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Starcraft 64



You need at least one controller for operating Starcraft 64. The pointer is shown as a green arrow on your screen. The commands menu is accessed on the bottom right of the screen, in the grid of nine boxes. That means a unit or structure can have up to 9 different commands, but no more.

"A" button

Selects an individual unit or structure. Press and hold "A" for a green box to appear, drag box over a group of units you wish to select, to control larger groups of units.

"B" button

Selected units attack or move to the place where you instructed. When Selecting either a SCV, a Drone or a Probe pressing "B" over a mineral patch will cause them to harvest.

"Z" button

By pressing the "Z" and "L" button together will show or hide the mini map. Pressing the "Z" and "R" button together you can bring up the "Master Build Box". By holding the "Z" button and pressing the control stick you will be able to move your cursor twice as fast than you could before.

"R" button

Selects every unit of one type that appears on the screen. Pressing the "R" button further will scroll through all of the units of a different type.

"C" buttons

Once you have selected a unit there will be commands which it can preform by pressing the "C" button. For example,

Once a Marine has been selected he has the options of either hoding or moving,in order to preform such actions, you must click the left "C" button to hold or the right to move.

Start button

A shortcut to the menu.

Setting Rally points

To set a rally point, select a structure then place the cursor over the place where you want it to be then press the "B" button.

Assigning Groups

Once you have selected a group of units press the "R" button and any "C" button to make an easy shortcut to that group. You assign up to 4 groups of units by using each of the "C" buttons each time using a different one. To reselect an assigned group at a later time press the "Z" button instead of the "R" button and the "C" button that you used to assign the group.

Differences between Starcraft PC and Starcraft 64

Green indicates an advantage
Red indicates a disadvantage
Yellow indicates an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on taste

Starcraft for 64 Starcraft for PC
You can select a group of 18 units You can only select a group of 12 units
There is no wireframe There is a wireframe of up to 12 units
Upon starting or worker creation a custom game, the workers begin to harvest automatically Upon starting or worker creation you must manually command the workers to harvest
Starcraft 64 has a limited amount of custom maps Starcraft for PC has an unlimited amount of custom maps as long as you know how to use the Campaign Editor or as long as you have access to the internet
A unit will only say its 4 standard phrases A unit will say different secret phrases when clicked on multiple times
The portrait of a unit stands motionless The portrait of a unit will show motion if you have the option on
There is only one cinematic There is 1 cinematic per Expansion episode and a cinematic every 3-4 Original episode
You must read the mission briefings as there is no voice acting You can listen to the mission briefings if you wish
When two people play there is a split screen; you do not require the internet or When up to 8 people play on they have their own private screens
You cannot use a cheat to advance to a level you haven't beaten before and you must earn your cheats You can use as many cheats as you want to advance to the next level
You cannot save a custom game You can save a custom game
You have two spaces to save You can have as many saves as you want, depending on your computer
You can only remember your favorite games You can save replays of your favorite games
One cartridge Two small CDs
Graphics are not as detailed Graphics can be very detailed, depending on your video card
Can be played on a large TV screen Can only be played on a computer screen, unless you have both a TV out card and a hook-up cord