as that comes into play during the rescue from the bad plan.
Episode 24: 2004 - A Space Something Just as Wren is ready for takeoff, NEU has some traps set for our heroes to prevent them from even reaching the Destructo Beam in outer space. And if those fail, he has 300 Guards waiting for our 4 heroes at the lobby entrance. It is going to take a lot more power than what they've got to put an end to the Destructo Beam.
Episode 25: The Hyper Orakian and the J-Project Orakio leaves to find his brother and sister, as Crys and Crystal are asked to search the abandoned NEU HQ for the mysterious J-Project. Chrissy waits patiently to heal as things start looking bad again.
Episode 26: Rampage Anja is still on the prowl while Orakio comes back with the blueprints. Jema continues learning and even gets to show off her fighting skill. But with Anja out there, what is Control going to do?
Episode 27: The Last Straw Chrissy has recovered completely and is up and around... and causing a bit of trouble. But not as much as Anja is causing on the outside. And what happens will give our Orakian a whole new view on things. You don't want to miss this exciting episode.
Episode 28: Oh No. Not Again! Crys and Crystal find something very interesting at the abandoned NEU laboritory, while Orakio and his allies head to Lorath to attack Anja in their plans to stop her once in for all. But Anja has a few cards up her sleeve. Tension and confusion really turn up in this episode.
Episode 29: The Circle of Power Anja is on her way to Baya Malay Tower, but so is our heroes. Anja's goal is to reach the Circle of Power at the top of the Tower to gain a massive amount of power, while Control is there to destroy it. Who will reach the tower first?
Episode 30: The Aftermath Shortly after Anja's defeat, Control decides to celebrate... yet again. But the victory is not the only reason Zak and Jessica are celebrating. Rulakir contemplates his life as Orakio contemplates why Moxie makes him drunk. You won't want to miss this Season Finale.

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