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Cheats for SC PC

Type the following cheats in a Single Player game or a Custom Game by pressing the enter key to activate chat, typing in the code, then pressing enter again to activate the cheat. This will not work in Multiplayer on

Power Overwhelming
Makes your units invulnerable to enemy attacks and spells, except the following: Spawn Broodling, Plague, Ensnare, Stasis Field, Maelstrom and Lockdown. Although Hit Points are invulnerable after the cheat is activated, Protoss shielding are still vulnerable, although they deplete about 100 times slower. Since Protoss units have hit points anyway, the shield's depletion is a moot point.

Operation CWAL
Cuts contruction time of units and structures by 95%.

Black Sheep Wall
Reveals the entire map as well as fog of war, but not cloaked units.

The Gathering
Spells require no energy, although energy depletion or restoration still functions as normal.

Game Over Man
Instant loss.

There is no Cow Level
Instant win.

Staying Alive
Keep playing after you win.

Show Me the Money
Obtain 10 000 extra minerals and gas.

Whats Mine is Mine
Obtain 500 extra minerals.

Breathe Deep
Obtain 500 extra gas.

Something for Nothing
Everything becomes upgraded.

War Aint What it Used to be
Disables fog of war.

Food for thought
Enables the user to go over current supply limit, all the way to 200.

Opposing computer(s) cannot cast spells.

Modify the Phase Variance
Full Tech Tree; build anything.

Medieval Man
All available upgrades to units.

Mission select. For example, if you want to skip to mission 6 of the Terran campaign, type in "Ophelia", press enter, and then type in "terran06" to skip to that mission.

Radio Free Zerg
Plays a secret song. Applicable only while playing the Zerg Expansion missions.

Cheats for SC 64

Note: You can't use any cheat code on any level that you haven't previously completed before.

All Upgrades
Play through the Original Terran missions until you get to Mission 4: The Jacobs Installation. You will start in a room with Jim Raynor, 4 Firebats and 7 Marines. Considering you have to do this fast to get the cheat, don't waste any time. Take your whole force and proceed through the door in the north.

Put everyone on Stimpack and just run down the hall. You should encounter a missile shooter in the wall take care of it quick. Keep going up until you see you can either go left, right or up.

Take Jim Raynor and head right. You should see an orange Civilian. If you don't that means that you haven't been quick enough. The Civilian tells you if you let him live he will give you a cheat code.

Do exactly that, move Jim Raynor and the rest of the force away from the civilian and head left. Do NOT attack him. When you are far enough away from him he will dissapear and give you the all Upgrades cheat.

All Research
Play through the Original Zerg missions until you get to mission 5: The Amerigo. Once you reach the part where the Marines start shooting at the Zerglings in the pen, there will be a beacon right next to the Marines which were shooting the Zerglings.

Touch it to unlock the pen to the Zerglings, you should also notice that there is a cage full of animals. Have Infested Kerrigan Search the pen extremely careful and somewhere along the bottom left of the pen, the advisor should tell you that you have received the All research cheat.

Open Tech Tree
Play through the Original Protoss missions until you get to mission 6: Into the Darkness. As soon as the mission begins, go straight down the hall until you reach a flight of stairs. Don't go down the stairs; instead, turn left and travel down the hall.

Now would be a good time to save, in case you mess up. Once you reach a certain point the advisor will tell you to go back, don't, just go back a couple of steps, then go to the direction where the advisor told you to turn back. You will then have the cheat.

Special Cheat
Play through the original Protoss missions until you reach mission 10: Eye of the Storm. Complete the level without using any cheats and the Advisor will give you the Special Cheat (Invincibility).

Note: You cannot use this cheat in a two-player game.

Fog of War Off
You can get this once you reach Protoss Expansion missions, mission 3: The Legacy of Xel'Naga. As soon as the mission starts you will see Corsairs fly by and if you look closely there will be a small, white flag on an island. Once you build a shuttle take any ground unit and touch the flag.

Note: You cannot use this cheat in a two player game.

Give Me Cash/Gas
Play through the game until you get to Terran Expansion missions, mission 7: Patriot's Blood. Locate the second computer beacon in a room which has 4 civilians. Use the door closest to the bottom to exit. Move to the right until you encounter some Firebats.

Keep going straight through that area until you an Ursadon being held in a cell, have a marine unlock the door. The Ursadon will then ask to be hugged. Move all of your units into the cell and press "B". the Ursadon will then give you this cheat.

Note: This cheat gives you 1000 minerals and 1000 gas.

Info Mana
Play through the game until you reach Zerg Expansion missions, mission 9: The Reckoning. Sucessfully complete that level without using any cheats whatsoever, and the Advisor will grant you the cheat Info Mana.