Get Wise: Season 4

Episode Description
Episode 31: Don't Say the M-word! Zak invents a new device that lets people use any type of magic. This starts meteors to come from the sky. While everybody else thinks it is because everybody said the "M-word", Chrissy knows exactly what it is, and leaves Orakio and the rest of Control in order to find out about her past.
Episode 32: Love's Last Journey Chrissy is still missing, as is baby Angela. Jaymi comes up with a way to get into Dragon Heights without having to have a dragon with them, but needs the help of a pop-culture figure from the 80s (whose idea was that anyway?) The evil is revealed in the 2nd episode of the series finale of Get Wise.
Episode 33: On Top of the Mountain Now Orakio is missing and Control is looking for him. He's not too far away as he starts to contemplate the choices he has made in his life. What will it take for Orakio to become himself again? Family? Friends? An old friend? Or perhaps some unanswered questions.
Episode 34: Silver and Gold Searching for the Gold Armlet, Orakio and his new friend Leene head to Oasis to meet up with the holder of the Gold Armlet, King Ali. At the same time King Draco makes his way to Oasis to get the same thing. Will Orakio put his feelings aside to save the world again?
Episode 35: Rulakir's Song - Part I Remembering the days with his brother and Erim, Lord Rulakir recalls the days that changed his life forever. Young Rulakir overhears the plants Lord Rulakir has and immediately calls for Orakio. What happens next will change the universe as we know it.
Episode 36: Rulakir's Song - Part II What happened when Jema was about to attack? Young Rulakir recalls his past and his time with SYCO, recalling the truth of what really happened. Now the time has come for a true gut-check. Will Control take out Lord Rulakir?
Episode 37: On This Our Wedding Day A year has passed since Lord Rulakir's defeat and everybody realizes that peace is finally on its way for good. In that time, a lot has happened, including Orakio becoming engaged to Leene. As the day of Orakio's wedding finally draws near, what once was gone decides to crash the wedding. You don't want to miss this exciting conclusion to the Get Wise Series.

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