Get Wise: Season 2

Episode Description
Episode 11: The New Evil Peace reigns the World again, but exactly for how long? Orakio's past comes to haunt him while everyone else must fight the new evil. You won't want to miss this episode.
Episode 12: Time and Dolls With Orakio gone and the men are still at T Island, FOWL make their attempt to destroy Control HQ once and for all. Realizing that Time is the only way to defeat FOWL, what is left of Control searches for one man who can prossibly harness the time.
Episode 13: Time and Dolls: Part II Our hero returns, and with him is... well... nothing. Help at control is getting thinner by the day. Will Orakio's power be enough to defeat FOWL? Or will Time play a crucial point in this episode?
Episode 14: The Tryouts With the lack of help at Control, Control puts out an open tryout for any member of control with the winner being hired as a member of control. However, the Dark Entity is still out there.
Episode 15: Possession is 9/10 of the Law The Dark Entity just doesn't give up in his attempt to rule the world. After numberous attempts of possessing a control agent, he finally does, making him extremely powerful. Control is gonna need all the help they can get for this one.
Episode 16: Fools! Orakio makes his valiant return to Control... or does he? Tension heats up in this episode of Get Wise as the Dark Entity starts to increase in power.
Episode 17: Revival in the Land With Orakio gone (yet again), Chrissy and Orakia look for a way to bring him back. In the meantime, Rulakir and Rulakia are at the Dark Entity's secret undisclosed location somewhere. Will Chrissy and Orakia find a way to revive Orakio? Will the Dark Entity ever give up?
Episode 18: Fusion Control gets themselves a new headquarters while the Dark Entity gains enough strentgh to take on his final form to interrupt the fusion process. The final battle draws closer and closer.
Episode 19: The Cost of Victory With Orakio finally fused with the other Orakians, things are looking good for the side of good, but the Dark Entity still proves to be more powerful than ever imagined, and it's gonna take the help of an unsuspecting person to rid the world of the Dark Entity once and for all. A very emotional episode as the final battle wages on.
Episode 20: Never Forget the Sacrifices The Dark Entity is finally gone, and everything is starting to return to normal. A few changes are made to Control as the Christmas Ball starts to take shape. Also, Orakio prepares a special surprise for everybody, but what is it? You'll have to tune in to find out.

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