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The Shooting Range

Personally, I hate the Shooting Range mini-game. It's annoying and pointless if you're a treasure collector.

The Shooting Range is a mini-game that is self-explanatory. You shoot at targets using the weapons provided to get Bottle Caps. Completing a row of them nets you a monetary reward. The Shooting Range is first found in the area of the Castle where you first lose Ashley, the second can be found soon after retrieving Ashley with the Merchant near where you get the King and Queen cups. The third is found in the area below the camp before fighting Krauser for the second time, also before facing "It". The final range is found near the entrance of the Island Facilities, better known as the final dungeon.

The first thing you need to know is that there are two modes of gameplay. The 'sniper' mode and the 'rapid fire' mode. The sniper mode is named properly as it contains a Hangun and the Rifle as your two main weapons. The rapid fire mode is poorly named as only the TMP is a rapid fire weapons, the Shotgun isn't. There are four levels of difficulty and each level of difficulty yields a new row of Bottle Caps and monetary reward.

Level Rewards
A: 15,000 Pesetas
B: 25,000 Pesetas
C: 35,000 Pesetas
D: 50,000

Each row has six Bottle Caps, three for each mode. To gain these Caps you must master the weapons you are assigned.

Sniper Mode
Weapon: Positives: Negatives:
Handgun: The Handgun has the most ammo available for it and has a larger ammo clip then the Rifle. The Handgun lacks the ability to hit multiple targets in a row.
Rifle: The Rifle has the ability to zoom in on a target and hit a dead center head shot. The Rifle lacks ammo so you have to be careful when aiming and the aiming is extremely slow.
Hand Grenade: Hits all targets in radius of explosion. It doesn't discriminate so it destroys Ashley targets as well.

Rapid Fire Mode
Weapon: Positives: Negatives:
Shotgun: The Shotgun can hit targets that are close together and also has the ability to strike multiple targets in a row. Due to the spread factor of the Shotgun blasts it is harder to get head shots and you may accidentally hit Ashley targets.
TMP: The TMP fires quickly and holds a lot of ammo. Like the Shotgun, the TMP has a large radius of attack. This leads to difficult head shots and inadvertant Ashley hits.
Hand Grenade: Hits all targets in radius of explosion. It doesn't discriminate so it destroys Ashley targets as well.

Throughout the mini-game the targets that pop up will either add to your score or take away from it. So you have to be wary of what you hit.

Targets Type: Body Shot Score: Head Shot Score: Male Ganados: 50 100 Female Ganados: 50 200 Ashley: -1,000 -1,000 Salavar: 500(To get this target hit five targets in a row) 500

The only thing left to talk about is how to get each bottle cap. It's rather simple, really. There are three caps on each difficulty level for each weapon type. All you have to do is hit all the targets to get the first one and get over 3,000 points for the second and third.

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