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Phantasy Star

Interested? See more here about your preferred Phantasy Star game(s).

HakenleftArtist: Mark Patraw
Description: This is a Hakenleft model from Phantasy Star IV.
DevotionArtist: Probablee
Description: Zio and Juza, from Phantasy Star IV. Yes, they're hugging.
EnlightenmentArtist: Probablee
Description: Shir, from Phantasy Star II, emerges from the light. Drawn with red animator's pencil (whatever it is :P).
Escape from MolcumArtist: Probablee
Description: Gryz and his sister Pana make the long trek to Tonoe to start anew (from Phantasy Star IV).
HappiNeiSArtist: Probablee
Description: VERY nice picture of Nei from Phantasy Star II, jumping.
HuntersArtist: Probablee
Description: Alys and Chaz on a roll, from Phantasy Star IV.
Lutz & AlisArtist: Probablee
Description: A pleasantly colored picture of Lutz (or Noah) and Alis, from Phantasy Star I, sitting and standing there.
Nei & Rolf DoodleArtist: Probablee
Description: A "ten-minute doodle" of Nei and Rolf from Phantasy Star II. Worth the look. :D
Travelling to DezoArtist: Probablee
Description: Alis, on arriving to such a cold planet, needs warmer clothes.
Worn Out AnnaArtist: Probablee
Description: Anna, from Phantasy Star II, is wiping her brow. Done in Paintshop Pro 7 and it's amazing.

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