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Breath of Fire

>>Interested to learn more? Take a look at the Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire 2 Shrines.
Check this page for even more.

Ryu IIIArtist: Chris-chris
Description: Portrait of Ryu, from Breath of Fire 3.
Grand DragonArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: Excellent picture of Ryu's Grand Dragon form from Breath Of Fire 2.
TyrentArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: This is Tyrent, one of Fou-Lu's dragon forms from Breath of Fire IV.
KattArtist: Kitty
Description: Huge portrait of Katt from Breath of Fire 2.
Fire DragonArtist: Ludifer
Description: This is a sketch of the Fire Dragon from BoF.
White DragonArtist: Ludifer
Description: A sketch of Fou Lou's white dragon form from Breath of Fire IV.
ReiArtist: Mabatsekker
Description: Rei from Breath of Fire 3, knives in hands.
Katt action figureArtist: Mark Patraw
Description: This is an action figure of Katt, from BoF II, with Tigress Paw Staff accessory.
BOF3 comicArtist: Probablee
Description: A BoF 3 comic inspired by the scene where Garr is reunited with the adult Ryu. Be warned about its weirdness. :P
Ryu & Nina BenderArtist: Probablee
Description: Ruy = Nina and Nina = Ryu... Check it out. From BoF 3.

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