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Four is like a tidal wave of kill more Ganados in the first twenty minutes then in half of the previous games in the series. Within another twenty minutes you'll have finished off more enemies then all of the other games's somewhat over kill.


The Ganados are the grunts of the Los Illuminados cult. They're controlled by the Las Plagas parasite that has taken over their body and because of this they are forced to follow the orders of any host of a Royal Plaga. Akin to the zombies of the previous RE games, the Ganados are slow, stupid and are dust after a few shots from the handgun. While the Ganados are unable to evolve and mutate like the zombies, they are slightly more intelligent and are capable of using rudimentary weapons such as knives and axes. They infest the village and mines below the castle under the command of Chief Mendez.


The Zealots are the second level of foot soldier among the ranks of the Los Illuminados. They're slightly smarter than the Ganados and carry stronger weapons such as crossbows, maces and even Rocket Launchers. They have higher strength and can take more shots but they tend to attack in groups making them susceptible to shotguns. Showing their slightly higher rank and intelligence, the Cultists often wear armored masks. Similar to the Ganados, the Cultists are controlled by their Plagas parasite but are most likely willing victims. The Cultists roam the Castle under the command of Salazar.


The Soldiers are the most powerful of the foot soldiers and the most intelligent by far. With the ability to weild stun sticks and guns the Soldiers are extremely dangerous and they come in fairly big numbers. They weild all the standard weapons of the other grunts and also wear body armor allowing them to take some heavy amounts of fire. Helmets are most common among the Soldiers as are crossbows and parasitic attacks. The Soldiers function as Saddler's private army and infest the Island facilities.

Las Plagas:

If a Ganados, Cultist or Soldier's head explodes when you shot them in the ass a Plagas is about to burst out of them. The Plagas burst gives the enemy a new lease on life with far greater strength and abilities. The Plagas come in one of three forms: the common Blade Plagas which is recognizable by the blade on the end of a single tentacle coming out of the head. The Worm Plagas which is recognizable by the large, worm like appearance of the parasite. Beware as the Worm is capable of chomping your head off in a single blow. And the Spider Plagas, which are basically spiders on the end of a person. A Flash Grenade will kill them in one blow, save for the Spider which will break off of the body of the enemy and attack.

The Chainsaw Family:

The Chainsaw family consists of Dr Salvador and the Bella Sisters. Dr Salvador is a large, hulking beast of a man with a bag on his head and a chainsaw in his hands. With extreme vitality and the ability to kill in a single blow Salvador is not someone to be taken on head to head. He's best handled via sniping or a weapon such as the Magnums and even then he can take more hits then a room full of Ganados. The Bella Sisters are similar to Salvador as they're larger then the average female Ganados and have bandaged faces. They carry chainsaws and come as a pair, and yes they can kill you in one blow. They can take less hits then Salvador but there are two of them so beware.


The Garrador starts as a boss creature and quickly becomes the most dangerous monster in the castle. With retractable claws over two feet in length and unbelievable speed, these beasts are more trouble than the $5,000 prize you get for killing them. The Garrador's eyes are sewn shut and have obviously been experimented upon by Saddler to enhance their hearing as a Garrador can easily pick up on the sound of Leon walking nearby and of him running across the room. The Plaga on their back is their weak point, as is their intense stupidity. Make any noise near a wall and a Garrador will come running and will most likely stab the wall and get stuck leaving the back open for attack.


The Novistadors are fairly weak insects that come in mass numbers. A single blast while they are flying will kill them in one blow and two will do the job when they're on the ground. The only dangerous factor of the Novistadors are the numbers they attack in.


The Regenerators are the most powerful of standard enemies and near invincible by normal standards. The only way to kill a Regenerator is to use an Infrared Scope on a rifle and shoot out the red leeches that appear on the body of the monster. You can also use an extremely powerful gun to damage it more than it can regenerate but the only weapons capable of this are a maxed upgraded Broken Butterfly, the Chicago Typewriter and the Hand Cannon.

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