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Kingdom Hearts

>>Interested to learn more? Take a look at the Kingdom Hearts Shrine.

Sora CollageArtist: Britt
Description: This is Sora in Halloween Town, in Ariel's form and a normal version of him.
Sora Manga VersionArtist: Britt
Description: This is a manga version of Sora.
Half Full or Half Empty?Artist: Chii Maene
Description: Sora with Roxas from KH2 and looking a little more like the art style from kingdomhearts.
KH2-Keys CrossedArtist: Chii Maene
Description: Sora from KH2 with a few organization XIII members in the background.
SoraArtist: Drunken Demon
Description: Very pretty sketch of Sora.
AxelArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: This is Axel, from Kingdom Hearts II, surrounded by flames.
Leon - Kingdom HeartsArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: Leon is swinging his weapon with grace.
CloudArtist: jesseproject
Description: Cloud from Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts-ish way.
Cloud One Winged AngelArtist: Josh Webster
Description: This is Cloud as the one winged angel after he quit working for Hades.
SoraArtist: Justine Buenaflor
Description: A pretty good picture of a barefeet Sora.
NamineArtist: katie
Description: A sketch of Namine from KH 2, done in math class (tsk!).
RoxasArtist: katie
Description: A sketch of Roxas from KH 2 (more math class laziness).
Sora SketchArtist: katie
Description: A pretty decent sketch of Sora.
Green Requiem, Red Opera and Yellow NocturneArtist: Ket Shi
Description: Green Requiem, Red Opera and Yellow Nocturne doing various things.
ShadowArtist: Ket Shi
Description: Shadow, just being there.
Anti-Form SoraArtist: Ludifer
Description: This is a 2-color version of anti-form for Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2.
SoraArtist: Meh
Description: Sora posing, from KH II.
PaopuuuArtist: VRPortgas
Description: This is a picture of Sora as a... merman. o_o I suppose it can be disturbing for some of you, but I assure you it's very well done!

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