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Leon: is back and not such a panzy anymore. When we first met him back in RE2 he was a rookie cop, fresh out of training. Since then he was hired as a government agent and recently recieved the assignment of the bodyguard of the President's daughter. He hadn't even had the assignment for a day before Ashley was kidnapped and later seen in boonies of Spain. So with his experiences from the Raccoon City disaster behind him and a few years of training Leon's just about as bad ass as they come. He's a smart ass, tough as nails secret agent with more sarcastic replies and one liners then anyone one video game hero should have. He's so sarcastic at times he's almost Canadian...yes I'm implying most Americans don't get sarcasm.

Ashley: is the daughter of the President of the United States. She's whiny, annoying and wears a somewhat short skirt. She's basically Ganados bait because she can't defend herself and for the sections of the game that she tags along with Leon she dies in about two hits. Ashley was kidnapped on her way home from University to be used in a Illuminados plot to take over the world. She's also got one hell of a set of lungs and will SCREAM if any Ganados get anywhere near her, she's like a damned foghorn at times.

Ada: is the 'bitch in the red dress' as she's referred to by Krauser. As we learned in the Wesker Reports and her file in Nemesis, Ada is a member of Wesker's merry little band of conspirators. She's mysterious and often seems to be working to contradict Wesker's operative in the Illuminados cult, Krauser. She and Leon have a history, as they worked together to survive the horrors of Raccoon City...when all she really wanted was a sample of the G-Virus. She's apparrently in love with Leon, or at least likes to flirt with him. She's pretty much the female counterpart to Leon. She's tough, flirty and has a knack for tearing her way through massive amounts of monsters.

Luis: is a smart mouthed, spaniard who claims to be an ex-cop. It's a bit hard to believe since he claims to have seen a sample of the T-Virus at the station he once worked at. Not much is known about Luis aside from the fact that the Illuminados are chasing how down.

Krauser: is big, bad and ugly. He's your typical, violent, muscle bound idiot with violent tendencies. Krauser is the muscle behind Wesker and has been acting has Wesker's mole in the Illuminados ranks. His massive endurance and strength are a mystery, could it be... a virus?

Chief Mendez: is the leader of the village and the Ganados commander. He's over seven feet tall and is exceptionally strong. The times Leon encounters him, Mendez tosses Leon around like a rag doll. He obviously has no qualms about killing an American.

Salazar: is the second in command of the Illuminados cult and your opponent for most of the game. He's rather comical looking as he's an plagas infested midget. He rules the castle that sits above the ground that the Las Plagas parasite is found and he released the parasite to Saddler after Salazar's ancestors sealed it.

Saddler: is the leader of the Illuminados cult. He's the cliched power man villain with visions of global domination dancing in his head. As the 'pope' of this unholy religion of death, Saddler wields great power and is infested with a Queen Plagas. His hatred of Americans is only matched by his insane desire to spread the Plagas infestation to the entire world. He plans to use Ashley to spread his influence even further.

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