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Assignment Ada Walkthrough

Cliff Village

Ok, you start off right where Leon started when he reached the island at the start of 5-1. So wander on down the path, taking out Soldiers until you reach the village. Youíll have to fight your way past a group of Soldiers and a Gattling Soldier so be careful. You can try running past but thatíll likely end up with you as a corpse.

Once youíre done with the soldiers, assuming you killed them, raid the area for very useful goodies then make your way up to the next area of the cliffs.

Militant Cliffs

Since Ada can take three hits at the best I suggest running through this area until you reach the base. Head up the ladder and into the vent.

Regenerator Hall

Donít worry there arenít any here. Head to the Dissection room.

Dissection Room

Raid the area for goodies and then enter the room that you got the Freezer Card Key in the main game. Grab the Sample from the same place, kill the Soldiers then leave the room.

Dissection Hall

Head to the Cryogenics Freezer.

Cryogenics Freezer

Raid the area for stuff and the next Sample. Now leave.

Dissection Hall

Make your way to the room Ashley was held in during the main game.

Cell Hall

Check the room she was in for another Sample. Now make your way to the room you fought the Iron Maiden for the key to Ashleyís cell in the main game. Be careful as the Observation Room has a large group of Soldiers and a Gattling Soldier to kill off before you can continue.


After you enter the main area the room will be locked. Thereís a security console in here, find it and activate it to unlock the doors. Now head into the area through the big window and raid it for goodies. Now leave to the next area.

Radio Tower

Run down the path to start a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Krauser

Itís a fully powered up Krauser. Same basic strategy but youíre in an enclosed space. Use the Semi-Auto Rifle as itís the only gun you have with enough firepower. Also, as a cheat you can leave the area and reenter and Krauser will be across the area at the far end. Shoot him a couple times in the head and retreat. Repeat until heís dead.

Thatís all there is you just finished the game to get the Chicago Typewriter in the main game.

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