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In case you're wondering, this section is for unidentified art submitted back in the old days, crossovers and art for old not-so-well-known RPGs.

RPG CollageArtist: Britt
Description: Collage of various RPG characters. The names are written on the picture, so I won't list them here. :P
Austin Powers GoldmemberArtist: Cactuberry
Description: "Austin Powers Goldmember", strarring Exdeath, Fighter, Kefka, Queen Zeal and Kefka again as Mini-Me.
Amaterasu and IssunArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: A picture of Amaterasu and Issun from Okami.
D&D Bahamut Artist: EchoBahamut
Description: This is actually a Dungeons and Dragons version of Bahamut.
FenrirArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: I like this one. This is Fenrir from Final Fantasy XI.
NinetailsArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: This is Ninetails, a boss from Okami.
Sephiroth vs IdArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: Very interesting picture featuring Sephiroth and Id fighting ferociously. And well done too.
ShiranuiArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: This is Shiranui, Amaterasu true form, from Okami.
SunwolfArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: Ooooh, a very, very pretty picture of Amaterasu from Okami.
Son of a submarinerArtist: Gohama
Description: This is a crossover of Final Fantasy 6 and Crono Trigger.
Cober fightArtist: JAhU
Description: A picture of Musashi fighting Cober, from Adventures of Musashi.
Floating DemonArtist: JAhU
Description: An enemy from Adventures of Musashi.
Monsters 1Artist: JAhU
Description: Monsters from the game Adventures of Musashi.
Monsters 2Artist: JAhU
Description: Another bunch of monsters from the same game (Adventures of Musashi).
The CastArtist: JAhU
Description: The cast from Adventures of Musashi, based on the opening screen.
Intellect DevourerArtist: jimmy jimster
Description: From Dungeons & Dragons, this is an Intellect Devourer.
Cait Sith & Co.Artist: Ket Shi
Description: Cait Sith and various creatures, from left to right: Poring (Ragnarok Online), Rabillion (Seiken Densetsu 3), Jigglypuff (Pokémon) and Pip (Chrono Cross).
Griever and Baby RayquazaArtist: Ket Shi
Description: Griever (FF8) and Baby Rayquaza (Pokémon), uh, dancing together.
LexisArtist: Kitt
Description: A very young Lexis from what seems to be Lufia II.
Bahamut FFIX VS Bahamut FFVIIIArtist: Ludifer
Description: A fight between Bahamut from Final Fantasy IX and Bahamut from Final Fantasy VIII.
RM3 LizardmanArtist: Magus1984
Description: This is the Lizardman hero from RPGMaker 3.
BulbfishArtist: Mark Patraw
Description: This is a Bulbfish monster from Final Fantasy Legend III (or SaGa 3: Jikku no Hasha). Awesome sculpture.
Fire Fan monsterArtist: Mark Patraw
Description: A Fire Fan monster from Final Fantasy Legend 3.
Fungus monsterArtist: Mark Patraw
Description: This is a sculpture of a Fungus monster from Final Fantasy Legend 2.
Watcher monsterArtist: Mark Patraw
Description: A Watcher monster from Final Fantasy Legend 3.
The One-Winged AngelArtist: Masamuna
Description: If Sephiroth from the Kingdom Hearts universe came in contact with the mysterious Black Materia from Final Fantasy VII, this is what could happen. Simply gorgeous.
One Giant LeapArtist: Probablee
Description: This is a drawing of the scene where the main character learns the Jump ability from the Hare. Drawn with alcohol markers, in a "A.A. Milne (original Winnie the Pooh writer)" type of way.
Shion the WonderguyArtist: Probablee
Description: Shion from Wonderboy. Albeit 15 years older, a twidge more sexy and flamboyant...
Crystalis WallpaperArtist: Thanos
Description: A nice wallpaper from the game Crystalis for the NES.
Maya and WilliArtist: Walhalla
Description: A picture of Maya and Willi, from Maya the Bee: Garden Adventure, doing lewd stuff.
TanukiArtist: Walhalla
Description: The cute Tanuki from Adventures of Musashi. ^^

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