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Secret, secret, I've got a secret!

Extra Costumes

Finishing the game will net you a new set of costumes for the three central characters of the game. Leon will get his RPD uniform, which doubles as a Tactical Vest, Ashley will basically be dressed like a whore and Ada gets her outfit from Assignment Ada

Extra Game Modes

Completing the game will net you not only an extra mission with Ada called "Assignment Ada" but also the Professional difficulty setting. Completion of the game also nets you "The Mercenaries" mini-game.

Secret Weapons

Completing the game puts the Infinite Rocket Launcher in the Merchant's inventory for 1,000,000. The Merchant will also gain the Matilda Handgun, which is basically the Samurai Edge from the Remake and the upgrade to Claire's Handgun in Code: Veronica. Completing Assignment Ada will give the Merchant the Chicago Typewriter and getting Five Stars on all levels with all characters in The Mercenaries gets you the Hand Cannon.

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